My Summer Car
3 WubWub and DubDub
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My Summer Car
Author :HypeX78
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3 WubWub and DubDub

Meanwhile in Tiemo's]

Jokke: [drunk, walking uncontrollably]

Tiemo: Goodness, even the famous cuckoo would agree that you're drunk.

Jokke: [pissing]

Tiemo: Hey- pfff pff phffffff he- pffff- YOU DAMN BRAT, GET OUT OF HERE AND DON'T EVER DARE COME BACK!!!

[Jokke goes out]

Järi: What the fuck is happening!?

[Loud thumping noises] [Engine noises] [Revving]

Tiemo: Oh no, here comes the two bastards, ready to kill innocent people.

Järi: Wh- Wait what? They kill people?

Tiemo: Well I gotta dress up, I tell you the story also . Im soaked as fucking hell in piss, just buy anything you want and wait for me to get back afterwards.

[30 minutes later]

Järi: Jesus where the fuck is he?

[Tiemo comes back]

Järi: I have waited here for so long so, what's the story then?

Tiemo: Oh! Sorry for waiting too long, I have to bike here to my house and back.

Järi: Oh no prob, I sat blasting radio in that Hayosiko

Tiemo: Well, those two bastards is a threat to the residents of Alivieska since they drive recklessly on dirt roads, highways and provincial roads. They have been disturbing the night party during 10:00 pm.

Oh and do not ever talk to them or punch them, they will punch you back "like a wooden javelin!" Kyläjani said. And when the two gas up, i would rise the price by 1-10 more Marks every liter. Don't worry, I won't change the price of the fuel for you!

Järi: Well damn, thank you Tiemo!

Tiemo: And oh! also strange thing: that green car never get to gas, I wonder if he has is own supply...? The guy will drink booze when you trigger him while you're riding.

Järi:Guess we'll find out then.

Järi then topped up gas on his Hayosiko (Toyota HiAce 2nd gen), and luckily, he brought a gas canister to fill up his Datsun when it is time to start and drive the car.

Meanwhile, he saw a bus getting in, stopped at the bus stop, then crashed to DubDub. He found it funny that Kyläjani (WubWub) was triggered, then trying to kill Järi.

(It is short, but I will add more to this story next week, stay tuned!)
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    《My Summer Car》