Being Overpowered in Naruto
1 Reincarnation
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Being Overpowered in Naruto
Author :Gilmore122
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1 Reincarnation

Zero was a normal person that lived a normal life. He was a big fan of all things Naruto, whether it is, was the anime or manga. Today he was walking home from his soul-crushing office job and was crossing a street when the legendary Truck-Kun suddenly came speeding across the street. He looks over at Truck-Kun and tries to move away but he can't because it was already too late. It was so sudden that he didn't have enough time to realize that he was dead. Zero then woke up to a strange place where was pitch black. Everything around him was black and he stayed there unaware of the amount of time he had spent there. He kept waiting till eventually after what seemed like an eternity a white light appeared in the darkness and fully enveloped him. What he saw next was an old man sitting on a chair in a white room.

"Who are you," I asked him puzzled at his arrival.

"I am what you people call God, and I am sorry to say but I killed you by accident," he said.

Zero when he heard this just stood there frozen in place at what he just heard. He was a little sad that he was dead but he didn't have much to live for before so it didn't affect him too much. Zero remembered in some stories how the main character would be killed by God and reincarnated in another world. When he thought of this he thought of maybe there is a chance for him to be able to go to his favorite world, Naruto. He stood there for a couple of seconds processing his thoughts before he decided to speak to God again.

"So what will happen to me now," Zero asked looking towards God.

"I will reincarnate you into another world of your choice and give you 1 ability to help you survive as you had guessed and i already know which world you want to go to, I will also allow you to customize your body to your liking as well," he said,

Zero became surprised and excited for many reasons at the same time. He was surprised and ecstatic because God had read his mind and that he would be able to go to the Naruto world, he was smiling ear to ear. Zero started to think about all the things he could do in the world when he got there and all the things he could change. He also about all the beautiful women in Naruto and maybe being able to get with them. Realizing that he was getting a bit too excited about it he then tried to calm his emotions down from the excitement.

After regaining his composure he started to think about the ability he would get for his new life. He wanted something that would make him very powerful quickly so he could protect himself.
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    《Being Overpowered in Naruto》