Eliatrope in DxD
3 Time skip/Sacred gear
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Eliatrope in DxD
Author :Denmo_H7
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3 Time skip/Sacred gear

Dragon Mountain , in huge arena like training area , two figures can be seen clashing , or more like a one side beating , on a side there is a pale blue hair and dark blue eyes maiden and on the other hand , turquoise draconic mana wing on the head , white short hair , turquoise shiny eyes(because he is fighting) , light tanned skin cute 4 years child..... badly beaten up . 4 years since his reincarnation , Alan got trained by Tiamat herself since the age of 1.... without mercy .

Tiamat :"Is that all you got son ?"

Said Tiamat with an expressionless face while guilt is killing her on the inside . But she couldn't show any mercy if she want want her son to be a man strong enough to survive in this world without bowing down , she want him to be at least stronger than her .

Alan :"*smirk* of course not mom , here I come !!!"

Without losing any time , he create portal and jump into , create another and repeating the process again and again , appearing here and there at really fast paced hard to see for even a mid-class devil . He create a portal above her letting himself fall with a turquoise mana sword on his right hand and short round shield on his left , Tiamat calmly lift her right hand to launch a magic attack , he then suddenly change into a beam of bluish light quickly appearing at her right ready to slash her but-...


This is after all Tiamat , he got punch and sent flying towards the wall


Tiamat :"It's enough for today , you have really improve , as expect of my son !"

Said she proudly while walking over him with a smile

Alan :"Thanks mother but It's still not enough , one day I swear I will win !"

Tiamat :"Fu fu fu , Is that so ? But if you win against me , you will be my mate you know?"

Alan :"....ah .*ahem* anyway the road Is still long so someone will maybe beat you before me . Well It's time to eat so I will take bath , I'm going first "

Tiamat :"Alright"

Said Tiamat with a mysterious smile.

....Alan's POV....

'Damn it hurts !'

I thought while bathing

It's been 4 year since my arrival in this world . I like my life in the Dragon Mountain with mother and uncle Tan . Dragon are know for their selfishness and it's not really false but for me they're a lively bunch of proud and lazy buddies, I never get bored with them , I'm good at fighting and eating so I'm often in compete with Bova and the others even if I lose every single time but I am after all just 4 year kid , oh and they call me Graenblár Jumper , and it suit me somehow .

Aside of that my everyday training/beating enable me to know more about myself and my power, when I create a [portal] I just concentrate mana on my palm and think about it and just do it , I don't really know how it work , I can just do it by instinct same for the weapon be it a [sword] , [bow] , [scythe] , [hammer] and the like even the [mana shoot] . Eliatrope seem to be natural born fighter with a sharp fighting instinct and comprehension about themselves and mana like dragon, well surely because they are 'dragon' themselves .

Also I seem to forgot some details about my former self , not knowledge but memory I can still be billionaire in a few seconds and create a world war in a few minutes only with a keyboard but I don't know for example what I did or what happen before dying , I just know that It's bullet-kun who did the job . Well It doesn't matter , I'm not that Alan anymore, now I'm Alan Graenblár an Eliatrope and my goal for the time being Is to be a Great Dragon King , fighting or meeting strong people and who know ? maybe founded a family ?

Anyway I have found the surprise that that Godess told me about and It happen to my sacred gaer: [Eliacube]

I discover It just like that when I was meditating , and it have a consciousness for itself , just like Red Dragon Emperor Ddraig for Boosted Gear or White Dragon Emperor Albion for Divine Dividing , mine is the Eliacube Elianor for Reality Cube , and instead of a dragon or the like Elianor is a beautiful and damn gorgeous woman with bluish jade hair and mana wing , sky blue eyes , milky white skin with some circuit like symbol just like Yugo with the 6 Dofus Eliatrope , or me in my [Burst Mod] that I can't control of course fir the time being .

We talked for a bit and she is a proud and fiery woman and I'm sure of one thing , if it wasn't for the fact of her sealed as sacred gear in me , she could have been one of the most powerful being in this universe , hell she have enough power to put a good fight to Great Red and Ophis and they are not your everyday powerhouse , and that power is in me !!! , thanks loli goddess .

She told me about some of her ability that I will be able to use for fighting in 10 years at least , like :

[Time Dome]: create a dome like area around me where It Is not me who follow the 'time' , It Is the 'time' who follow me.(A/N: Total time control in the dome)

[Reality Marble]: transport me and those around in a zone where I make the rule (A/N: Like Unlimited Blade Work of Emiya Shido from Fate series)

And a some stuff that she didn't to talk about , for the moment i can use her as a trump card as mana supplier enable me to create hundred of [Portal] ready to shoot [Mana Shoot] (A/N: Just look at how Qilby handle Yugo in season 2 episode 24 of Wakfu)

And also I'm tryng to create my own universe like Oropo did but for meantime I will be able to create somthing like the dimension where Yugo put the Eliatrope in at least 2 or 3 years *sigh*

Let's not think about it for the meantime, I'm still to weak , I will just do what I can , training again and again , for now *growl* let's put something and get ready to eat .

....end of Alan's POV....

After cleaning and healing himself, Alan dress up in his everyday style : black and white camo short , black t-shirt with a turquoise dragon logo , white hoodie with black zip up with a hood special Eliatrope for his wings , a pair of black high sneakers and he is ready . He walk out of his room while saying hello to the maid and thinking about the future.

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    《Eliatrope in DxD》