In The Naruto World With An Mp3 Player- Lyrical Fighting Style
15 Tsunade“s Manipulation!! The Gathering Of Main and Supporting Characters!!
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In The Naruto World With An Mp3 Player- Lyrical Fighting Style
Author :Carlos_Watler
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15 Tsunade“s Manipulation!! The Gathering Of Main and Supporting Characters!!

"So where are we going?" Hans asked as he followed her down the steps of the building. He hadn't put on his music so jumping down was a definite no-no. "You said we'd be meeting up with people?"

"We're meeting up with a bunch of genin, chunin and jonin ranked ninjas. I chose the majority myself and the reason for that is to introduce them to a person from an entirely different world." Tsunade explained as she descended the stairs. "Another reason is because I would like you to fight them so I can observe your so called 'Monstrous Potential' for myself."

Hans laughed as he slid on his beats. "Who told you I had this 'Monster Potential'?" He pulled out his Mp3 player and turned it on. "I may be strong against regular ninjas but I'm nowhere near as strong as I need to be." He eventually put the whole thing on shuffle. The song that came on was called Fresh Eyes (By Andy Grammer) and though it didn't fit the current situation, it was still rather enjoyable.

"Kakashi Hatake was the one who informed me of your potential, and I must say that I have to agree with him." Tsunade took a left at the next lane and began walking towards the woods. "Your far smarter then most people in the village, your almost as strong as a Jonin, and your personality is that of someone cool and collected. Even when you were captured by Kakashi and brought in front of me you kept a clear head. Pretty impressive for a child."

"That last comment felt more like an insult," Hans said with a roll of his eyes. Even though he had his headphones on, he could always hear what others were saying even if the sound was on full blast. It was a sort of gift, one that was awfullt convenient. "In any case, these people challenging me, did you also force them awake? The sun hasn't even fully risen yet!!"

Hans's words were entirely true as even though the light had begun to appear, it had yet to be considered sunrise. There was little illumination from the lamps lining the street, and with the direction they were heading, the light just kept getting smaller.

"I had them forced awake yes, but its not like they have a choice. I need this information if your going to stay within the Hidden Leaf," Tsunade walked out of the village and onto a path that lead through the woods. "Your a unique existence that shouldn't even be here in the first place. Its only natural that I take precautions when dealing with you."

"Your precautions are to show me whose stronger then me and whose weaker?" Hans laughed softly as they traced a path through the forest. "Your basically showing me who to avoid and who I can beat if I ever decide to desert this place. Doesn't sound like much of a precaution to me."

"You won't leave," Tsunade said simply with confidence in her voice.

"What makes you say that?" Hans asked as he stepped over a fallen tree. "Whats to stop me from simply leaving?"

"Your curiosity and the fact that you could've left yesterday," Tsunade pushed through a clump of bushes before stopping. "Didn't you notice that aside from 3 Anbu Black Ops memebers, I basically allowed to head to the Hyuga Clan unattended? I could've simply locked you up and no one would've cared. However I decided to let you head to the Hyuga clan and let those two girls near you."

"Oh, so having Kakashi take me to Hiashi Hyiga and Hinata during the beginning was also part of the plan?" Hans figured if this was true then he'd have to watch out for her in the future. However, he was almost certain that it wasn't the case.

"No it wasn't, but it was a nice start," Tsunade said, confirming Hans's suspicion. "Having you fight against Hinata as well as train her really lowered the chances of you ditching the village. Interacting with Ino and then hanging out at Hinata's was allowed by me as I was certain that it would keep you here."

Hans frowned as he stopped behind Tsunade. "Why would you even do that if you hadn't found out yet that I was so strong?"

Tsunade tapped her ear. "That device as well as the ones you carry in your bag. I wanted to analyze them and I couldn't do that if you left. I find them highly incredible and figured that with your help, we can make more of them."

Hans nodded as he stared at the hige clearing in front of them, where he figured the meet up was happening. "So, you planned all of this from the beginning....your quite a manipulator....thats pretty low."

"As long as it beneficial to the Hidden Leaf, I don't really care," Tsunade replied with a nuetral tone of voice. "If you had left with those items and someone else got their hand on them, it would simply mean that someone else would use it to improve their own lives. Its better to have it then to not have it at all."

Hans nodded and didnt say anything else, instead just listening to his music. The song had already switched from "Fresh Eyes" to a few other songs before finally landing on "Pretenders" (by AJR). He was happy with the choice and decided to just leave it like that. He had a bit of time before the others would show up so he didn't really care too much.

Just like that, half an hour had passed. The only reason he knew that was because around 10 songs had past and each of his songs were around 3 minutes long. The sun had finally managed to break through and was now casting its light through the sky, though it still had some time before it would reach the forest.

Hans had been sitting down leaning against a tree when the first group arrived. The first to land was kid with a huge jacket with fur lining the hoodie and a dog by his side, recognizable as Kiba Inuzuka with his dog Akamaru. He was immediately followed by his teammates which consisted of Shino Aburame, a guy with a weird shirt that covered the bottom half of his face, and Hinata Hyuga, who looked rather curious as to why they were out so early.

However, though Hans had expected to see Kurenai following close behind, instead it was Anko Mitarashi who showed up behind them instead, a kunoichi with a craving for sweets that Hans had always found funny. He was definitely curious about where Kurenai was but he couldn't ask that question without revealing that he had information about them.

"Is this the place?" Kiba asked Tsunade. Hans rolled his eyes as his question was a stupid one, but he didnt say anything. "Why are we meeting all the way out here? Is it a mission?"

"I would actually like to know that myself," Anko saidnas she walked towards Tsunade.

Tsunade held up her hand. "We'll wait until everyone is here before jumping into explanations. I only want to say things once, not repeat them every time someone new arrives."

Hinata, though she was surprised that Hans was there, eventually walked up to speak with him. "Good Morning Hans," She said politely, a small smile on her face.

"Mornin' Hinata," Hans replied, returning the smile. "How'd ya sleep? Pretty good I hope." His eyes flickered from her to everyone else who was staring at the two of them. Though he felt happy with the looks, he knew she was only over here because she considered him a friend.

"I slept wonderfully, thank you for asking." She bowed slightly before sitting down on the ground next to him, with a respectable amount of space between the two of them. "Do you know why we're here?"

Hans nodded and was about to explain to her when he was interrupted by Tsunade. "Hans, I order you not to say anything. Just be patient and wait for the others to arrive."

Hans made a face at Tsunade before shrugging towards Hinata with an apologetic look. She shook her head and smiled to show that it was okay for which he was extremely grateful.

Over the course of the next 20 minutes, groups of people began to show up. The majority of the people were the groups that had been in the anime and manga so most he knew of. Of course there was one person he didn't know and that was the green haired girl with the emotionless face who appeared last out of everyone else.

The weird thing was, when she showed up, nobody spoke to her, not even once. Nobody spoke to her, nobody looked at, nobody even acknowledged her presence, and the young woman didnt seem to be bothered by it as she just stood there with here usual blank but still rather pretty face.

The weird green haired girl aside, everyone had finally arrived and it was time for the meeting to begin. Tsunade loudly cleared her throat and everyone fell silent, their attention shifting over to the 5th hokage.

"The reason you all are here is a simple one, Tsunade said, just jumping right into the discussion, cutting straight to the matter at hand. "This young man you see sitting next to me is from a different world. Not only that but I want each and every one of you to fight against him."
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    《In The Naruto World With An Mp3 Player- Lyrical Fighting Style》