Heroes of Marvel
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Heroes of Marvel
Author :Li Qun Xi 离群戏
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When JARVIS launched the Stark 1, 2, and 3 satellites, Killian, who was close at hand, rushed towards Tony in an instant. Then, a fist with a red light blasted towards Tony’s face. With the extreme temperature of Extremis, Killian’s punch was enough to melt Tony’s helmet directly.


Facing Killian’s attack, Tony quickly raised his hands. In the next moment, that fiery fist blasted on the alloy armor and the extremely high temperature instantly burned the alloy armor but the alloy armor did not melt quickly.


Tony, who had received Killian’s punch, nailed his footsteps to the ground without retreating back and he stared at Killian in front of him through the helmet. Having seen the extreme heat that can melt the Iron Man Armor in his previous battler, how could Tony be unprepared?

The current generation of Iron Man Armor that he wore this time had been added with some ceramic anti-heat materials.



Tony, who resisted Killian’s punch and the high-temperature scorching, launched a counterattack in the next moment, and the chest cannon on the chest of the Iron Man Armor was slightly charged before blasting out.

JARVIS’s system is indeed affected, and the support of the three satellites in the sky has not yet arrived, but Tony still has a system that he controls. As long as these weapon systems have not been completely compromised by the opponent, then Tony can mobilize these weapons by himself.

Chi Chi Chi Chi!

The powerful chest cannon was enough to blast Killian’s chest through even when the system was disturbed, and a bowl-sized cavity appeared in Killian’s chest. However, Killian grinned with a big hole in his chest, not caring about the injury that would be fatal to the ordinary people in his chest. Then, Killian raised his fist against Tony but he suddenly opened his fist. In front of Tony’s surprised eyes, the palm of his hand instantly grew bigger, and five bone claws pierced from the position of the fingers.


The enlarged palm pushed away Tony’s already heated robotic arm and slashed toward his helmet, and the sharp bone claws pierced straight into Tony’s eyes.

Facing Killian’s sudden change of attack, Tony didn’t react for a moment. However, JARVIS reacted immediately. The moment in which the five bone claws came over, the Iron Man’s feet burst into flames, and the huge thrust took Tony quickly out of Killian’s attack range.

It is useful for JARVIS to concentrate most of its power on Tony’s Iron Man Armor, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to avoid this attack at all.


At the last moment, Killian’s bone claw attack made five deep scratches on Tony’s helmet. The high-strength alloy used on the Iron Man Armor was almost cut away, showing the sharpness of the bone spurs.

I don’t know what the monster-like structures that Killian mutated through Extremis are based on. These powerful lifeform structures cannot appear out of thin air.


After Tony retreated to avoid his attack, Killian stood still and turned his mutated palm to watch Tony’s retreat. And the hole in his chest that was blasted by Iron Man’s chest cannon is now undergoing a rapid Recovery under the effect of Extremis.

In a few seconds, the wound that was enough to make ordinary people die instantly has been recovered. Except that the expensive suit was burned with a round hole, Killian had no loss.

“Damn! JARVIS, why does the system suppression still exist!” Killian repulsed from the front, which made Tony a little angry, so he yelled at JARVIS.

“Three, two, one. Sir, we have successfully connected with Stark 1, 2, and 3 satellites, and the network counterattack has begun!” Hearing Tony’s words, JARVIS counted down for three seconds and then replied in a serious tone.


At the next moment, an invisible data stream rushed down from the sky, directly covering this area belonging to Stark Industries. With three satellites as a backing, JARVIS finally counterattacked the enemy.

However, even if JARVIS has the support of three satellites at this time, it will take a while for him to find the opponent’s base camp and fight back. However, if he simply resists the enemy’s hacking inside his system then that would be enough.

“System in Recovery, 80%…85%…95%…100%.” ​​Finally, with the support of three satellites, JARVIS soon drove out Killian’s hacking from his system. Now, Tony’s Iron Man can show 100% of its combat effectiveness.


With the full recovery of the JARVIS system’s functions, Tony’s eyes revealed a lot of translucent light curtains that had been extinguished. The light blue transparent screen illuminates in front of Tony’s eyes, and then it was the time for the real Iron Man to appear.

Brush! Brush!

Without saying anything, Tony waved his hand and a few micro missiles were blasted towards Killian. What about the super recovery? What about the super high temperature enough to melt Iron Man Armor? What about the deformable lifeform structure? With the Iron Man army capable of exerting all their power, Killian wouldn’t be able to do anything!


Facing the Iron Man, who had fully recovered its combat effectiveness, Killian was directly hit by those missiles. However, before the missile hit Killian, something seemed to have blocked them.

Just when Tony started to counterattack because of the Recovery of the JARVIS system, the other Iron Man on the battlefield also quickly recovered their own strength and began to attack Killian’s Extremis fighters from all directions.

Once the Iron Mans were fully able to exert their power, their mobility alone would be enough to abuse these flightless Extremis fighters.

Indeed, if facing them on the ground in close quarters, the Iron Man Armor will be dismantled by the Extremis Fighters, but how could JARVIS choose to fight the Extremis Fighters in close quarters, it only needs to control the Iron Man to attack them from a distance.


For a time, this battlefield has been turned side by side by the fast-flying Iron Man army with various weapons. And, even with the firepower of the Iron Man army pouring, JARVIS could still scan the extreme energy response of the Extremis fighters.

“JARVIS, take Pepper to leave first, I’m worried…” Tony, who had already flown in the air and he looked at the results of JARVIS’S scan, and had a bad feeling in his heart, so he was going to let JARVIS take Pepper to leave here.


However, Tony didn’t even finish his sentence before a wave of unstable energy suddenly spread out of the dust that was smashed into ruins by the Iron Man army.

Dī Dī!


JARVIS only had time to increase the jet propulsion power before a violent explosion occurred from the ruins below, and a powerful shock wave instantly destroyed an area tens of meters in radius.

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    《Heroes of Marvel》