I Am The System
6 First kill
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I Am The System
Author :M_T
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6 First kill


Ajax was shocked his whole face was pale , his back was filled with cold sweat . the voice was heavy it wasn't like he was talking to your ear or even into your brain it felt like the voice was in his soul.


' that women seemed overpowered . just by getting angry the world was shaking maybe not knowing the past now is for the best '

Ajax shook his head all he saw was just glimpse of what his past looked like , bloody hell he didn't even hear his Name he has used his past life Name (Ajax) since he got here.


shadows were running stealthily toward a goblin village .

"sir , there is a small goblin village 300 meter to the north , it should have a decent amount of iron "


"why should we aim there it though some iron there it MIGHT be barely enough, we should aim at the larger villages " said Mike in obvious annoyance , he looked at the face of Erin who was looking at him like he was looking at the stupidest person in the world .

"are you dumb ? " asked Erin while rolling his eye

"How many time did you fight with goblin , let me answer that ZERO that is the number of times that any of us actually fought with a goblin ,and just because you got a puny strength you want to storm a large village " Erin almost fainted from anger .

" village in sight " a Scout who is covering his face in black said .

"do you know about this village ? "

"Yes , goblin village F12 it's lies about 4 km from the first village(Eridu), there should be about 20 goblins ,and a goblin worrier " (scout)

" OK , most goblins have the power of 1 Star . we can storm in and kill them all easily " soldier said since all of them are 1 star ,and some of them are even higher

"The goblin worrier level is 3 stars " the scout said in emotionless voice

all of them looked at Erin since he is the captain and has highest LV

" it not possible to win against him he will win at the first 3 blows " Erin said in a depressed tone

" I have a plan " someone voice was heard .

at the cold night , screams was heard a shadow was run in the woods , and two more were following

the first shadow slowed down , and the two small shadows soon caught it .

after some time

2 small goblins were laughing lewdly , while pulling a struggling women though the woods

after they enter their small village they started to make some noises

"keke "

"kwek ,kek "

a goblin bigger than the others appeared suddenly , and start taking with the other two

"kwek ,kwek "

" kek,ke"

after some time the big goblin started laughing and ' kweking' in loud voice while the other goblin also laughed .

the big goblin took the women on his shoulder then he got to his tent and started giving the gathered goblin meat and wine , like a king celebrating his new wed . the goblins of the camp ate , and drunk. after a while the big goblin took the helpless women into his tent it seemed clearly he was eager to take his prize , the big goblin grasped the women from her waist and raise her up to his face . in that moment the big goblin felt that his body slowed down at that moment the women eye shone , and very quickly the women took a rusted dagger which shone with blue light ,and thruster it into his ears , the ears was weakest spot in the goblin body , the goblin tried to evade ,but his body was heavier than usually. the dagger entered his ear and thruster right in his brain . he screamed to warn his companions ,but before he screams again ,he saw humans enter the tent, and their cloths full with goblin blood.

" is it done Rose ? " asked a one of the men

"Yes , Erin it's done ,well scout poisoning the food really~ helped ,and that pig brain never imagined that human will attach the camp" answered the woman with playful smile

" If I were him I wouldn't care ether since week ago even if he stood still ,and all of us attacked him we wouldn't be appal to break his mana barrier "

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    《I Am The System》