I Am The System
4 Ques
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I Am The System
Author :M_T
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4 Ques

few minutes later Gloria , Erin , and the others entered the manor.

" it's good to see you well, my lord "

I looked at him

[ Erin ]

[ potential : A ] [ Rank : 3 stars ]

he has highest potential after Gloria , all the others potential between C and D .

" it's been three days , and I am sure all of you know that the stars on the chart carry Mana"

" yes sir, but no Matter how much I tried to absorb Mana the stars doesn't feel like it will grow"(Erin)

" normally for any race to get stronger they have to increase the size of the Mana stone , and unlike other races our Mana stones doesn't get bigger ,but it connect with each other "

" so, we direct the Mana to the dark stars ?"

"yes , but that is the slow way "

" and the fast way "

" you kill a monster take it's stone or do a quest "

"well I don't know what a quest is but killing monster is my thing "

as expected from Gloria ...

"... quest will appear on the cloud in your body there will be a reward if the quest is complete "(Ajax)

"So , I use one stone to light up one star ?" a solider asked with a thrill

" of course not do you see the potential word in the cloud. it represent how many Mana you can absorb ' F potential need 90 stone from the same caliper while E need 80 and D 70 ,C 60 like that so SSS need only 10 stones "

all of them closed their eyes eager to know their potential,Erin suddenly laugh like crazy , then he looked at Gloria provectly

"Gloria , what is your potential ?"

Gloria smirked at him and said


Erin was stunned for a moment


she nodded her head " and you "

"I-I , lord is there a way to rise our potential ?"(Erin)

'poor Erin '

I was amused " not for now , I will send you quest though the cloud "


[ location : Manor ]

I sat on my office drinking coffee from the system ,Alice and Alfred entered

Alfred face looks better and Alice body seems to gain bit weight it must be the Health potion

" Alice , Alfred , well done , Although I wasn't here you handled the awakened perfectly "

they looked at each other eyes

" Actually sir, we didn't do much. the awakened are all loyal ,and all of them are trained by you, they know how to keep their mouth closed "

Alfred face was full of smiles

" sir, should we tell the people about awaking ?"

" first let's set some basic rules "


{ pov : Erin }

'Dame , why is that women an S rank '

"did anyone note that the lord is somewhat different"(Erin)

" How so"(solider)

" I felt that he smiled "(Erin )

"impossible , in the seven years that I knew him forget about smile he never changed his expression once. It must be a mistake "(solider)

"hey Gloria , are you sure that no one kidnaped our wooden face leader ,and switched an imposter with him " (mike)

Gloria glared at mike , and my vice captain almost pissed his pants

" Mike , this is the first and the last time you disrespect the leader in front of me , do you understand "(Erin)

" but , captain I have truly never seen him showing any emotion"(Mike)

" just leave it there , not everybody can understand "(Gloria)

the place fell into an awkward silence

" I got a quest "(mike)

[Quest : Men to Arm . Human can't survive without weapon , lucky for them they have a blacksmith ,but a black smith means nothing without metal to work on . find iron (100 kg)

Reward : 10 contribution point ]

" 100 kg ? " (mike)

"yes "

" I have it too "

" It seems that all of us got the same quest "

It seem that we must engage with the goblin after all 100 kg isn't a small amount .

all of them seem rather lively and , happy hunting monsters is some thing all of them dreamed of .

Rather there were on how looked rather gloomy

I looked at Gloria

" you get something else ? "

" Babysitting " (Gloria)

"Babysitting ?"

[ Quest : protect the village till the awakened return Reward : 10 contribution ]

she gritted her teeth

" AJAX "

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    《I Am The System》