Mark of the destiny
254 My body reeks of you
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Mark of the destiny
Author :dream_ash
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254 My body reeks of you

Wang Shi woke up to the softness of the two people squeezed on his left side, and the morning light slipping in through the blinds. A smile came on its own when upon seeing Suyin and Honey's sleeping faces; they snuggled into each other.

As usual Honey's hand rested on Suyin's cheek while she embraced the little one like a precious treasure. It's exactly the scene he felt so blessed to get these two in his life and he got to witness it frequently now.

With a gentle kiss to both, Wang Shi started the day. A quick glance at the table clock told him it's freaking ten in the morning. He debated for a second if he should get up or just stay in the bed, but considering how the two stayed glued to him until he woke up last night, he chose the latter option. 

The worrywarts were just too much last night! He managed to convince everyone to take a rest or either go home but Suyin and Honey. Eventually when Wang Shi couldn't bear to see the exhaustion in their eyes, he ordered the hospital director to join another bed with his' so that these two could remain glued to him and yet take some rest.

"Hey," Wang Shi said when he saw Suyin peel open her eyes. He held her hand from rubbing her eyes and lifted them up to his mouth, kissing her slender fingers one by one. 

"How are you feeling?"

"Better, and you?"

"I'm not the one who was shot?"

"I was not referring to the physical state," 

"I'm fine." Suyin broke the eye contact and moved to concentrate on Honey, kissing his cheeks. He smelled exceptionally pleasant in the morning. However, Wang Shi sensed something was off about her. She was lost.

"Talk to me," he said, rubbing the pad of his thumb on her cheek. He wasn't sure what was in her mind, but he had a hunch whatever it was he wasn't going to be pleasant. Suyin faked a smile that didn't go unnoticed from his eyes and stood up. 

Honey frowned and moaned in sleep only to return back to slumber when Suyin patted him gingerly. 

"I have to accompany Jamie to the underworld base." she whispered, tying her hair into a messy bun, "Evan had not said a word yet. Maybe he would talk to Jamie. You take rest, I will keep you informed."

"I will come with you." he pushed away the pillow under his elbow.

"No. You should take rest-"

"I'm not asking for permission. I'm coming, that's final-- Ah," He froze, letting out a grunt when stitches pulled. Suyin rushed to his side and helped him. 


"You are definitely hiding something from me. It's fine if you don't want to talk but don't lie at least."

She sighed, "It's true something is bothering me, but I don't want to tell you unless I confirm a few things first. Please understand," to pacify him, she leaned to give him a kiss on lips. Wang Shi willed to keep the thought aside and nodded. But don't know what it was, his heart was unsettled for some reason. 

"Let me prepare sponge bathe for you."

"It's okay. I will ask nurse Miya--"

"Dare you to let someone see your body, and you will be single again."


Suyin, "I'm getting hot water and towels. Take a seat on the bed."

"Um, wait!" he said, "I-I need to use washroom first. Please.... God knows how many IV bags they have given to me, my bladder is about to burst," saying he sprinted to the washroom ignoring Suyin was about to say something.

A second later he came out with a sullen face and met with Suyin's knowing eyes. She was standing right outside the door.

"Before I could say something, you sprinted off," she ushered him back to the washroom, lifted his pajama top to expose the knot at the navel and undid it and pulled the pants down. "Call me when you are done." pretending indifferent she walked out of the bathroom only to slump at the door and cover her flushed face. 

Behind her, Wang Shi facepalmed. 



"He's weird." a man spoke to Dr. Colton, "No matter how much we torture him, forget about screaming in pain, there isn't even a frown on his face. Which rock is he made of?"

"I can see that," from the transparent glass wall Dr. Colton looked at Evan's bleeding wounds, blood dripping from fingers from where the nails had been yanked and salt rubbed. 

Though a level one torture, almost everyone had blurted out whatever asked at this very basic. It's impossible not to get a reaction from the person. 

However, Evan was sitting on a chair as if he's immune to pain.


Dr. Colton pondered if it was what he's thinking? 


A rare disease that causes affected individuals to be unable to feel pain and unable to sweat. If that is true, it would be impossible to get any information from Evan or to know his purpose of killing Gilbert.

The only way to determine if he had the disease was to do a genetic test, or either Evan answers it himself, the chances of which are almost zero.

A man broke his attention when he came into the room to inform Suyin's arrival.

"Clean him, fast," 


 James's eyes met with Suyin's, and he looked at the door behind which Evan was. There was strong stench of iron in the air shaking his entire being.

Suyin glared at Wang Shi. She had asked him not to do anything, but it looks like they ignored her instructions. Why? Wang Shi in response shook his head. He was unconscious all this while. How could he pass any instructions? 

"It's just some basic, nothing much." Dr. Colton solved the mystery and didn't bother to give further explanation. 

She looked as James pushed her aside and turned the knob of the metallic door in silver. Suyin could barely catch a glimpse of a silhouette sitting between the hazy yellow lights; her nose wrinkled when the stench of iron mixed with disinfectants got stronger.

She waited for some time outside in case James turn back. She still hated the idea of letting James meet Evan, especially when the latter was tortured. 


It's the sound of footsteps that finally caught Evans' attention as he looked up. He was here! His wifey was here, standing merely two feet away. He blinked rapidly as if waking himself from something.

"Why are you here?" Evan scowled, rattling his chains in anger. James frowned, for a second he saw Evan's face brightened up seeing him, but it seems it was his mind playing tricks.

James was at a loss for words. By the strong stench of blood and disinfectants, he expected to see something worse. Evan's mutilated body and blood-soaked body, blood-stained floor and torture equipment, and what not. Thankfully, none of them happened. However, he felt a pang of pain when his gaze fell over Evan's hands wrapped in bandages.

"Don't you know why am I here?" James extended his hand to Evan but Evan growled and avoided James' touch. "So you are even avoiding my touch. Earlier you use to love it, crave for it. In your words it was the touch of love," James rubbed the emptiness between his fingers.

Evan spit, "Don't flatter yourself. I was merely following the orders, otherwise, I'd never let someone like you near me. A faggot."

Behind the glass, Suyin's fingers curled in anger, "Bastard, he's my Jamie. Just JAMIE. JAMIE!" Zeng and Wang Shi held her curled up fingers. 

James, "And you have kissed and slept with this faggot, remember?" 

"Don't remind me of that disgusting act. My body reeks of you." Evan looked anywhere but at James who had pulled a chair right in front of him. Suddenly Evan let out a laugh, "No doubt you are outcaste by your family. An heir of a prestigious family, but sleeps with boys. Shame on you. Your mother must be cursing her womb for creating a thing like you....."

James had heard these words so many times that he had turned deaf towards them. But now when he heard it from Evan it brings him the pain a thousand times more.

"If you hated me this much, why did you come near me?"

"Are you deaf? I said I was following orders."

"Whose orders?"

"You wish," Evan scoffed, "Ask over my dead body." Evan glanced at the two-way glass, "Seriously? You witch, did you really think I'll answer this sissy's questions? Why don't you open my hands for once, let me show this sissy my reality."

"Liar. Everything about you is a lie. Even now, you are just lying." James fought back the tears, and came closer to Evan, "I understand you more than anyone. You want to hurt me, right? Then do it. See, I'm standing within your reach. DO IT. DO IT--"


One second James was inches in front of Evan, the other he was kicked so hard that he crashed to the glass wall. James grunted in pain and raised his hand at the glass wall gesturing not to come in. He wiped his bleeding mouth.

"Just this much strength? I know my Evan very well, he's a monster. If you really had the intention to hurt me, I wouldn't be standing on my feet right now." Once more James came closer to Evan, "Tell me, what's the truth. I promise--AHH!"


Once more James was kicked. This time the kick was harder.

"It's your delusion and naivety that will cause your death one day, bastard. You want to know the answers, hear the truth? Then take it--" 

Evan bites off his tongue and spit the bloodied lump of meat on James' face, shocking everyone.


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    《Mark of the destiny》