Ship among the stars
4 A far off truth part 1
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Ship among the stars
Author :locustmindset
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4 A far off truth part 1

After coming to, Colt looked around but saw nothing but inky darkness all around him. feeling around he found he was still in his truck but apart from that he could discern nothing about his current situation or his location. 'the hell was that?!?!?!' he thought to himself as he tried to figure out what to do. 'maybe the headlights will work?' he turned the key and hit the lights illuminating a light grey wall directly in front of him. "what in the world? where am I???" he said aloud.

On the bridge of the bridge of the 'Swift defense' the crew was franticly trying to regain the use of the exterior monitors, Kalis could currently do nothing to aid in the battle that was almost certainly taking place. 'Damn it to hell, what was that flash?!?!? some kind of new electronic weapon?' "Ma'am we've regained the use of the bow and aft cameras all other sensory equipment is still down it'll take a few minutes at least to get it up and running again" reported one of the bridge officers "thank you ensign, keep me updated, get us turned towards the fight, I'm sure that Captain Gene has reestablished visual." As the ships bow slowly turned to face the direction of the battle Kalis was shocked to see the 'Swift heat' in two pieces and neither of the two enemy ships damaged, not only that but a small spark of light indicated an escape craft speeding towards them at high speed from the direction of the wreck!

Colt was currently trying to ascertain his situation. First he took stock of his supplies, finding he had a lighter, a flashlight, a pocket knife, and like any good American he had a handgun. 'so lets try to figure out just what the fuck is going on.' he opened his door and stepped out, 'best keep quiet.' he tried to shut the creaky door of the old pick-up as quietly as he could. Upon turning around and scanning his surroundings with the light he found himself amongst a long row of what appeared to be grey steel storage containers. 'The cargo hold of a freighter? was i a victim of human trafficking? I don't want to be sold as a sex slave!' He began trying to find an exit, mostly to protect his water tight seal, that which must remain unbroken at all costs!!!

Kalis was filled with dread upon seeing the scene on the monitor, not because she was in command of what was now the only escort ship, but because of the escape craft that was tracking to her ship like a missle to it's target 'Please let that repulsive degenerate not have made it!' the comms officer a pretty boy ensign snapped her out of her dark thoughts, "Ma'am the escape craft is trying to raise us!" "thank you ensign put them on monitor 2." The now familiar pudgy face of Captain Gene appeared on screen 'I guess a little luck is too much to ask for' she sighed and asked "Are you alright Captain? how many made it out?". The Captain looking extremely distraught and mildly confused replied distractidly "only 4 The XO, Nav officer, the intel officer and myself." Kalis furrowed her brows as she thought solemnly 'only 4 men made it out on a craft that could fit 15?!?!? isn't that too few? those poor crewmen.' "anyways LT. commander we will be linking up with the 'Swift defense' at which time I will be taking command so we can take the fight to those damn treacherous pirates!" At this point Gene cut the connection but something he said still lingered in Kalis' mind or perhaps the way he said something unsettled her...

After searching for what seemed like hours but in actuality was only a few minutes Colt found a large door. 'Now how do i open this thing?' He felt around for a handle or switch but found nothing, next he tried hitting and banging on the door both of which proved ineffective. 'damn this things solid, maybe its voice activated?' "open!" 'nothing' "activate" 'nope' "door open" 'zilch' "open seseme" 'nada' "hocus pocus?" still the door did not open. finally after trying his other options he tries to shoot the door, the sound amplified by the cavernous room was thunderous, but still the door remained shut tight. "Still nothing huh?" at which point the floor shook slightly and the doors began to slide to either side.
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    《Ship among the stars》