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I Was Reincarnated Into A Harem Game As A Villain, Please Stay Away I'm Gay!
Author :Transparency
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140 Putrid

Just as we were about to leave a lanky young man rushed with cold swear dripping down their brow.

"Master Silver" the young messenger said between pants.

"Spit it out!" Silver spat with impatience.

"Bad news! Tama knights" said the messenger anxiously as they stumbled inside.

"We already paid them off last week!" Silver growled as if he was swearing.

Silver abruptly stood as he look at me and then Bel.

" You rubbish! Did you bring them?!" Silver grumbled rhetorically.

"Eins, Zwei make sure they don't find 'that'" Silver said before turning to leave.

To people appeared from no where kneeled and the followed behind Silver.

"Every man for himself. If you get caught it's your problem." Silver finished with before leaving.

Everything felt like it was moving in slow motion. The once lust filled pavilion was beginning to swarm with Tama solders. The lamentation of the patrons and its dancers were heard throughout the air.

" We gotta move Yuki" Loki said as he pulled my arm.

I took one last look at the area before glancing at Bel.

"If your wondering I don't know where the secret exit is.. Best just pick a direction at this point" Bel said as she looked back at me.

"Super helpful" Undine said before he closed his eyes.

"What at are you.. Oh" kibbles said before nodding.

"No solders this way. Let's go" Undine said as he pointed.

"Did you forget your hearing was better then ours Kibbles ?" Heyu said with a laugh as we all began running.

"Run time not argue time" Kibbles retorted as he stuck out his tongue.

We all pulled up our cloaks as we began to run. I couldn't help but think that this low brow establishment was some how illicit in some way as we picked the direction Undine mentioned.

We crossed few corridors without problem before Sora stopped us with his hand up in a fist.

"I feel wind! A corridor perhaps?" Sora said as he focused his magic.

"It must be the passage Silver probably took" Bel whispered under her breath.

We all began to frantically search for the opening hoping to dodge any guards.

We didn't have much time.

Walls, curtains and even floorboard were not spared in our search.

However it was too late.

"Halt in the name of King Tama" a solder said as he entered the corridor with a sharpered spear in hand.

"Found it!" Loki said as he hit a secret switch.

"With haste" added Nathan.

His voice had deepened considerably since the Tama solders had last seen him. They had no idea that one of the boys they were currently hunting was a member of the royal family.

"I need assistance!" shouted the loan guard.

The secret door made the floor slightly tremble as it opened under a fine piece of carpet.

"What if it's a dead end?" Heyu said with a frown.

"No time to second guess" Loki said as he rushed in.

More guards were running towards us as one by one we entered by the last person we had knocked out at least four guards.

I at least took care not to hurt them. They were just doing their job after all.

We closed the door behind with magic. It was thudding sporadically but with how high Heyu's earth magic is keeping a few guards out was a cinch.

What had surprised me was that the path lead to what could only be described as an old fashioned sewer system.

The stench of years if accumulated waste was wafting through my nose causing me to feel sick.

[ I'm so glad my shoes are waterproof!]

I summoned an old peice of clothing from my storage ring and shredded it giving the first two pieces to my beastly companions.

" Tanks Yuwki" Kibbles said with teary eyes.

Undine looked at me grateful before he wrapped the cloth around his face.

Next was Heyu and Sora before Loki, Bel, Nathan and finally myself.

I then took out some nice smelling plants and crushed them with my magic.

"Put a little under your nose it should help with the smell" I said before I rubbed some of the plant oil under my nose.

"What now?" Nathan said as we could finally focus on our surroundings.

The area was lit with torches that littered the walls sporadically. The floor was warn and covered in Cupid knows what.

What was worse was the walls that were dripping with unknown liquid and moss.

[I would rather be in the dredge lands right now]

There was a flowing stream of rancid water that had bits of unknown origin streaming inside it. I looked over at Nathan and Undine whom even with the masks on you could still tell were disgusted.

"We have two choices, north or south" I said after we had acclimatized.

"hmm. According to the layout of the system and our current position north should take us to Tama forest while south will take us back towards where we originally came from" Nathan said in thought.

"We go to Tama forest then, we should be safe there. If that message gets to Ren we should be able to meet him in two weeks at the capital. Since it is only a few days ride we need somewhere to lay low and train" I said as I touched my chin in thought.

"Train? Mm I do feel a little bit rusty" Heyu said as he flexed.

"You just want more herbs" Loki said with a laugh.

"I can always do with more herbs" I replied jovially.

We all began to laugh and began heading north. It was a very primitive design with a few cave ins so our options for path ways were limited.

Kibbles had taken the time to annoy Undine who had in return threatened to use his magic to put the filth water on Kibbles head as punishment.

Needless to say Kibbles had become rather obedient afterwards.

Suddenly a figures shadow was seen floating beneath the water. It was small and shaped in the form of a turtle. Just as it was about to take a breath a massive floating form appeared.


A massive maw covered in moss and filth opened revealing a set of razor sharp teeth. The first creatures was swallowed whole and without mercy.

" Bwaaawoooooo!" The creature cried.

The smell coming off the beast was revolting. It was clearly too big for the water channel barely fitting inside it. A small yet sharp beady eye appeared in after the initial splash and started right at us.

It's pupil shrank.

" We don't want to fight you back off!" Kibbles growled.

The crocodile looking filth beast turned it's head in Kibbles direction.

" I don't think they care right now. " Undine said with a growl.

" But he stinks! " Kibbles said disgusted.

The beast seeming to understand Kibbles became irate it flicked it's tail with a thump and slapped the wall causing the cavern to wobble.

"Not good we have to run or be buried alive!" Nathan called.

What surprised me was in that split second he grabbed my hand. The warm feeling only lasted for a moment before it felt like my arm was being wrenched out of it's socket.

" Ouch!" I called instinctively.

" I will take any punishment later I just want to keep you safe" Nathan said as we ran.

" Hey!" Sora called angrily from behind.

" We are talking about this later Nathan!" Heyu added.
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    《I Was Reincarnated Into A Harem Game As A Villain, Please Stay Away I'm Gay!》