Mechanical lord
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Mechanical lord
Author :Reader_guy
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He could remember it all. From the day he was born to his death at the hands of a mugger on a street corner it was all there. He watched as he got his first lecture, kissed his first girlfriend, and named his first child. All of it was laid out before him as he could do nothing but watch and lament.

Then it stopped he didn't know why just that he no longer had to watch his life over and over again wondering how it could be different. As he sat there not able to move he suddenly found himself able to move. First it was slow then slowly he sped up until eventually he could feel the non-existent air wiping against his face. Then it stopped and he knew no more.


[Welcome player]

" What"?

[Welcome to the Virtual reality MMO Robotics online, Thank you for your purchase of this game by Helix craft studios]
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All he could do was stare at the thing before finally saying something.

"What the hell why am i seeing the login for a game i thought i was dead!" He thought.

[Please create character to continue]

As soon as that was said he suddenly found himself in front of a 5'' 9' cyborg that looked completely average.

All he could do was stare at it in confusion, awe, and a little bit of happiness. After all this thing was basically giving him another chance at life. Why would he not take it?

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    《Mechanical lord》