A Pervert from Another World
10 Weapon : Shizuka“s Skin
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A Pervert from Another World
Author :DaWey
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10 Weapon : Shizuka“s Skin

It was the 2nd day of the Apocalypse, the chaos was still ongoing on some areas. Many people died every hour whether it was by starvation or being eaten by 'them'.

Contrary to this horrifying events, humans began developing ideas to fight for mankind. Many people were building shelters and safezone to ensure the civilian lives under strict supervision of the government.

This government was also under a mysterious man under classified information according to their leaders. He suddenly showed up that day and subdued the Japan Government unknown to the public as they didn't reported it but nevertheless, they would be grateful for it if they had known the man.

The book released by the government was also made by him named "A survival guide for the Apocalypse" became popular that even young people began to stand out fighting those zombies. The government was confused at first when he gave this book as it was given before the apocalypse, but it was his order..so they could only follow him. It was then did they realized how significant it was when the chaos broke out in every countries because of this zombies.

They had secured the Machinery producing weapons and Foods before the apocalypse thanks to the order of their leaders. Many People were wondering who was the mysterious man who save this lots of people and wishing they could meet them one day.

The mysterious man the people were looking for was now cozying with a beauty beside him listening to the rhythm of the raindrops at the roof. After the night of 'pah pah pah', Takashi already removed the [sound insulation] inside the room. As it was still early in the morning, he was still cuddling with Shizuka while thinking about his next set of plan to tackle.

With the rain outside the Mansion, it became slightly cold and Shizuka became a slouch as she stick her body on Takashi closely never want to let him go. She then noticed something was going to awaken as it touched her lower abdomen. So she opened her eyes and look at Takashi who was looking at her with a smile and said. "This little guy seems awake by now, want me to relieve it ?"

Takashi slowly flick at her forehead while saying with a sly smile "You mischievous girl, I know you're still sore down there.. but if you want to there's another way to comfort him"


"Do you know about Paizuri?"

Without waiting for Shizuka to say anything, Takashi started his invasion towards her 'heavenly mountain' with his 'massage' and 'mouth tactics' before demonstrating what Paizuri was. Takashi's 'little brother' who was already standing tall by now, was sandwiched by Shizuka's boobs and Takashi felt heavenly pleasure once again. It feels like a rain came after drought as he felt the soft and mushy boobs swinging along with his thrusts. He felt alive again.

After an hour, Takashi left the room while accompanied by Shizuka who was blushing beside him. The sun was starting to rise while the rain has already stopped. The surroundings was still quiet maybe because of the chill that made the female students became lazy and they want to sleep more. Takashi also didn't mind them at all as he was still thinking maybe this might relieve the girls from the shocking events that happened yesterday and he don't want his 'girls' overtaxed their minds.

Except for the females, the men was already awake as they guard their sentries even though they knew they were safe as Takashi said he had put some magical ward surrounding the Mansion. As they had lose their interest in sexual pleasure, they had been relaxing themselves with the training regime Alice had given them through their respective monitors attached on their rooms as they also want to become stronger to repay Takashi for saving their lives.

When Takashi separated with Shizuka as she wants to cook for the food today, He visited the group of males and asked if they want anything that interest them. As usual the Weapon Otaku of the group Kohta request for some high-powered weapons as he was really bored staying at the Mansion. The other men also expressed their desire to venture out and massacre those zombies that ruined their peaceful lives.

Takashi saw their hopeful gaze as he nodded to them "Hmm, If you really want to go out there.. I will let you but you have to finish the training plan I made Alice gave you. Until then, I'll be more assured of your safety. As for the weapons..."

Takashi lift his hand as lights flashed out blinding the guys for a second and after that, crates after crates containing weapons of mass destructions were showed up at the front of the guys who were now with awestruck and fervent expression looking as if facing a mountain of priceless treasures... especially Kohta whose body was trembling with excitement while rubbing his hand like some salesman who met a rich boss. His otaku skills were beginning to flare up as he keep mentioning these weapons as if counting money.

"Aaaaah !!! this ..this is. a heavy weapon 'Falling Star' that was as strong as a bazooka"

"This another one here is also a heavy weapon named 'Destroyer' as releases lightning volt when it fires.. all things hit by this will become charcoal"

"Aaaah this is my favorite heavy weapon 'Absolute Zero' .. it will turn things hit by this into ice and will break after 3 seconds"

"My Goodness, the most destructive sniper of all time 'Empty Coffin' with a 8x scope that you can see the view within a half kilometer and things hit by this will explode that even its soul would dissolve into nothing"

"This... this..."

As Kohta was introducing these weapons to the newbies, Takashi just released a wry smile while saying to all of them "Alright, I have these weapons here customized for you all so only us five can use it and it will only kill zombies and people with malicious intent.. so if you accidentally hit a civilian, no need to worry as they will be safe. But this didn't mean that you will be complacent too much with this weapons as strength is always the most priority ..if you don't have the ability to defend yourselves without weapons, then you are useless even if you have these weapons as there are still countless of zombies out there. Who knows, you might meet stronger ones that even these weapons can't kill them"

"Yes, Takashi-kun.. We will imprint it in our minds"

"I'm now relieved if you say so, as you will be busy from now on.. I won't disturb you any further and I let someone distribute your food at your eating place. "

"Yes, Thank you so much"

'I guess I have to recruit some exclusive chef somewhere huh, although the girls can cook good food it was still better if I can have some popular dish from other country' Takashi sighed before walking to his eating place. He noticed that all dishes for breakfast has been prepared and the girls are already awake.

"Goodmorning Takashi-kun !!!" Some of the girls were greeting Takashi as he also greet towards them. While other ones were looking at him shyly and just made little voices to greet him while unconciously looking at the lady who was blushing and happily walking towards him.

The main heroines, Saeko, Rei, and Saya was also looking at Shizuka especially her glowing skin that made the girls envious while casting a suspicious look at Takashi. Women took great care upon their body especially their skin. They had been with Shizuka yesterday and just today, they noticed her transformation that can hardly be described as they were still virgins. But one thing that made sure was her glowing skin secret involves Takashi on it.

"Are you hungry ?? I've already prepared some food ..let's eat together with everyone" Shizuka said with a gentle smile.

"Hmmm everyone let's eat together"

Even though it was just common breakfast, they took an hour to finish it as they were talking about various things to get to know each other. Saeko went out first to start her practice. She was using a wooden sword for her workout training. Watching her leaving the area, Takashi forgot he has to give her a manual of some sword styles to broaden her skills but he decided he will just gift it to her later. Saya noticing Takashi's gaze on Saeko, pouts her mouth while saying.

"Takashi-kun, I also want to be strong .. I don't want to stay here all day long. Do you have any idea how?"

"Saya-chan, you are the smartest one in the academy so you can be a better military tactician. I'm wondering if someone could lead the guys when they explore outside. I think you will be the best candidate." Takashi said while seriously considering his future development plan for the group. He also don't want the females to be useless and just stay at his Mansion all day. Even if he had to take them for his Harem, He doesn't want them to be too weak and lazy. So, he was thinking for better measures depending on their talents while some of them need to be trained as Takashi only took some of them as they were the popular beautiful girls in school which was a grievious error on his part.

'But meh !! with my skills who cares about them being too weak ? can't I just train them to become strong ? even an ant can kill elephants so nothing to worry about, We got time on our side' Takashi was thinking deeply when Rei broke the ice.

"Shizuka-sensei, I have noticed your vibrant glowing skin... what medicine did you apply on it ??" She asked at Shizuka who was suprised before considering to answer her question.

"Ahhh this ?? Well, As you're all Highschool students.. pretty sure you have been aware of the word 'sex' ..Sex produces this effect as it enhances the blood circulation on our bodies and energize our skin"

"You- You mean ..that .with Takashi-kun" Rei stammered while pointing at Takashi.

"Yes, Takashi-kun and I already did it"
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    《A Pervert from Another World》