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110 King Arthur
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Author :Piokilek
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110 King Arthur

Sneaking out of the Palace using roofs turned out to be much easier than Liu Ye thought. Thanks to Queen Luna's knowledge of the guard towers' location, they left unnoticed and blended in the crowds with ease. The only challenge remaining ahead of them was teleporting towards the border which sounded like an even easier task. 

Unfortunately, although most of the players were already out of the capital to either farm levels or to complete their quests, a lot of them were still roaming on the streets. Just as his outfit got recognized, players began to call out in greetings.

"Your friends?" Queen Luna asked curiously as more people tried to stop them. "Didn't know you were this popular." 

"They are either fans or enemies. The sad part is you never know which," Liu Ye replied and grabbed her arm to pull her closer to him. "Stay near me. I will get us to the station safely."

Just as Liu Ye spoke, water gushed out from his waterskin and began rotating around them as a warning. Anyone who dared to come too close to them would face an instant attack. He couldn't take that risk knowing he still had an active bounty on his head.

The players raised their eyes in surprise and swiftly gave them way to avoid a confrontation. Liu Ye made them impossible to miss while walking on the streets but it was still safer for him to be prepared. 

"Don't worry, no one will be able to hurt us with me around," Queen Luna assured while shamelessly hugging his arm. "I'm not complaining though. You can hold me anytime."

"Don't do anything though or we will be exposed," Liu Ye whispered while gulping down a Mana Potion. "Let's avoid trouble till we can leave the capital." 

If an expert of her caliber started fighting, they would be immediately stopped by the City Guards who noticed her presence. He also wanted to keep his Hidden Quest a secret or else people would try to sabotage him. 

"Well, I'm not sure if that is possible. It seems like your 'fans' have something special prepared for you," Queen Luna commented after a few more steps, suddenly creeping Liu Ye out. He looked around the street and didn't see anything suspicious until it was already too late. 

Players suddenly grew scarce until the whole street became void of anyone besides the NPC's. Knowing it was the main street leading to the Teleportation Station, it was now obvious that something was up. 

"How did you find out so early?" Liu Ye questioned curiously as they halted their walk. He wasn't that surprised of being attacked since it was bound to happen at some point. 

"You really underestimate me, huh?" Queen Luna asked back with a snicker. "Would I become a Queen if I couldn't notice a single trap? I can sense all the people hiding on the roofs and the nearby stores. As long as they touch the ground, I can feel them with my Seismic Sense." 

Just as she finished talking, tens of players finally revealed themselves from their hiding spots and the two of them got surrounded. Liu Ye wasn't even a bit worried though since other players were not a threat to him.

[White Knight Lancelot - Lvl. 18]

Liu Yue couldn't help but facepalm himself when he saw the familiar names of the White Knight guild. He thought they had already given up on their revenge but it seemed the last massacre only increased their feud. At the very least, it seemed like their leader has finally decided to show up and he brought some help to aid them.

[King Arthur - Lvl. 22]

[Black Widow - Lvl. 23]

[Blood Devil - Lvl. 21] 

Two of the best players in the game walked by King Arthur's side who seemed to be a bit of an expert himself. Compared to normal players who still wore the basic outfits, they wore uncommon sets that separated them from the newbies. Both King Arthur and Blood Devil had slightly improved Leather Armors, but the Black Widow stood out from them. 

She didn't wear her Bandana and displayed her figure with a bold sexy outfit that barely covered her body. Many players involved in the trap couldn't help but sneak glances at her white translucent dress which danced in the air with each waft of air. 

"Are you guys not tired of losing to me?" Liu Ye called out calmly while his water stream formed into multiple Ice Spears. "I'm actually feeling guilty by taking away all your progress. You have already caught up to your original level and you want to give up on it again."

Liu Ye tried to free himself from Queen Luna's grasp but her arms were like crabs claws, hugging him tightly without budging. He gave her a glance but she only winked at him in response. He had no other choice but to let her be as the three experts blocked their way ahead of them. 

"This is our first time meeting each other but I can already tell your ego is in the sky. I guess it was your fame that got to your head," King Arthur commented as he brushed through his fluffy blond hair. "It is beneficial for the top guilds to cooperate together but you have decided to bully the weak. We are putting an end to this." 

"We?" Liu Ye asked amusedly while gazing around at the players blocking the exits. "Do those people also want to enter on my 'kill on sight' list or is it just you three? I don't mind adding more red to sharpen my skills."

The White Knights and the Black Widow's party couldn't help but pause at his comment. They knew very well one could mark other players as their enemies and the game would forever show their name as red. It didn't mean they could be killed everywhere but it made them stand out in public from all the white names in the crowds. 

"Hey bro," Blood Devil waved at Liu Ye in greeting. "You can count me out. I'm just here to enjoy the party. I might only try to kill steal you if they get close to killing you. No offense though." 

"Well, I will count to five and wait for you all to leave. At least I gave you the chance so I can't be called a bully. If you say, don't complain when I use you to level up later," Liu Ye replied casually and raised his free palm to count. "Five, four—"

"Don't bother," King Arthur stopped him right away. "My Players won't leave and you won't either. This is not a Red Zone so good luck trying to kill us all."

Liu Ye already thought about it and it was an annoying issue. He could simply go on a rampage and kill them all but the PK Score restricted them. Their only solution was running away but he wasn't in hurry. 

"What about you? Does Black Widow's party also plan to become the Red Dragon Guild's enemies?" Liu Ye asked, hoping to ruin the morale of as many players but he wasn't able to get an answer. 

"I'm bored…" Queen Luna commented with a deep sigh and pulled on Liu Ye's arm cutely. "Babe, you are playing too much against someone as weak as them. Your enemies are trash. Let's go." 

Queen Luna didn't give him a chance to respond as she suddenly let go of him and extended her arms fully. A strong wind appeared out of nowhere and mixed with sand on the streets, creating a giant sand curtain around them. 

Everyone was forced to cover their eyes as the sand impaired their vision and when the wind ceased, Liu Ye was already gone. The mysterious lady simply escaped their trap as if it was nothing. 

King Arthur looked ahead dumbfounded but the most amazed was Black Widow who was the higher leveled Windbender in the game. It wasn't possible for anyone to be more skilled than her, yet Liu Ye's friend just proved it. 

"Who is this girl…?" 


Author: Merry Christmas guys and girls! This is the last chapter of the year 2021 as I'm going to write a Mass Release for you guys while I enjoy holidays with family. 10-15 chapters after 1st Jan will come to you :\u003e (Hopefully can cover the whole Quest in one go *and sth special*) Cya!

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