Empyrean World Online
5 Leveling up.
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Empyrean World Online
Author :Erinies
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5 Leveling up.

"Its about time for me to aim for reaching level 10. Players, depending on their race and abilities will be given an option of which part of the map to join." Haven thought to himself. "I'm slightly nervous about this due to Vesovia being the only place that Were beasts and vampires reside in. I hope i'll be able to blend in."

With a plan in mind, Haven set off towards the forest once again. The boars gave experience but Haven wasn't willing grind as many as 20 boars to level up when killing a few wolves could do the same.

On the way to the forest, his mind wandered toward the topics he read off on the forums. Vampires and were-beasts did in fact gain more stat points and racial abilities than other races. However it was counter balanced by their weaknesses.

The one thing that Haven found impressive about his Werepire race was that he had both the strengths of both classes but presumably none of the weaknesses.

He felt that this path was going to be very fun to tread upon.

Before long, he passed many groups of people leveling up and headed into the deep forest. Where the wolves resided.

[Forest wolf]

[Health: 1,300]

[Level 5]

Haven smiled and rushed in to battle, readying his blade and preparing his skills. He jumped with a slash and cut it across its face.

[-900, Forest wolf] [Blood rage +10]

It yelped in anger and howled in pain before backing off from Haven.

Haven cautiously circled around it, trying to anticipate any attacks that it would make towards him. The wolf wasn't as patient as Haven so it tried chomping towards his legs to bring him down but Haven reacting in time brought his blade down on its neck.

[Cross Slash]


[-3,000, Wolf]

[You have slain an enemy]

[+100 exp]

"Growl!" came a sound behind him. Haven didn't even have time to register it before he felt a weight slam into his back and a sharp pain across his shoulder.

[-100, Haven]

[Health: 2,100/2,200]

Haven grimaced and rolled away from the wolf that was attacking him. He looked back up and was surprised to see three wolves surrounding him, growling in anger and at their fallen comrade.

"This... will be tough." He murmured, readying his sword to face the wolves. The one thing about Empyrean World Online that especially encouraged new people to play was that stat points literally correlated how powerful you were.

When you had enough strength points put into your character you could theoretically punch an entire mountain into oblivion. The same being for agility and vitality. Moving so fast, your enemy wouldn't react? Done. Picking a fight with a meteor and coming out on top? Done.

There were many aspects of this game that enticed people and the ability to become superhuman was just one aspect.

Haven, being a Werepire, had both an unfair stat growth and a higher stat scaling than other people. Only, Haven never exactly realized how much more powerful he was compared to other people.

The disparity might not be very obvious at lower levels. But when at higher levels?

And he was finally starting to realize how powerful he was.

'They're slow? That's odd...' Haven wondered as he dodged a lunge from a forest wolf and counterattacked, slicing it's flank

[-900, Wolf] [+10 Blood Rage]

The wolf that was hit, was flung away by the strength of his hit.

'People deal this much damage? Then why are there many who need to party up to fight?' Haven questioned himself.

Positioning himself, he delivered an attack to a wolf nearby, trying to sneak up on him.

[Horizontal Slash!]


[-3,300] [Blood Rage +10]

[You have slain an enemy!]

Haven paid the notice no mind and rushed forward towards the other two wolves. They were unable to react to his speed.

[Cross Slash!]

[-2,000, Wolf] [Blood Rage +10]

[You have slain an enemy]

The last wolf, enraged at it's comrades deaths rushed forward and jumped toward Haven's neck claws outstretched and fangs bared. It was planning to chomp him to death.

'This is amazing!' Haven shouted in his mind, reveling in his speed and strength. He brought up his leg and punted the wolf across its muzzle, sending it flying.

[-100, Wolf]

While it was dazed from the attack, Haven brought down his sword upon it's neck, decapitating it.


[-1,900, Wolf]

[You have slain an enemy]

[You have leveled up]

Haven grinned at his damage. Werepire... it was truly a very powerful race. His smirk faded however as he recalled the words from character creation.

'You are an abomination even amongst monsters. If your existence is found out, every race will come to arms to end you. A race with the strengths of both a Were-beast and a Vampire but none of the weaknesses.'

He had to get stronger. Without wasting time, he distributed his stats and ran once more into the forest to hunt.


[Name: Haven, Level: 4, Race: Werepire, Class: Warrior, Title: One of a Kind]

[Health: 3,200/3,200, Blood rage: 100/100,]

[Strength: 34, Dexterity: 32, Vitality: 32, Intelligence: 1, Luck: 1, Spirit: 1]

[Points: 0]

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    《Empyrean World Online》