Chapter - 11
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Author :Miyana
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Chapter - 11

Little Feelings

A small yelp escaped Neal's mouth as soon as he exited the washroom.

After Kaiden left the room leaving Neal to ponder on his words, Neal fell asleep. He just woke up, and now it was almost evening.

He had gone to the bathroom to wash his face and when he returned, he found Hunter sitting on the bed.

The black haired guy was leaning against the headboard of the bed. He had his left arm resting on his half bent left leg.

A terror filled Neal's chest as he stared at the man with wide eyes.

What the hell is he doing here?

Hunter stared at the fidgeting guy in black tee and sweatpants.

"Come. Sit." Hunter said softly, patting the place beside him.

Come? Sit? I'm not a dog, Neal thought but didn't said out loud.

He hesitantly walked towards the bed. What if he refused? The man will probably have his head in a platter.

He held his breath and sat next to Hunter not too close. Neal bend his knees, hugging it close to his chest.


Hunter shook his head seeing the statue guy, "You will die if you don't breathe."

Neal exhaled and turned his face to the other side in embarrassment. Hunter's lips curled upwards. "Kaiden said you have some questions for me?" He asked.

Neal looked ahead and chewed on his lips unsure that if he should ask the man directly. He sighed before turning to Hunter who was already looking at him.

"Kaiden said you like me. Why?" Neal went straight to the point.

"No reason." Hunter answered looking at the wolf painting on the wall.

"There must be a reason." Neal pressed.

"Anything else?" Hunter asked dodging the earlier question.

Neal bite his lips and suppressed his anger.

"How long do I have to stay here?"


Neal let go of his knees and turned to Hunter, now sitting cross legged.

"What do you mean forever? You do realize that I have responsibilities too, right? What about my job? I have a mother to take care of. And my friends? They don't even know where am I. I can't leave this all behind just because you kidnapped me. You can't lock me here forever Hunter." Neal said exasperated. At this point, he didn't care about his fear.

Hunter clenched his jaw and turned his face to look at the doctor. Neal gulped down, shrinking away from the cold gaze directed at him.

"Why? You don't like me?" The deep dangerous voice asked. Neal was taken aback by the sudden question. He didn't know how to answer to that. He was thankful that they didn't kill him and treat him nice until now. But liking this person? He doesn't hate him, but that doesn't mean he likes Hunter right?

Ugh.... everyone is so good at confusing.

Hunter stared at Neal waiting for an answer. Neal looked away, "Stop staring. I don't like people staring at me. It makes me uncomfortable." He scowled.

Hunter smirked. "Why?"

He pulled the scowling lean man to his lap by waist. Neal pushed his hands against Hunter's chest, putting some distance between them. He tried to wriggle out from Hunter's hold but the blue eyes silently staring at him prevent him from doing so.

Neal thought Hunter's orbs had the same shade of blue as his mother, where he had a little more pale ones. He felt a sting in heart when he realized it's been years since he saw the beautiful eyes of his mother.

Will he ever see that eyes again? Will he be there when it happens?

If a mob likes you, nothing good will come from it. But from what Arjun said, Hunter was forced to take the position. He is not completely a psychopath.

Hunter loosened his hold when the doctor stopped struggling. Neal felt the gesture but he didn't move an inch. He was straddling Hunter. It felt a little comfortable to be honest. He scanned the person's face with a frown then sighed.

"Hunter.....," Neal called softly, "You can't force someone to like you. It is something one should genuinely feel from heart. I don't hate you. But it does not mean I like you."

"Then try to like me." Hunter rasped before grabbing Neal by the nape of his neck and attached his lips to the other's. Hunter flipped them over pinning Neal to the bed with his comfortable weight. Neal's eyes stayed wide open with shock.

Wait..wait..what is happening? Isn't this too fast? Was all he said just now in vain?

Hunter continued his aggressive kissing, using his tongue when Neal gasped. He moaned into Hunter's mouth unconsciously circling his arms around the black haired man's neck. Neal's eyes closed, lips moving in sync with the other. Hunter pulled away when Neal needed to breathe and proceeded to drag his lips along Neal's jawline and neck.

The sounds of pleasures leaving the man underneath him brought a smile to Hunter's lips. He caught Neal's earlobe between his lips biting and nibbling on it causing the guy to shudder against him. At this point Neal started to question his sexuality, because he started to feel some things that he never felt with Erika.

The make out session continued almost fifteen minutes.

Hunter pulled up and rested his forehead against Neal, pecking his lips now and then. Both guys panted against each other trying to catch their breath. Neal could feel his heart beat in his ear. The whole room felt hot.

"I won't lock you here....forever. It's....not...safe outside now. I promise....you won't lose anything...because of me." Hunter said between pants. Neal could only stare at him with slightly parted lips and hazy eyes.

Hunter sat up and ran a hand through his locks before looking at a softly panting Neal.

"I won't be here for three days. If you need anything, just tell Kaiden. Okay?"

Neal nodded his head slowly, still dazed.

What the heck just happened?

Hunter stole a kiss one last time before standing up.

Neal sat up in shock when he saw Hunter opened the door that Kaiden had told him not to open. Hunter threw a smirk in the doctor's way before disappearing inside.

Is....Is the rooms connected!?


"You want me to babysit your boy!?" Kaiden exclaimed with a look of disbelieve.

The three men were in Drake's room. Hunter and Kaiden were in an argument while the owner of the room lazily lying on the bed changing the tv channels.

"You are not babysitting Kai. I just want you to give him company for three days." Hunter groaned, trying to knock some sense into his friend's head.

"Why me? Drake could do that. Why are you leaving me here and bringing that antisocial pillar with you? He talks with his gun, not brain!" Kaiden grumbled pointing at Drake.

"That's the point. If I leave him with Neal, he will stand there like a stone. You will feel the awkwardness from here." Hunter huffed crossing his arms over chest.

"You guys are talking like I am invisible." Drake grunted, done with his friends' insults.

"Oh, shut up you airhead! I'm going with Hunter and you are staying here. That's final." Kaiden declared and clapped his hands. Drake rolled his eyes before going back to changing the channels.

Hunter pinched his nose bridge and sighed.

"Kai..... I need you here. Neal is somewhat comfortable around you. Just three days... You have to do this for me. And the circle needs you. Don't forget you are the second in command." Hunter said jabbing a finger in Kaiden's chest.

Kaiden thought for a moment and exhaled deeply. "Okay."

Hunter nodded his head before exiting the room, and Kaiden joined Drake in bed to annoy the blonde guy.


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