Being Overpowered in Naruto
2 Being noticed
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Being Overpowered in Naruto
Author :Gilmore122
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2 Being noticed

"What should I call myself," I said. "what about Zero pendulum( a/n: I can't name well), yeah that's a cool name to have I'll go with that. " let's try some things, " then zero the tried out taijutsu, genjutsu, kenjutsu, and ninjitsu with mastering them all instantly.

"Know that I have the skills I need chakra, I wish for infinite chakra." suddenly a burst of chakra blasted throughout the shinobi world scaring all the people that felt it.

"Crap!!" zero yelled then suddenly suppressed his chakra to be unnoticed. " hopefully no one noticed that, " but he was sorely mistaken.


At the Root headquarters. A scream of "what was that!!!" could be heard coming from Danzo's room

' What was that chakra, there was so much of it if I could harness that I could be unstoppable and show that bastard Sarutobi what for' Danzo said with an evil grin.

Several members of Root then rushed in yelling "what's wrong boss!"

"Nothing, and I want you to search the land of fire for any abnormal occurrences or chakra signatures."

"Yes sir" the members replied while leaving the room leaving Danzo there alone in the dark room scheming.


At the Hokage's office, the Hokage Sarutobi an old man with wrinkles just had the shock of his life. 'What was that thing, we must find out before Danzo gets his hands on it or this might bring destruction to Konoha.' "Anbu come out."

Suddenly three masked Anbu members showed up and united by said "Yes Hokage."

"I want you and other Anbu members to search for that chakra signature, and make haste."

"Yes Hokage, " they replied before disappearing once more.


"What should I do I can do what all the novels I've read do and go to Konoha, but I don't want to interfere with the story too much. Might as well get some clothes and think about it later."

Suddenly clothes materialized from chakra that resembles Ichigo's full bringer Bankai form appeared on zero's body. "This is pretty cool, now where should I go now, well I'm just gonna go on an adventure then, " and he set off on a journey.
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    《Being Overpowered in Naruto》