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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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30 Chapter 26: Sisters and Letter

(MC PoV)

Several Months since sending a letter to Roxy.

Arthur: "Hahahahaha!! Old man, your now to weak to handle me... Don't kick the bucket yet!"

Paul can no longer handle me in a swordplay. It has already been his 10th losing streak in sparring.

Paul: "Tch... There's nothing I can teach you anymore. You're already too much to handle for me."

Ehehehe his pride must have been scarred now.

As you can see I've sparred with him right now with a blindfold and he still can't defeat me. Who would be happy when your opponent is blindfolded and its your son? Your dignity will be stomped flat when your utterly defeated.

Training my [Observation Haki] really paid of and it even progressed faster in combat.

[Armament Haki] has also grown that it had power to penetrate the enemy's interior and destroy them from the inside thus making it much more powerful. Apparently in One Piece Wano country, its called [Ryou].

Same as [Observation Haki] that has [Voice of All Things] and [Future Vision] that is hard to control actively.

[Armement Haki] has [Ryou] which also is hard to use it actively.

Arthur: 'I just need to practice more. Or maybe more combat experience.'

You might say I fight countless magical beast since 3 years ago. But the fight is already one sided by just a casual sword strike from me can insta kill a monster.

My first goal had been accumulating combat experience but it turned into hunting them to satisfy my appetite.

Now where were we.

Arthur: "Hey Father, since I can use a Saint-class techniques in Sword God Style and Water God Style since I was 5... Am I the youngest Sword-Saint and Water-Saint?"

Paul: "Maybe, if you go to the Holy Land of the Swords you might find one... Its the place where talented swordsman are everywhere... But even if that's the case, I doubt that there are even a Sword Saint at your age."

Arthur: "Holy Land of the Swords huh. I want to go there someday."

I want to use [Trace On] to the legendary Swords if possible.

Paul: "Hey Rudy its your turn."

This man...

Arthur: "Be careful Rudy... This man just wanted to release his frustrations at you since he can't win against me."

Paul: "Hey, don't get cocky now. Someone might beat you in swordplay sooner than later."

Arthur: "Yeah, yeah. And that won't be you! ahahaha."

Rudeus: "Come on let's start."

And so Paul began his teaching's to Rudy. He really is bad at teaching. He will say something like...


Paul: "You *oomph*! it like this then a *bam*! Understood?"

As he said that I was dumbfounded by his terrible teaching, but thanks with my [Swordsmanship] talent I atleast understood what he mean.

Arthur: "Alright an *oomph*! then lika a *bam*!

Paul: "Good! Now into the next one."

Rudeus: 'How can these swordfreaks understand each other? What kind of alien language is this?'

(Flashback end)

Currently in the middle of sword practice.

Paul: "C'mon, look at me. Don't you want to grow up to be a cool guy like your dad?"

Rudeus: "Is it cool to be a guy who cheats on his wife and risks tearing his family apart?"

Paul: "Nghh..."

Arthur: 'Hahahaha... well well look at you now..'

Rudeus: "Look, if that bothers you so much to hear, could you please keep your hands off of anyone who isn't Mother?"

Paul: "O-other than Lilia, right?"

Arthur: 'This man had learned nothing'.

Rudeus: 'This guy seems like he hasn't suffered enough.'

Rudeus: "Next time, Mother might move back in with her family without saying a word, you know."

Paul: "Guh..."

Was this guy hoping to build himself a harem? To have some secret retirement out in the sticks, where he had a beautiful wife, a maid he could get handsy with whenever he wanted, and a son to train in the way of the sword? Huh. That was probably the best ending from his perspective. It'd be like winding up with both Louise and Siesta at the end of that one light novel series.

Paul: "I mean, you're a guy, you know how it is."

Rudeus: "What would a 6 year old know?"

As he said that I sensed Sylphy coming to the gate.

Paul: "Well, take Sylphy; you're into her, aren't you? She's going to be gorgeous when she grows up."

Rudeus: "I guess you're right. Though I think she's pretty cute right now."

Paul: "So then do you understand."

Rudeus: "I guess."

Paul: "Hehehehehe. Art, it seems your little brother is 'one if us'."

Arthur: "Don't lump me together with you. I'm loyal to Roxy sensei."

Paul: "Ehehehe... Let's see about that."

I looked to see Paul grinning and chuckling. He then directed a look to Sylphy and Rudeus turned around to take a look.

On closer inspection, she was blushing ever so slightly, her hands fidgeting.

Paul: "Go on, repeat what you just said for her, Rudy."

Rudeus just grinned and waved at her.

Sylphy: "Um, I mean… I… I think you're cool, too, Rudy."

Rudeus: "Oh, yeah? Thanks, Sylphy!"

Wait, I'm left behind...

Arthur: "W-what about me Luffy?"

Sylphy: "Ah! Um.. I also think your cool Arthur."

Ahhh!! Its my first time being called 'cool' since my past life by a cute girl! Ko-hon we don't want FBI chasing without a Loli license.

Arthur: "C-can you repeat that again Sylphy?"

Sylphy: "Ehh? Um... Ano.."

Rudeus: "All right, Father. We're going to head out. Nii-san stop bothering her."

Paul: "Don't go rolling around in the hay out there, okay?"

As soon as I heard that I called out.

Arthur: "Mother!!. Father is-"

Paul: "Gah! No, Stop!"


One day when I'm talking to Zenith. She suddenly changed her face.

Arthur: "...and Rudy pissed his pants- What's wrong Mother?!"

Zenith: "Ugh... Aaahhh!!!"

Arthur: 'She's giving birth right now?'

Arthur: "Rudy!!! Father!!! Lilia-okasan!!! Mom is about is to give birth!!!"

I carried Zenith carefully as I placed her at the bed gently. Paul, Lilia, and Rudeus also arrived.

Lilia immediately goes to work, Rudeus followed behind her ready to use Healing magic anytime, Paul panicked and his knees started shaking.

Lilia: "Rudeus, cast an Intermediate healing to ease her pain temporarily."

Rudeus: "Roger!"

Lilia: "Arthur, call the midwife and request for assisstance."

Arthur: "Roger!"

Paul: "Ahhh... W-what about me?"

Lilia: "Master please get a basin and a clean towel. No need for water and please hurry up. Rudeus fill the basin with Water magic."

Paul: "Y-yes!"

Rudeus: "Roger!"


I jumped through the window by a hurry and used [Rokushiki: Geppo] and started to run in the air at the speed of a bullet train.

Well I just called it Rokushiki like One Piece since it has similar results, but the process is different from it. I just created a platform if Touki in the air and used [Armement Haki] to my feet so my feet can step on it.

I arrived at the midwife's house in seconds ask her to help us. I carried her at my back and run through the air a little slowly so that she won't vomit travelling at fast speed.

It was a rough experience, a breech birth. The situation was said to be hopeless. That's how bad it was.

The birth took quite some time, with both mother and child at risk. Mother Lilia put all of her combined knowledge to work, Rudy and I assisted by continually casting Healing spells, even though It wasn't my specialty.

Rudeus on the other hand is like a character from the mobile game (Mobile Legends) Estes the Moonlight Elf King with his Ultimate casted constantly with no cooldown.

A monster right? Maybe Zenith right now could rival Hashirama's regeneration in addition with Tsunade's sage mode healing at full power.

It just shows how desperate the situation is.

All told, our efforts worked, and the birth was a success. The baby came safely into this world, letting out its first, healthy cries.

It was a girl. I had a little sister.

Our relief was short-lived, however, as Lilia went into labor as well. We were all already exhausted, our guards down. The words 'premature birth' flittered through my mind.

I carried Lilia with Paul to our bedroom.

Rudeus prepared with magic a new bath to the soon-to-be newborn, gathered all the clean towels we had, and went back to the midwife.

This time, however, the midwife was able to play her part. While she might not have been good with breech births, premature births were something she claimed to have experience in. Age really did bring wisdom, sometimes.

The moment the baby was born, Lilia boldly cried out Paul's name. He was at her side, dripping with sweetness, clutching her hand.

The baby was smaller than Zenith's, but let out the same kind of healthy cries all the same. This one was a girl as well. Two daughters. Two little

Arthur: 'And thus the chosen twins was born... The sea roared in excitement... The sky with a rainbow in happiness... The earth sprout healthy green grass in joy... As the chosen hero that will bring world peace *cough*'

I am so happy that my delusions of being a chuunibyou ran out of control.

Maybe that's just how I feel having a 'real' younger sibling. Not some reincarnated 40+ year old man in a child's body hahaha...

And so Zenith's daughter is named Norn. Lilia's child is named Aisha.


I was now seven years old with Rudy.

I graduated with my [Gravity Bracelet] like how a child don't need training wheels to ride a bicycle anymore. I achieved near perfect control of my strength snd speed.

My two little sisters, Norn and Aisha, were growing quickly. They cried when they peed themselves, they cried when they pooped themselves, they cried when they were upset about something, and they cried even when they weren't. They'd cry in the middle of the night, and they'd cry first thing in the morning, and when afternoon rolled around, there'd be some particularly energetic wailing.

It took me 3 days to adjust my hearing sense to the high decibles of sounds. At first my ears almost literally bleed if I haven't cast a healing spell immediately.

Before long, Paul and Zenith were having a shared nervous breakdown. The only one who kept her cool was Lilia.

Lilia: "See! Now this is what childrearing is! Things with young Rudeus were much too easy! You could hardly call that real childrearing!"

Arthur: "Lilia-okasan how about me?"

I asked as she skillfully tending to the two girls. I asked her to teach me so I can take care of my children with Roxy-sensei in the near future ehehehe...

Lilia: "Chasing you all around when you started jumping off the chairs when your still 4 months old. It really gives us a heart attack everytime you do that."

Arthur: 'The hell!! I didn't remember any of that!'

Lilia: "Madame also said when she's feeding you she felt that her breast will sag. We were exhausted looking for a nanny to milk you since Zenith's is not enough. So after that we decided to prioritize Rudy first before feeding you or there will be nothing left for him."

Arthur: "..."

Its just I didn't remember it... I'm just in denial to accept such embarrassing past.


Another day of training, this time though Paul with his accumulated experience in sparring with me continuosly while I'm blindfolded he finally defeated me.

After that he bragged that as an S-ranked adventurer you need to adapt to the situation and formulate a plan to defeat a supposed to be undefeatable monster.

Arthur: 'And you took a year to plan and finally defeat me? If I would have been a magical beast your corpse would already be rotting a year ago.'

He told us stories of the famous labyrinths/dungeons, adventurers, and his party's adventures.

My eyes are sparkling stars hearing the stories you can only experience in a fantasy world.

Paul: "What d'you think? Adventuring might be pretty fun, too, right?"

Arthur: "Yeah!!"

Rudeus: "Come on, you can't be serious."

Arthur: "Party pooper."

Rudeus ignored that.

Rudeus: "I think I'm more inclined to spend my life chasing skirts."

Paul: "Oho. I guess you really are my son!"

Rudeus: "Ideally, I'd like to build myself a little harem, just like my dear old dad."

Paul: "No kidding? Think you'd better stick to chasing one skirt at a time for now, though."

Paul pointed at Sylphy.

Her face is very sulky hearing Rudy.

I go near Sylphy and put my arms around her shoulders and whispered to her.

Arthur: "If you need a shoulder(d*ck) to lean on and cry, you can count on me."

I said it like a bestfriend of the boy who just broke up to his girlfriend.

Arthur: "Let's go to my room. My parents is not home."

Rudeus: "Oi. Stop this... This novel is not tagged as NTR!!"

NTR almost happened there XD...


(months ago Shirone Kindom)

Roxy recieved a letter from the Adventurer's guild after soloing a labyrinth again and her reputation grows.

If you played an RPG game you can say that's impossible but Roxy is just 'that' strong.

Roxy: 'A letter from the Greyrats?'

Roxy read the letters of the two boys.

Roxy: 'They haven't changed much *giggle*'

-\u003eShe red about how Zenith got pregnant with Lilia and how Paul also married Lilia.

-\u003e Having two little siblings.

-\u003eAbout how the boys have a friend with a girl that has emerald green hair.

-\u003e How Arthur defeated Paul in sparring blindfolded.

-\u003e How Rudeus and Arthur created a lightning, wood, and pure mana(rasengan) magic spell.

-\u003e How the boys missed her.

Well then, until we meet again—Rudeus

PS: Sorry about stealing your panties, Nii-san had it and made a shrine.

Well then, until we meet again-Arthur

PS: Your panties are safe with me so don't worry about Rudy.

Roxy: "*giggle* this two... I hope to meet them again someday."

After that she wrote a letter to respond.


Rudeus: "Hmm. School, huh…?"

Arthur: "What? Didn't you hear what father said? Its going to be hell there for us."

Sylphy looked at both of us with her anxious face.

Sylphy: "Both of you... Going to school?"

Arthur: "No. Arrogant nobles will just bully us there. I didn't mind fighting back but assassins may be sent after us do no."

Sylphy: "But you've been acting kind of strange again…"

Wait seriously?

Rudeus: "We've been strange ever since I was a baby, according to my parents. Especially Art-niisan."

Arthur: 'Is it because I started walking when I was 2 months old? Seriously *sigh*'

Sylphy frowned and shook her head.

Sylphy: "That's not what I meant. You both seem kind of sad lately."

Oh. So that's what it is.

Rudeus: "Well, I haven't made that much progress lately, you know? I'm not getting any better with magic or the sword."

Sylphy: "But you're already amazing, Rudy…"

Rudeus: "For my age, maybe."

Sylphy turned her head to me.

Arthur: "*sigh* Well, Its just that my swordplay is stuck... Father can barely fight against me now."

Rudeus: "Still, I feel like it's about time I took my next step forward, you know?"

Sylphy's frown only deepening even further.

Sylphy: "Are the two of you gonna go somewhere?"

Rudeus: "Well, maybe, Father did say we should give exploring labyrinths a shot, and there isn't that much we can do in this village… We'll probably end up going to some school or trying the adventurer thing, I guess."

Arthur: "Yes, but first earning money should be priority. Rudy, if you go to Ranoa Magic University you need money for tuition fees. Norn and Aisha just got born and the family's budget is tight now."

Rudeus: "Yes I suppose... So, how about forming a party together and earn money? I think you also need some right? Though I don't think the dojo in Holy Land if the Swords have tuition fees, you can never have too much right?"

As we spoke formulating our plans Sylphy's face is aboit to cry.

Sylphy: "N-Nooo!!"

She cried and threw her arms around us.

Sylphy: "Don't... Don't go Art, Rudy!.. Hic... Waaaah!"

Seriously! She's too cute right now! I want to pinch her cheeks so much.

Sylphy: "Hic… Please, Rudy, Art… Don't… Don't go away…"

Rudeus: "O-okay."

Arthur: "A-alright so stop crying now."

For now I just want her to stop crying. Her crying face hurts my heart so much just like how Rui find out Natsuo's been lying to her in the Anime in Domestic na Kanojo.

I'm personally team Hina and hated Rui for getting on the way of their relationship but Rui's tears in episode 10 can tear the iron walls around your heart to pieces.

Arthur: 'Seriously how can you leave a cute girl like her! She can rival Raphtalia in the 'must protecc' rankings you know!'

*Shield Dad mode activated*

Rudeus: "I get the message, okay? I won't go anywhere."

Arthur: "Y-yeah... So stop crying okay? Norn and Aisha is here too so I will also not leave them behind."

We take turns calming her down... Whoever dares to make my daughteroo cry will face punishment. Subconciously I already think of her like a daughter.

(AN: Wife-\u003eWaifu;Daughter-\u003eDaughteroo)

Paul: "Hey, Rudy Arthur… a letter for you."


We recieved a letter from Roxy and it seems she was appointed as an Imerial Court Magician. And she was also tutoring Pax Shirone like in the novel.

After finished reading the Holy Scripture or 'The Word of Goddess'. I prayed at the altar.

Arthur: 'Bastard... If you lay a your filthy hands on my waifu sensei I swear in my life I will punch that pigface of yours till your half dead... You might steal her panties and might have the qualifications to join the Roxy Goddess's cult, but touching the Goddess when your not the Pope is BLASPHEMY!!'


(Next chapter-\u003e Looking a job)

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    《Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother》