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109 Earth Levitation
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Author :Piokilek
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109 Earth Levitation

Queen Luna was surprised at first, but it didn't take her long to accept Liu Ye's plan. He watched her disappear behind the closet  curtain and unequipped his own outfit. 

"Don't do anything weird when I talk with them," Liu Ye reminded as he walked up to the entrance with his boxers alone. "Just a back hug and a confirmation is all we need. I won't look at you either." 

"Don't worry, I'm as innocent as I can be," Queen Luna assured to which Liu Ye rolled his eyes. She couldn't be trusted but recalling Ra's reaction to her outfits, that was the best idea he came out with. 

When she signaled she was ready, Liu Ye opened the door and saw the leader of the Royal Guards leaning against the wall. When Ra saw Liu Ye's naked chest, he was initially dumbfounded only to rub his temples as if trying to comprehend the situation. 

"Ehem, I think I'm missing a chapter here," Ra pointed out as he tried to peek through the opening in the door. "Did the Queen burn off your clothes or perhaps you two are planning to do something else?"

"Yeah… About that…" Liu Ye muttered while rubbing his neck. "We were just talking and it escalated quite quickly. Queen Luna asked me to inform you to leave and focus on your other duties for the rest of the day." 

Just as Liu Ye replied, he heard silent footsteps behind him and Queen Luna jumped at his back, almost knocking him into the door. "Hey, why are you taking so long? I'm waiting for you~"

Not only was Ra speechless but even Liu Ye got surprised, not expecting to feel this sudden soft sensation on his back. Her two perky nipples poked into his skin as both her arms and legs wrapped around him tightly. 

Against Liu Ye's wishes, Queen Luna stripped down to her panties and began a full-blown assault with her hands roaming down his chest. He wanted to avoid any unnecessary contact but the NPC of her caliber was unrestrained. Even her lips were not kept under control as she took her role too seriously and started leaving kisses on his neck. 

"My Queen, I think what you are doing is highly inappropriate…" Ra commented speechlessly only to freeze at Queen Luna's gaze. 

"Did I ask for your opinion?" Queen Luna questioned while the air grew colder. "Don't tell me what I can or can't do inside my bedroom. If I want to enjoy myself, I will."

"Yes, my Queen," Ra nodded with a bow, no longer looking at them. "Please forgive my comment." 

"You are dismissed. I will spend the rest of the day with this man so tell everyone not to disturb me," Queen Luna informed while caressing Liu Ye's face. "I hope you will also keep that between us."

She didn't wait for Ra's answer and simply closed the door right after. Her smile returned to her face and she chuckled while hugging him tightly. "Hah, it seems like it's going to work out. Even if they discover our absence, we didn't lie at all. I will really spend the rest of the day with you, just not in my bedroom."

Liu Ye resisted the thought of throwing her off and asked politely, "You can drop down and get dressed. There was no need to get naked for this." 

"Would he really believe us if I wasn't convincing enough?" Queen Luna asked while pressing her chest deeper into his back. "Still, I did it mostly for myself since I wanted to hug your manly chest." 

"Let's not waste time and get going," Liu Ye reasoned calmly, causing Queen Luna to snicker. 

She left a playful bite on his ear and jumped off his back with a smack on his ass. "Can't you act a little more excitedly when a beauty hugs you? Any man in this Empire would sell their soul for this opportunity."

Liu Ye only shrugged as he had already been in a similar situation. "There is a reason why you are hugging me instead of them. You can have them any time but you can't have me and it's eating you from inside. Too bad, I'm not available."

She was just an NPC but Liu Ye would give her the same answer even if she was real. To his surprise, she didn't return with a comeback and simply left to get dressed. Her pride didn't allow her to agree with him, so she gave up on this fight. 

Liu Ye smirked and equipped his Red Dragon Set before texting Xu Yue in advance. 

[Grind God: How is it going? Got any quests? My quest should take me longer than I thought, but I will try to be done quickly.]

She didn't respond right away so Liu Ye opened his Elemental Tree to check his options. His level was relatively high so he had many Earth Element abilities to choose from. In the end, he chose the Earth Levitation which was a basic requirement for almost all other abilities. 

[Earth Levitation]

[Description: Ability to create a single-target Earth projectile by lifting the earth or a stone off the ground. The player can launch it from mid to long-distance, depending on the player's position. The Earth Projectiles can stack.] 

[Cost: 2 MP + 0-10 MP]

[Damage: 10-110 + 20% Elemental Power]

[Note: Cost and damage will change depending on the projectile's size.]


As soon as Liu Ye looked through the ability, he felt the worst headache of them all. His eyes darkened and he staggered, feeling as if someone was burrowing a hole in one part of his brain. It eased after a few seconds and was replaced with warmth instead. 

Only a moment later did Liu Ye realize it was actually Queen Luna's chest while she let him rest on her. "Are you okay? You suddenly collapsed."

"Don't worry, I'm fine," Liu Ye assured as he pulled away. "Are you ready? We should go." 

She squinted her eyes from under her white hood and flicked a finger into his forehead. "Idiot, be careful."

Liu Ye raised his eyebrows at her reaction but she already moved up to the window and jumped out without hesitation. He quickly reached the window and saw her gracefully land on the roof below using her Air Element.

A sudden buzz on his arm distracted his thoughts and it turned out to be Xu Yue's reply. 

[Queen of Chess: Yeah, we actually just got a new Hidden Quest that just came up so we are traveling to another city. We will need to catch some thieves so it should be an easy quest. I will update you once we complete it.]

Liu Ye wanted to ask for details but with Queen Luna waiting, he let them handle it on their own and finally jumped down. If Xu Yue was able to get them the quest, he trusted them to finish it. 

"Follow me." 

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