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8 Fruit Ninja
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Novel Ideas
Author :Lazzles
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8 Fruit Ninja

This one is going to be pretty short since I'm writing it on my phone and not as serious as the other ideas. I just got done with surgery so I have more time to think but don't really feel good enough to type a lot, sorry. This one is going to be a basic, cliche type story but I think that if done right, it can be made to be fairly interesting and a light read, that actually has plot unlike other comedy based novels.

This one is about an MC who is addicted to the game fruit ninja. Not really a fan of the game myself but you don't need to know much to get the premise of the story itself. He is addicted to the game so much he plays it every chance he gets; while walking, while talking, while in class, while eating, while getting ready for the day, before sleep, all of the time he plays fruit ninja. Until one day where he is playing fruit ninja with his ear buds in while walking across the road. He isn't paying attention to his surroundings so he just walks straight across the road without paying attention and can't hear the screams warning him to pay attention and watch out and such. So, he gets hit by a car or you could make it an ambulance that was speeding to get to a car wreck so that it makes sense that they are going that fast over a crosswalk. Anyways, he gets hit and dies. This is the part where you can change lots of stuff about it to make it a very different novel. This could turn into a system novel, a cultivation novel, a leveling novel in a sword and magic world, or a devil cultivation novel, even.

If you wanted to make the MC an apathetic person that makes him easily murderous and has little regard for human life, then you can do this. Make the MC a character who was bullied all his life from all his classmates and people around him and this makes him lose sense of importance of human life. If you want him to care about the people he is close to and apathetic towards people unfamiliar towards him, then say he had a very caring family that tended to his wounds while he took comfort in slicing fruits on his phone, if not then you should say he is an orphan or was part of an abusive family, this gives him a pretty good backstory. When he dies, you should give him a reason for reincarnation, such as God admired him for his dedication to a mobile game over his own life or something like that and so God gives the MC a second chance in life.

You could allow God to give him a system as a gift for his dedication and it could be a fruit ninja themed system. This system could make him an actual ninja giving him the skills of a ninja to be able to slice through anything in the world from metal to fruit, from here you could obviously come up with your own decisions on how to spread the system out with quests, exp, and various things like that. I won't go too in-depth with that, but you could also make him reincarnate in an anime world cause I think "In One Piece World with a Fruit Ninja System" would be pretty interesting cause his fruit ninja powers could allow him to cut through devil fruit powers, which would be fun to read.

After that, you could make it to where he gets stronger by cutting anything apart like he does in fruit ninja and you could make him realize this and get addicted to murder to get strong fast and get the "highest score" in the world he is in now. Or you could make him just reincarnate with no memories, except for wanting to be a ninja. Here, you could say the path of a ninja is either really well respected and hard to master or you could say it is a trash profession for a martial artist cause either would work to make the story interesting.

I think I have said how it could be a system novel and a normal cultivation novel with him just trying to become the strongest with the path of a fruit ninja, but for a devil cultivator it's literally just like he is getting stronger by killing people and gaining "score" from splitting them like fruit and he could exchange the score for various items and quests and skills if he has a system. You can think it through on your own, cause these are just some ideas I randomly thought about in the waiting room today, but for the leveling world in a world of sword and magic, this one is really easy cause you can go with an uncaring protagonist, a ruthless but caring protagonist, or a normal protagonist with this depending on how you reincarnate him but you could just give him an ability like this:

Fruit Ninja - Rank F - Potential ? - Ability to grow stronger by cutting fruit apart

or make it more tame by saying this

Fruit Ninja - Rank F - Potential ? - Ability to cut through small fruits with any kind of weapon

and you could make it eventually evolve to "cut through large fruits" then to " cut through weak minerals/metals" I don't know but it has the potential to be a strong skill with the ability to "cut through anything" later on in the novel and could be really unique if it isn't too rushed to evolve into a strong skill. You would let him get his views on life set in stone and build character and world while he is being underestimated or whatever for a weak skill until it evolves and keeps being underestimated and just progress from there.

This is honestly just something I thought of on a whim a while ago but it would be pretty interesting to read it I think. Though I'm not really good with getting what I am trying to say across as there are a ton of different ways to take a novel like this, but I think I have gotten the majority of it across. I apologize for being fairly sloppy today, but I will get back to normal soon. Probably.
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