0 Chapter - 10
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Author :Miyana
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0 Chapter - 10

New informations

"If you can't do this my way, we can end the deal here." Hunter barked at the person on the other side of the phone, startling the individuals present in the room.

They were in conference room. A huge rectangular table made of mahogany was placed in the middle of the room. Right side of the room was occupied by shelves with organized files.

On the wall on the other side, hung a massive painting of a calm but fierce lion with sharp features. It was bright inside because of the numerous lights. The room was on the top floor so if you looked from there you could see the whole place. The cold gust of wind from the half opened window filled a comfortable chillness inside.

"I heard Boss kept that guy here?" Caleb queried quietly, leaning slightly to the side so Kaiden could hear him.

Drake was engaged in a serious conversation with Oliver and Ian. Brad was organizing the files Jeong just handed him, and Kaiden was on his phone as usual. So when Caleb's attention fall on his Boss, he couldn't help but wonder about the mysterious guy who boldly complimented their Boss's eyes.

Kaiden put his phone back before engaging in the conversation.

"You won't believe me. Our Boss have a crush on that guy." Kaiden said crossing his arms while looking at Hunter with slight amusement.

"Really?" Caleb's mouth hang open as his eyes return to the furious blue eyed guy.

"Is he okay? I mean, the guy. He is a doctor right?"

"Yes, he is. Oh, and very cute too." Kaiden chuckled.

Caleb wanted to ask more but the door opened revealing a man about 55 followed by other one of the same age, and two young males. They greeted Hunter with a nod before placing themselves on the remaining chairs surrounding the table.

Hunter ended the call and exhaled deeply. He walked towards the head of the table and stood behind his chair with crossed arms.

"I know it's late but this is urgent." Hunter looked at every person present in the room. He looked at Drake who nodded his head before placing a phone with a broken screen on the table. It belonged to the man he killed a few days ago.

"I guess everyone know why we killed Roman few days ago," Hunter started, "Because he knew where we secured the money. Now, how did he find out when only Rendells and Wyners knew about this?"

"Are you saying we have a mole inside?" Ian asked gaining the attention of others.

"Yes. We found a message in Roman's phone. And it was sent from the common phone in the training room." He said glancing back and forth between the shocked face of the people in charge of the training sessions. Everyone's eyes turned to the said people, Caleb, Shino and Cole.

"So...you are saying there is a spy among the guards?" Landon asked leaning forward.

Hunter shook his head, "I'm not saying he is among the guards. He could be anyone in this household. Anyone." Hunter said eyeing each person.

"I want you to find this person as soon as possible. Confidential or not, we can't let any informations go out like this. Is that clear?"

Everyone responded with 'yes' and nods.

"Boss, do you think this same person leaked the information that Leo is alive?" Brad voiced his thoughts.

"Probably. We have to find him before anything happen again. And one more thing, if you find him, I want him in front of me. Don't take things up on your own hands. Understand?"

"Yes Boss!" Everyone said in unison. Hunter nodded before dismissing the meeting. Everyone left the room except the three friends.

"Are you sure it's one of them?" Kaiden asked still looking at the closed door.

Hunter settled down on his own chair.

"I know it's one of them. Watch them close okay? Same goes for your uncle too." Hunter said looking at Drake who nodded in assurance.

"Whoever done this is really dumb. I mean...who the fuck use a common phone in these kind of matter? Every guards in here use it." Kaiden thought it was ridiculous.

"There is two explanation for that. One, once we found out about this we can't find him that easily which is our current situation. Two, He must have found about that we transferred the money to another place when he was in there. He didn't want to wait for another second so he used the common phone." Hunter closed his eyes facing the ceiling.

"Yeah, that makes sense. What about doctor? Don't you think even if we let him go now, he will become a target too?" Kaiden looked at his exhausted friend.

"I know. And I'm not planning to let him go," Hunter sighed. "Did you call Ricky? His graduation is tomorrow, right?"

Kaiden rolled his eyes. "Yeah. He didn't pick up. Probably sulking in his room because we won't be there." He laughed before glaring at a sleepy Drake.

"I will call him tomorrow. Right now we have too much on our plate. Be alert from now on. Tight the security, and Drake," Hunter turned to his other friend, "I want you to arrange a meeting with Julian."

"Got it." Drake nodded and stood up.

The two friends left the room leaving Hunter to gaze out into the darkness alone.


Neal stared at the mirror taking in his state. There was bags under his eyes due to the lack of sleep and the bloodshot eyes begged him for some rest. He startled when Kaiden told him to hurry up. The guy was waiting outside to take Neal to God knows where.

Neal splashed some water on his face and dried his hands and face with a towel. He stepped out of the bathroom.

He was wearing a white oversized hoodie and a black jeans which is too tight for him. It was given to him yesterday when Kaiden returned after his conversation with Drake.

"Shall we go?" Kaiden asked walking inside.

"Where are we going?" Neal asked, fidgeting.

Kaiden laughed. "You act like a kitten you know? Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you or something. Just follow me." He said before turning around. Neal hesitate for a moment before following the man.

They walked through a long hallway. Neal thought the mansion had only three storey but it looks like it is five storeyed. Kaiden lead him to the elevator and pressed the button for the top floor.

"Have you had breakfast?" Kaiden asked startling Neal once again.

"Yeah. Brad brought me some." Neal answered with a nod cowering in the corner.

Kaiden narrowed his eyes. "Are you that scared of us? You jump quite a lot. Anything you want to know?" He shoved his hands inside the jeans pockets before leaning back.

"Uh...Why didn't you kill me? Is there any reason other than the whole necklace thing?" Neal demanded, careful not to make the person mad.

Kaiden smirked. "Are you in such a hurry to die? And...why would you think that there is something else?"

Neal looked down, "Well... your psycho friend kissed me." He muttered under his breath but the other person heard it clearly. Kaiden tried to hide his smile but as always failed.

"Well....a certain someone here likes you."

Kaiden said before stepping out of the elevator when the door opened. A shocked Neal followed him, "What do you mean?"

"What I said."

They proceeded to walk through another hallway. Neal felt like he is in some luxury hotel, but he couldn't focus on the decors and beauty of the place because his mind was a chaos.

Kaiden took two turns before stopping in front of a room. Neal followed him like a lost puppy, still processing what he heard earlier.

Kaiden opened the door gesturing Neal to come inside. It was pretty big room compared to the one he stayed yesterday. Light blue walls, a king size bed covered in navy blue sheets and fluffy pillows. The curtains of the same color blocked the light from the two big windows. A dark wood nightstand with table lamp placed beside the bed. There is also a small sofa and two chairs in the room. And of course, the paintings.

Neal's eyes bulge out when he saw the walk in closet. There were two other doors. Neal assumed one of them is bathroom. He looked curiously at the other one which was few distance away from his bed.

"You are not allowed to open that one." Kaiden said, following the doctor's gaze.

"This is your room from now on, but you can't open that door. That's bathroom and if you are uncomfortable in those, you can change, I did some shopping." Kaiden said pointing at the closet.

"Can I ask you something?" Neal cleared his throat when he noticed he have full attention of the other person.

"Earlier you said......is it....is it him?"

Kaiden knew what the doctor was asking about but he always likes to tease everyone, and Neal wasn't an exception. He shrugged refusing to answer.

"Does he really like me? Like.......like me?" Neal tried again.

Kaiden rolled his eyes and exhaled. "Yes, Hunter likes you. Why? You have to ask him. I've gotta go. Bye." He said before walking towards the door leaving a gaping Neal behind.


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