Heroes of Marvel
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Heroes of Marvel
Author :Li Qun Xi 离群戏
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Chi Chi Chi Chi!

Just as Deadpool was blocking the gate of the warehouse, he squeezed the hilt of the double blades in his hands, but he suddenly heard a strange sound, it was as if something was burning. Hearing this voice, Deadpool curiously tilted his head and looked at it. In the next moment, Deadpool’s eyes widened instantly.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! So hot! So hot!” Deadpool called out loudly while shaking his hands.

It turned out that the sound of the burning thing just now was not something else, but the sound of Deadpool’s hand burning. Because, he didn’t know when his blades had turned into two red-hot iron blocks, which were roasting his hands.

Pū chick!

Throwing the double blades in his hands and inserting them on the ground, Deadpool blew air on his injured hands distressingly. Until now, Deadpool was still wondering how his weapon turned like that.

He obviously had only hacked two little villains to death with his blades! Huh? Those two guys! Thinking of this, Deadpool’s eyes quickly glanced around. However, the sight that Deadpool saw in the next second made him even more surprised.

“Damn! What the hell are you!?”

Chi Chi!

In front of Deadpool’s eyes, the two enemies who should have been in two pieces and more importantly dead were just lying on the ground. Their cutoff limbs are recovering quickly under a red light.

One of the guys who had his leg cut off by Deadpool had already grown his own thighs. Their recovery speed is completely unimaginable to Deadpool as this is even faster than his own regeneration. That’s why Deadpool’s eyes widened and he exclaimed.

After seeing the red light on the two Extremis fighters, Deadpool almost guessed why his blades had turned into red-hot iron. Because, these Extremis fighters are a huge heating pot! If it hadn’t been for Deadpool’s blades being made from strong materials, they wouldn’t have only burned just now, but they would have been melted directly.

“How the hell should I fight this?! That Mirage Knight, what kind of guy is after Tony’s girlfriend!” Watching the two guys who should have died, recover completely, and coming towards him, Deadpool muttered helplessly.

However, just when Deadpool faced the almost unkillable Extremis fighter, a message suddenly came from his headset that was blocked from the signal. After hearing the message, the corners of Deadpool’s mouth, who had been helpless just now, turned up slightly.

“That’s good! I don’t like dealing with a guy who is more disgusting than me!”


After saying this, Deadpool stepped back a bit, and his figure quickly backed away and rushed into the warehouse behind him in an instant.

“Miss Pepper, it’s time to fight back now!” Just outside the warehouse where Deadpool was feeling the difficulty in dealing with these Extremis fighters, Pepper hiding in the warehouse suddenly heard J.A.R.V.I.S’s voice.

“En? Could it be…” Perceiving the change in J.A.R.V.I.S’s tone, Pepper’s eyes lit up.

“Ms. Pepper, I’m sorry to shock you. Our support has arrived. Don’t worry, you will be fine with Mr. Stark.” J.A.R.V.I.S quickly replied as if he understood what Pepper was thinking. The current J.A.R.V.I.S seems to be different from just now, and his tone is more comforting.

Hearing what J.A.R.V.I.S said, Pepper, who was frightened by the red light outside, suddenly became calm. Although Tony has experienced a lot of things since becoming Iron Man, he didn’t let those things affect Pepper. Pepper is nothing more than an ordinary strong woman, this time’s incident will make Pepper strong.

Just when the only Iron Man here was protecting Pepper hiding in the warehouse, a few kilometers away from the Research Institute, almost a hundred Iron Man were rushing toward this side with great speed.

Tonight, the people of New York were very fortunate to see an amazing scene. Hundreds of Iron Man flew over New York quickly, which was more shocking than any science fiction movie.

“Sir, the signal shielding range has been scanned, and we are about to enter it. Also, I have contacted Miss Pepper. She is fine for the time being. Deadpool is helping to block Killian.” Tony rushed to the front of the Iron Man army while JARVIS’s calm report came in his ear.

Although the signal was blocked by a special technology in that area, JARVIS could still breakthrough at such a close distance. However, J.A.R.V.I.S has not been able to solve this technical confrontational suppression by the other party.

If this Iron Man army rushes into the shielded area, JARVIS can’t guarantee that they can still maintain more than 60% of their combat effectiveness.

“Is it okay for the time being?! Show me Pepper’s location! Now, turn on the Anti-Electromagnetic Interference System to the maximum, and let’s kill Killian!” Hearing JARVIS’s report, Tony who was worried about Pepper’s angry order.

“Yes, sir.” JARVIS quickly agreed to Tony’s order.


Then, hundreds of Iron Mans quickly rushed directly from high in the sky to the warehouse where Pepper is located. As for Killian and others outside the warehouse, they have also been marked. Before entering the signal blocking zone completely, JARVIS turned on the fire control system to strike the enemies down.

Da da da!

In an instant, thousands of bullets fell from a high altitude, and their target was Killian and other Extremis fighters on the ground. Although J.A.R.V.I.S can now use more powerful weapons, Pepper is in the warehouse next to the Extremis Fighters, and powerful weapons may also affect her.

Facing the attack from a high altitude, Killian’s eyes flashed with a red light, and he quickly raised his hand to block the attacks. Then, a pair of huge monster palms appeared under the surveillance of J.A.R.V.I.S. The Extremis fighters standing next to Killian also raised their hands in the same way, and a pair of huge palms blocked their bodies.

Dang Dang Dang!

The firepower that was enough to penetrate the huge palms of Killian and the other Extremis fighters and hit the concrete ground after going through their monster palm only made a slight sound. Most of the bullets were blocked.

Although a small part of the bullets injured these palms, but in a burst of red light, the injured palm quickly recovered.

“Damn! What are those?! Dinosaur palms?!” Through JARVIS’s scan, Lin Rui, who was still in the Iron Man Armor, also saw the huge monster palms that Killian and the others had transformed from their hands.

Even the well-informed Lin Rui can’t help but scream out with a surprised look on his face. Based on the plot that Lin Rui knows, the Extremis Serum has no such effect at all. Obviously, this is also a huge change in the plot.

Dī Dī Di!

“The report shows that the system is strongly disturbed, the flight power system is suppressed by 80%, and the laser weapon system is in chaos.” Just when Lin Rui was surprised by the huge monster palms below, JARVIS’s voice came from the Armor while the alarm sounded.


Then, the flight trajectory of hundreds of Iron Mans that had rushed towards Killian below had changed. Each Iron Man rushed to the ground crookedly like they were drunk.
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    《Heroes of Marvel》