Mark of the destiny
253 you beat me to that!
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Mark of the destiny
Author :dream_ash
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253 you beat me to that!

"She's turning into a problem for us. If we don't stop her on time, she will ruin our years of preparation." The man's voice over the phone was loud and irritating that Alpha put it on speaker and continued joining the broken pieces of a vase with gold. Japanese art called Kintsugi.

"Raising your voice will never make things better. Try doing it again and I will show you what Alpha is." A momentary pause and the sound of heavy breathing curled Alpha's lips upwards. 

"There's no news on Gilbert." The man said, keeping his tone in check.

"I'm sure he's dead. Beta never disappoints me." Alpha poured some liquid gold on the broken edge and bring together the separated fragments. 

"You lost one of your trusted men; aren't you worried Suyin is moving closer to you?"

"Suyin is not moving closer to me but towards the destruction of the Wang family. It's just, the plan which was supposed to start after a few years has begun earlier. You better start preparing."

"I-I need time."

"Which you don't have. Just because she didn't say a word about organ trafficking in media, it doesn't mean she will hold her silence. Now I'm certain she and Wang Shi are working together. Before the matter slips from your hands, you better start working." 

Without waiting for a reply, Alpha hung up. He pulled open the drawer and right on top was Suyin and James' picture with him. "I was right about you. We should repair broken things because sometimes in doing so we get more valuable objects. But I must admit, you surpassed my expectations. I was supposed to introduce you to the reality behind your dead child, but you..... you beat me to that!"


At James's apartment,

"Why the fuc* are you following me? Leave me alone," 

Zeng pushed the door harder before James could shut it on his face and welcomed himself into the living room. "Do you think I'm enjoying babysitting you? If it was not for Suyin, I don't even care whether you live or die." Suyin had asked..... nope! She had forced Zeng to follow James and not leave his side for a minute till she was with Wang Shi in the hospital.

Initially she wanted to ask her mother, but Si Han got a bad migraine because of stress. So she let Zhao Shu take Si Han home while sending Zeng after distressed James.

James took a deep breath to calm himself before his inner demon takes over his senses and he chops down a certain someone with his chef's knife. "I will talk to Susu, she'll understand me. But you--" he pointed at the door, "Out!"

His blood boiled when instead of listening to him, Zeng searched around the apartment- parting the curtains, looking beneath the couch, behind the door, into the kitchen....

James, "Ill mannered monkey, what are you looking for--" he took a step back when Zeng raised a baseball at him and lunged at him. "W-What are you doing? No need for violence, we can talk peacefully." though he suggested talking peacefully, he too ran to get the vase kept on the table.







Zeng, "Oops, I did it."

Ignoring James, Zeng continued stomped around the apartment, breaking door locks. After what seems like eternity whereas only ten minutes had passed, Zeng slumped on the couch, letting a satisfying breath.

James won't be able to lock himself into any of the rooms.

"Hm, that's one hell of a useful product. Though I doubt you even know what it is," he smirked seeing the fuming James, and let go of the baseball bat. "Pizza?"

"Screw you," 


Zeng dodged the flying vase aimed at his head, "I was about to pay for the locks but now I won't. Do you have any idea what is the value of my face?"

"I won't even pay ten cents for a pig's face over ass's body."


 James stomped into his room and banged the door hard. Fuming mad, he locked himself in the bathroom. This must be Suyin's instruction to not let him lock the doors, but must he use this tactic? 

Not a minute later James heard the knock at the door. "Sharky, don't drown yourself in the pot. I bet Susu won't hug you ever--"


He threw the shampoo bottle at the bottle "GET LOST."

"Fine, I'll let Susu know you locked yourself in the bathroom." James heard from the bathroom, his ear perked, "Susu, I can handle this cry baby, please come fast. He had locked himself in the bathroom; what if he does something--" with a click sound James came outside, "Oh, he's out! And looks absolutely fine. Available in a single piece--"

James snatched the phone, exhaling in frustration that Zeng was just faking it.

"Look at you! It's hard to believe you once supported my sister at her lowest, cry baby. I have heard you both share secrets! Wish you had learned never to cry over the man who brought you pain." Zeng snatched his phone back, "Because Susu never cried over that jerk, Wren. I'm ordering Pepperoni with double cheese, don't dare to lock yourself again, I'll break that too."


In the Hospital,

Twelve hours passed by and with every passing hour so was Honey's anxiousness. Neither he could eat nor he could sit peacefully unless Wang Shi wakes up once and coax him with his words about his health.

"He's fine, little fairy. Trust me." 

He looked up at Suyin, "Than why is he not waking? Did something wrong happened?"

Instead of answering, Suyin stood up and walked to the edge of the bed. She folded the blanket to uncover Wang Shi's feet. "Watch his expression," saying she ran the tip of her long nail downward to upward at the sole of Wang Shi's foot, catching him frown and flexed his toe in sleep. "You see that? Reflexes are working fine. He'd wake up in no time."

"I want to try that too!" that caught Honey's interest as if he discovered something. He copied Suyin's action, giggled when Wang Shi grunted in sleep, and flexed his toe. "Wow! Let me try it again,"

"Ok," She ruffled his hair, "Let me bring something to eat. Don't go anywhere." Honey barely hummed in reply while enjoying troubling Wang Shi. 

Suyin had just closed the door after her when her gaze fell on the President couple sitting in the living room joined to Wang Shi's VIP ward. Their gaze boring daggers into her, but she kept the courtesy and bowed.

Wang Huang replied with a nod, but Liu Jeilan just stood up and left for Wang Shi's room. 

"Don't mind her. Lan is not vicious by heart, she.... she's just scared." this was the first time Wang Huang took the opportunity to talk to Suyin, shocking her in return. "Shishi and Lan's relationship had always been strained. It got worse after Zena's incident. Um.... Zena is--"

"I know. Shishi had told me everything about Zena." Suyin replied; not going into the details as she knew Wang Shi had not disclosed the secret of how Zena conceived Honey. They still believe it was a mutual relationship between Wang Shi and Zena, and their son broke the ties because of personal reasons.

"Ahem, Suyin," an inadvertent smile came on Suyin's lips when the President called her by her name. "I have heard about your baby's death. I'm sorry for him. I really am. But now that you have found the culprits, can I consider this is over and you will not run after revenge--"

"Mr. President." Suyin's tone came so hard that it surprised Wang Huang, "With due respect, may I ask what Mr. President knows about my revenge or why am I running after my past like a crazy woman on loose?"

Wang Huang opened his mouth to form a word, but couldn't find the correct one when he saw her eyes getting red. 

"Gilbert stole my baby's heart and sold it in the black market for millions of dollars. It's not only a fight for justice for my child, but I'm fighting against the exploitation of human life by a group of mafias. It's a slavery of 21st century where victims are left voiceless in their graves." a tear rolled down her cheeks, "Life is a gift of our creator, and it should never be up for sale." 

She wiped the tear, "Now if you'll excuse me; I've to get something to eat for my baby." she deliberately used the term 'my baby' to boldly announce Honey and Wang Shi were hers, and whatever thoughts he had, drop it.


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    《Mark of the destiny》