In The Naruto World With An Mp3 Player- Lyrical Fighting Style
14 Hans Is Actually A Genius Without Music?? Brand New Clothes In A Brand New World!!
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In The Naruto World With An Mp3 Player- Lyrical Fighting Style
Author :Carlos_Watler
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14 Hans Is Actually A Genius Without Music?? Brand New Clothes In A Brand New World!!

Hans wasnt a morning person. This wouldn't change no matter what world he went to or what problem had to be urgently solved, he would always ignore everything and simply sleep. On the rare occasions that he did get up he would always be a little grumpy and more than a bit irritable.

"Hey kid, its time to get up," A voice said sternly. "You have a long day ahead of you so its best to get started early. Now get up!!"

Hans merely muttered "Give me 5 more days" and turned over, completely ignoring Tsunade who had personally come to wake him up. She had come with the purpose of running a few tests before taking him to meet a few other ninja she had gathered together. Now however all she wanted to do was beat the shit out of the kid who was sleeping as if he hadn't a care, as if he was sleeping at home instead of on a different world.

"I SAID TO GET UP," Tsunade yelled, ramming her fist into the wall next to the bed. "ARE YOU PURPOSEFULLY TRYING TO PISS ME OFF?" She grit her teeth and glared with anger at the young sleeping figure.

Though it took a few seconds, Hans slowly opened his bright green eyes. He was still tired and a bit grumpy, but he could feel a large killing intent emanating from the side of the bed. Even without his headphones he could feel the danger and knew if he tried to go back to sleep, he would most likely not wake up again.

Sighing in his mind, Hans threw the covers aside and pushed himself into a sitting position. He felt drowsy and his eyelids weighed a ton but he was now awake and facing Tsunade, the 5th hokage.

"May I help you with something Miss Tsunade?" Hans asked, rubbing his eyes in an attempt to wipe away the tired feeling. "What do you want from me? I cant imagine that I'm in trouble as I've only been here for less than 24 hours. So what could the hokage want with a mere teenager such as myself?"

Tsunade took a deep breath and gave him the paper and pencil that she had walked in with. "You have one hour to figure this out. Once your through with that I need you to come with me to meet some people. Then you'll have to follow me back to my office to fill out some paperwork so you can become a Hidden Leaf Ninja."

Hans yawned loudly as the paper was handed to him. He was still a bit pissed about being woken up, but he decided to do as she asked. He glanced over the paper for a few seconds before looking back up at Tsunade. "When are we heading to meet these people you spoke of?"

"As soon as you finish that," Tsunade said as she sat down on the edge of the bed, crossing her arms underneath her enormous chest causing it to stand out even more. "Don't worry about time either as its only 5 in the morning. You have a full hour so no need to rush it."

"Did you say 5 in the morning???" Hans asked softly as he gazed at her. "Your telling me that you woke me up at 5 in the god damn morning for a stupid test that isn't even that hard? What the heck Lady Tsunade?" He slapped the paper down on the stand next to the bed and began rapidly scribbling. After about a minute he handed the paper back to the hokage, a pissed off look on his face.

"If you want to wake me up at 5 in the morning, make sure its with something more important," Hans said as he lay back down. "Like say for instance bringing me clothes or gifting me some money out of the kindbess of your heart."

Tsunade was just about to get pissed off at everything he was saying, completely overlooking his test paper when Hans words reminded her of something. "Thats right, I almost forgot. I brought you some clothes to wear as you didn't bring any with you except.....where did you get those clothes exactly? Are those Naruto's PJs?"

Hans looked at the Pjs he had worn to bed. He had found them in the drawer of the stand next to the bed. He hadn't anything else to wear so he simply put them on. "Yeah they are, but so what? Where are these so called clothes you brought for me?"

Tsuande stood up from the bed and walked out of the room and coming back in with two enormous boxes that almost didn't fit through the doorway. It was clear that there was quite the number of clothes inside the boxes but the real question was how anyone had time to make that many clothes in the timespan of less than a day.

"Here you are," Tsunade said as she set down the box next to the bed. "Your very own set of clothes. We modeled it after the clothes you arrived in originally but modified them to look cooler. Your welcome." She smiled a little for the first time, but it quickly turned into a frown. "By the way, I want you to do it again. I know you didn't try and the answers are most likely all wrong."

Hans, who was in the middle of getting out of the bed to look at the boxes of clothes nearly fell over. "Actually Lady Hokage, if you look at my answers you'll find that there isn't a single wrong answer in the 10 questions you asked. Maybe next time you should give harder questions."

Tsunade actually laughed as she walked over to pick up the paper she had left on the bed. "These questions were purposefully mixed up with both easy questions and hard questions that even make my brain hurt. Its funny to think that a mere child could ALL the questions out in a single minute."

Tsunade picked up the paper and began to scan through it. Her look of amusement slowly began to morph between surprise, shock, annoyance, all the way to straight up denial. She was having a hard time accpeting the fact that this kid had solved the quiz as fast as the smartest kid in the village, Shikamaru Nara. They were both the same age but one had potential so monstrous that it was difficult that that same person was also so very intelligent.

Tsunade glanced back at the young man who was currently rummaging through the two boxes and looking at his clothes. She wanted to accuse the boy of cheating, but that was illogical as he had no idea that she was going to quiz him today nor did he have access to the information regarding the questions she had written down. In the end she could only accept reality as it was. That this child was genius comparable to that of Shikamaru Nara or even that of Shikaku Nara.

"Hey Hans Jackson," Tsunade called out as she set the paper back down onto the bed. "I'll be waiting outside the room. Get dressed so we can leave, we'll head to the meeting spot and be there before everyone else."

Hans watched as Tsunade walked out, his green eyes trailing behind her until she shut the door. He shrugged his shoulders and continued his search through the boxes.

From what he could tell, they had taken his original outfit and simply replicated it by the dozens with a simple modification to the color and adding the symbol of a leaf to it. The hoodie was now black with white lining the edges, a red symbol of a leaf sitting of the shoulder of the sleeve. The pants were also black with a red leaf on it but the leaf was positioned near his front left pocket. When it was all said and done, Hans actually liked the outfit and even planned to wear it.

Taking off the pajamas, Hans donned the clothing and put on the socks (also having the symbol of a leaf) and his shoes that coincidentally matched his outfit. He grabbed his beats and slid them around his neck, tucking his Mp3 player into his pocket. He didn't really need the music as of yet so he decided to leave the device turned off for the time being.

Once he was all set, he opened the door and walked out to meet Tsunade who, true to her word, was waiting in front of the door for him, directly outside the room.

"Good, your ready," Tsunade said after giving him a quick glance. "The outfit looks good on you. Make sure to pay proper respect to the ones who made it. I'll introduce you to them later."

"Your being awfully nice to me all of a sudden," Hans noted. He followed behind her as she begun walking towards the exit of the apartment.

Tsunade's face twisted into an annoyed expression. "You don't have to speak every observation you come across. Keep it to yourself."

"Thats better," Hans muttered as he walked out of the apartment after her, closing the door behind him.
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    《In The Naruto World With An Mp3 Player- Lyrical Fighting Style》