Mark of the destiny
255 It“s like a glimpse of what“s coming next.
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Mark of the destiny
Author :dream_ash
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255 It“s like a glimpse of what“s coming next.

"JAMIE! JAMIE! Please listen to me," 

Ignoring Suyin's voice, James walked faster towards the exit hoping to get out of this ominous place faster. 

"Listen to me once," Suyin knew how James must be feeling; Evan had crossed every limit. James had devoted himself to this relationship from his heart and had even dreamed of birthing two kids with Surrogacy. 

James passed along the corridor and into the elevator. He leaned heavily against the handrail, watching the door close before Suyin could catch up. He was torn and the road to recovery would not be easy.

But who was he trying to run away from? She was Suyin! If he could stick to her for months to convince her to talk to him when James first saw Suyin in the amusement park, then so was she.

Suyin took the stairs.

Huffing-puffing, trying to catch a breath, she stopped James by shoulder outside the premises. Jamie turned, his teary eyes met with hers, and the next second Suyin was pulled into a bone-crushing hug. 

None of them said a word, the silence was comforting itself.

A minute passed when James broke the hug, "I have a request,"

"Order me," 

"Can you not torture him?" James said, surprising Suyin, "I know I'm asking a lot, but please.... don't torture him anymore. You might say I'm blind in love, but I have this strong feeling Evan did everything for a reason. Please....."

"Okay," Suyin didn't take a second to say yes. Dr. Colton had already told her about his suspicion that Evan can't feel pain; it's useless to torture him.

[I'm sorry Susu. No one in this world could understand Evan better than me. I saw the pain in his eyes when he said those harsh words; I sense his body shaking when he kicked me; I saw the helpless anger and complaints when he bit off his tongue to stop himself from speaking anymore. My Evan is not bad, and I will rake the entire world to know the truth.]

"Jamie, did you ever realize Evan can not feel pain?"


"Yeah, Dr. Colton suspects he has CIPA, a disease where a person is immune to any kind of pain. Though tests will confirm it, Evan's action just now was another proof." 

James was out of words. They had been dating for over a year but he never realized Evan can't feel pain. His consciousness takes him back in time to recall some incidents.... 

The answer was yes.

James never saw Evan complaining of pain.

Be it while cutting himself while chopping vegetables, shaving cuts, bite marks, or even there gruesome se*. James's used to think it as Evan was trying to act bravely in front of him. But....


"Let them talk, you come with me," Wang Shi was stopped by Dr. Colton before he could follow Suyin. Sparks of hostility flew between them, but none of them said a word considering Zeng's presence.

"Zeng, tell Suyin to meet me at underground level 3," said Wang Shi and followed Dr. Colton to his lab. As they reached, Dr. Colton closed the door, "Sit, let me examine you,"

"You haven't called me to examine me, do you?" Wang Shi sat down at the chair near Colton's desk, and let him feel around his shoulder. 

"Right. This is to remind you you are running out of time."

"Why are you doing this?" Wang Shi asked back, needing to vent out his anger of continuously being reminded of. And needing Colton to explain why he was pressurizing him. 

"We are doctors, and knows it very well what happens when a patient denies the harsh reality of his disease-- he denies the treatment as well," Wang Shi flinched feeling Colton press at the tender wound, "The longer you drag, the deeper she will be hurt." Colton stepped away and threw his gloves into the recycle bin. "Don't make me do the hard task. It will not be good for you."


The sickening feeling in guts prohibited James from getting inside again. He had other important tasks to do, and the most important was to know what Evan was hiding from him. Since Suyin's work at the base was not yet complete, James didn't drag her with him and left. 

Obviously, Suyin didn't forget to ask Zeng to go after James, letting pass their disliking towards each other. 

"To home, or your hotel?" Zeng asked after taking the driver's seat.

"Palladium apartments," James tied the seat belt, "That's Evan's place. I want to start my search from there," James register Zeng staring at him, "You have the option to get down anywhere you want, I will take the car from there. But don't dare to mother me, I'm not in a mood."

"Actually you are right. Let's start with Evan's place." James's head snapped at Zeng, "Don't be surprised! We have different motives. You are doing it for your man, and I'm doing it for my sister. Let's get to the bottom of the truth together."


When Xiu Mei came to know Wang Shi and Suyin were at Xion's base, she messaged Wang Shi to wait for her there. She had found something....

"This is not just a locket but a computerized system that records information and forwards it somewhere," Xiu Mei placed forward a box that contains dissected parts of a machine. To Suyin it looks like rocket science though. She knows her weakness, so she paid her utmost attention to Xiu Mei's words. 

"What type of information?"

"I was coming at that, brother Shishi," Xiu Mei said, "Live tracker, heartbeat recorder, digital identity card, a compass, and a security pass to enter a place maybe a secret den or base like this," she gave Xion's underworld base as an example.

"This means we are busted," Dr. Colton said. "Whoever the person is, he already knows we have Evan with us,"

"Half-truth. This place is installed with jammers, so as my house." Yesterday Xiu Mei had taken the locket home to investigate it. "But yes, whoever Evan's boss is, he knows something is wrong with Evan. To him- either Evan is dead, or he's captured."

Suyin felt unsettled, 'Is this the reason Evan didn't say a word and pretended to be bad in front of Jamie? Was Evan protecting Jamie or was it something else?'

Wang Shi, "Tell me you have found where the information was transmitted,"

"Wish I could say that, but the transmission had been programmed one way." 

Suyin, "You said it's a digital identity card. Does that mean whoever holds this locket works for 'that' person?"

"Probably. As it's the only locket we have, I can't tell on what basis 'that' person distributes this locket to his men. Evan might be the only one."

"There are more," Suyin said.

Wang Shi, "Have you seen it on someone else too?"

Looking away, Suyin clasped her hands, "I think yes, but can't recall." unknown to her, Wang Shi noticed the uneasiness in her behavior. His eyes were taking in every action of her. "I'll get Gilbert's place searched, maybe I'll find something there. Xiu Mei, is there a way to cut off the tracker and heartbeat recorder, and reassemble it?"

"Are you looking to keep the locket to yourself?"


Xiu Mei and Wang Shi exchanged a glance, and the latter approved with a nod. "Give me two days. I will do it."


On their way to the parking Wang Shi noticed Suyin was on her own, taking fast strides. Even Xiu Mei noticed and inquired if they had fought. 

He intercepted Suyin, "Is something bothering you? I'm worried,"


"This means it's definitely something." There was a note of chastisement in his voice.

"Nothing means nothing," she said flatly, turning around to ask Dr. Colton, "Can I borrow your car, Shifu?"

Wang Shi caught her by the elbow, "We are going together,"

"We can't. I have to go to Gilbert's house and office to search, while you have to go to the hospital. It's time for Honey to come back from school." she slowly peeled his fingers curled around her elbow, watching Wang Shi not liking her action even a bit.

Wang Shi, "Mei~"

"Um, I don't have any meeting today; I can pick kids from school. Anyway, it's been a while I have given them an ice-cream party."

"Honey complained of itchy throat in the morning. Please don't give him anything cold." Suyin was quick to react. "Shifu?"

"Yes, " Dr. Colton looked for the keys in his pocket, "Here you go. But I'm sure you won't like my choice of vehicle," she followed Colton's gaze and resisted the urge to sneer. It was a bike! This revelation didn't go well down her throat. 

"Let it be, I'll ask assistant--" Before Suyin could fish her phone out, Wang Shi caught her by waist by his uninjured hand and hauled her tight against him before leading her to his car. "Your stitches!"

"I can bear that pain, but not your coldness. We need to talk. RIGHT NOW!" he hissed in her ear, his hot breath lingering at her cheeks. "Your morning mood has gotten worse. Can't take the risk to drag it till night."

"And I told you whatever it is, I can't let you know unless I confirm a few things." she shot back, "You are only making my mood worse. Sometimes it's good to give some space to your partner instead of being ridiculously dominating." 

Wang Shi let her go from his steel grip. There was not even a single frown line on his face. Even Colton and Xiu Mei staring at them from a distance wouldn't be able to pick the tension between the couple. 

"Take madam wherever she wants to go," He commanded the driver and opened the car's door for her. "I'll be waiting for you to talk to me."

Suyin, "What about you?"

"I'll take X's car and driver. Don't worry." before closing the door, he touched her cheek, "I and Honey would be waiting for you over dinner. Whatever it is that's spoiling your mood, solve it fast." his hand twisted into her hair, pulling her for a soft kiss. Whenever Suyin shows this attitude, and ask for space, it scares him. It's like a glimpse of what's coming next.


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    《Mark of the destiny》