I Am The System
3 Mental Stability
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I Am The System
Author :M_T
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3 Mental Stability

"do you see this table ?"(Ajax)

"what do you mean by 'do you see this table"(Erin)

yes, that a dame stupid question to ask ,there is nothing here radically, but the table ,and it dame gigantic , so you can't really miss it.

"you don't really have to give us an introduction, just tell us what to do "(Kwan)

" put your hands on the table and close your eyes "(Ajax)

all of us had our hands on the table

" ....nothing happening" (Erin)

suddenly , a cloud formed from the table ,it flew to all of us

"what is that " (Kwan)

"hey lor-" (Eric)

the cloud entered our bodes , then it formed a chart ,where hundreds of stars are floating .

"Mana. the stars are storing mana " Gloria said disbelief filled her eyes

All of them quickly sat down ,closing their eyes ,and concentrated on absorbing .

after five hours , the mana storm calmed down

"Mana" a soldier mummer

Erin eyes widened "so , we can wield mana" a roar of laughter escaped his mouth . Tears stream down his cheeks .

Mad laughter and tear were mixed together

just as I was about to talk . my vision blurred I fall down the last thing I saw was Gloria sprinting toward me.

I opened my eyes looked around found , Gloria sitting on the ground with her eye closed .

'what the hell happened '

[ it was because of mana. ]

I was stunned ,because the voice was In my head

" is that you system?"

[yes host, that is me ]

"why , I thought that you injected all the information in my brain "

[ host brain can't possibly carry all the information that the system have . all the information that you have are just the tip of the iceberg , because I can only appear after the host gain Mana. ]

" so , you are the system manifistation "

[ correct ]

" so why did I faint ? . Gloria and the others seems fine so it can't be Mana"

[ when host first arrive ,you manged to control your emotion and act brilliantly as you mange to use modern world knowledge to gain greatest advantage , gather the people , teach them reading , writing , discipline ,and most importunately freedom ,all of this because the skill 'mental stability,as it kept your emotion at minimum so you could act at maximum efficiency]

" and the Mana rush broke the mental barrier "

[ yes , as the mana rush the system started to release the seal , your emotion will slowly return ]

I knit my eyebrow ' why stop the skill ?'

[ what did you feel when Gloria kissed you ]


I broke in cold sweat word come to mind ' court eunuch ' I shuddered , it's a close call .

" Dame system "

"you woke up " Gloria opened her eyes

" yes , thanks for protecting me , did any problem appeared while I was gone ? "

" No ,both Alice and Alfred handheld the village quite well .Eric took his men to protect the

temple , and Kwan after awaking Mana he spent the last three-days in the forge "

she looked at me curiously " you seem Different "

' here comes the ultimate skill 'women six sense '

" Gloria ,please go and call the awakened "

Gloria left in a good mood she seems to like seeing me embarrassed .

[ Name : Gloria ]

[ Rank 4 stars ]

[ potential : s ]

[ loyalty : very loyal ]

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    《I Am The System》