Heroes of Marvel
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Heroes of Marvel
Author :Li Qun Xi 离群戏
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At this moment, the Iron Man army who looked like a drunk person staggered towards the ground. With JARVIS’s initial preparations, although only 20% of the power system was left, it was still enough for the Iron Man Army to the ground.

Hundreds of Iron Mans fell safely to the ground. Even if they can’t fly, so many Iron Man can pile Killian to death.

“JARVIS, disarm! Spiderman and I can play a stronger role in this situation than Iron Man.” Lin Rui quickly said to JARVIS in the constant fall.

“Okay, Mirage Knight. We are about a hundred meters above the ground, and now we are disarming.” Upon hearing Lin Rui’s words, JARVIS gave out quick feedback.


In the next moment, the Iron Man armed with Lin Rui had disintegrated in mid-air, and the actively separated steel components quickly flew towards the ground. However, a black figure was left in the air, Lin Rui wearing a Phantom Suit. As for Peter, he needs to let JARVIS take him to the ground to get out, after all, spiders can’t fly.


Floating steadily in the air, the Iron Man beside Lin Rui all swayed towards the bottom. Glancing at where Killian and the others were, Lin Rui’s feet turned into a black shadow and he disappeared into the air.

And when Lin Rui had disarmed himself from the Iron Man Armor, Tony had already rushed in front of Killian and the others. Because JARVIS concentrated most of its power to maintain the performance of Tony’s Armor, Tony’s currently armed Iron Man can still maintain about 80% of its combat effectiveness.

However, with the other Iron Man, who had been suppressed by Killian and his powerful Extremis fighters, he really didn’t know how much advantage he could have.


Boom Boom Boom!

Falling heavily to the ground from mid-air, Tony raised his head and stared at Killian and the Extremis fighters not far in front of him. After Tony fell, the Iron Man Army also fell behind him, forming an Iron Man team behind Tony.

“Aldrich Killian, I must admit that I had underestimated you. The technology you asked me to cooperate with more than ten years ago was still worthwhile.” Staring at Killian’s figure in front of him and watching his monster palm quickly shrinking and recovering into the palm of a normal person, Tony spoke while blinking his eyes.

“Haha! Oh the Irony, the arrogant Tony Stark finally admitted that he underestimated someone! It’s a great honor! It’s a pity that I am not who I was more than ten years ago. With my current strength, I am able to destroy your Stark Industries now!” Killian laughed when he heard Tony’s words.

Although the plan to seize Pepper to blackmail Tony was not achieved this time, Tony was still attracted here. Therefore, Killian’s mission is still complete. Because Killian had already laid a trap in this area and he was waiting for Tony and his Iron Man army to fall in the trap.

The strength of the network technology team that Killian can use to compete with JARVIS is doing far more than just shielding this area’s signal. The core system of JARVIS was almost breached in Tony’s beach house before. And this time, Killian was prepared and he waited for Tony to bring his Iron Man army here.

“Only you and these nondescript reformers?” Hearing Killian’s arrogant words, Tony pointed at Killian and the Extremis Fighters behind him and spoke indifferently.

When Killian sent the Extremis fighters to attack Tony before, Tony got three arms left by the Extremis fighters. Although there was no Extremis left when the three arms were retrieved, Tony still found something.

To put it simply, Extremis is high-energy lifeform energy that can transform ordinary people into superhuman beings by injecting them into the human body. Once the energy of Extremis is exhausted, then the Extremis Fighters will instantly become weak like a chicken.

According to Tony’s speculation, the Extremis energy in these Extremis fighters is roughly the same as the energy stored in a miniature Arc Reactor. Therefore, even if it would be hard work, Tony’s Iron Man army will consume these reformed soldiers.

Of course, the premise is that the core system of the Iron Man army will no longer be subjected to large-scale suppression, and then Iron Man Army will become an iron knot that can not be beaten.

“Nondescript?! You are saying that I am a nondescript reformer?!” Hearing Tony’s description of himself as a nondescript reformer seemed to have hit Killian’s weak points as he suddenly cried out like a crazy person.

Because of the effect of Extremis transforming the human body, in order to make themselves stronger, Killian and these Extremis fighters must constantly make their bodies part of various powerful monsters. Therefore, Tony is right to say that Killian and the others are nondescript transformers as there’s nothing interesting there because Extremis has turned them into monsters.

“Then, I will let you see what I, a nondescript reformer, can do?!” The angry Killian roared, and he rushed towards Tony the next moment.


As Killian rushed towards Tony, a strong electromagnetic signal came from all corners of the area. In an instant, the signal shield that had been broken by a large number of Iron Man rushing in was once again established.

Moreover, this time the other party again began to invade the core system of JARVIS. Killian wasn’t stupid, he wouldn’t fight Tony if the Iron Man Army was intact.


“The system has been invaded, and the performance of the Iron Man Armor is declining, 76%, 73%…” After the sudden electromagnetic signal strikes, JARVIS immediately issued an alarm.

“Electromagnetic signal strikes? I want to see what is going on here! JARVIS, enable Stark 1, 2, and 3 satellites!” Hearing JARVIS’s report, Tony didn’t have many worries in his eyes and he quickly ordered.

“Yes, sir, Stark 1, 2, and 3 satellites are being activated.” Hearing Tony’s order, JARVIS completed the order as soon as possible.

As the world’s leading industrial group, Stark and SHIELD has established a Space Satellite system together.

After the other party invaded the core system of JARVIS last time, Tony was prepared to keep the three satellites belonging to Stark in preparation, and now, it is time to use them.

Isn’t the other party’s network technology strong enough to invade JARVIS? Then Tony directly took out three professional satellites to fight them! Let’s see who is stronger?!

Probably, only someone like Tony can use such countermeasures in the world. Other people don’t have satellites in the sky.
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    《Heroes of Marvel》