A killer With No Soul
2 Chapter no : 2 ... A World Without Colours
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A killer With No Soul
Author :Goldshadex
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2 Chapter no : 2 ... A World Without Colours

As i woke up, i saw i was in a dark forest, my clothes were wet with water, i didn't knew where i was i had a sharp headache , i tried to stand up , suddenly i heard someone call my name and i saw some light coming from the bushes, *Clarice!* *Clarice! Where are you?*, I recoginized that voice, she was my grandma , she had a latern in hand and an umbrella and she saw me standing there,

Grandma: child, where have you gone for so long? I was worried sick!.

Me: Sorry, grandma i just lost my way again(i didn't wanted to tell her someone was chasing me earlier before i passed out , it would make her worried and she would get suspicious so i lied).

Grandma: lets go home child, you are going to catch a cold if you stay here in the rain much longer!.

Me : yes, you too grandma let's go back.

My Grandma the only person who cares for me after the death of my parents when i was only 7 they were murdered when they were at work, they both worked at the same place , it was a pet company where they worked, i don't know who killed them...but one day i will find out the killer and make him pay...

Grandma: Come on walk faster child, the rain is getting more fierce!.

We both reached our house , we sat near the fire and warmed ourselves, i gave grandma a blanket and she fell asleep because she was really tired, i only create trouble for her..oof, i went upstairs and inside my room just as i tried to fall asleep, i realized how tired i was myself, so i went to sleep quickly...i just hope things get better and who was the person following me? so many questions were left unanswered as i fell asleep...

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    《A killer With No Soul》