Ship among the stars
13 A far off ultimatum part 2
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Ship among the stars
Author :locustmindset
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13 A far off ultimatum part 2

Rolinsk was a shit hole of a planet, an icy wasteland spread out across the entire planet painting it white. From orbit it looked a bit like a huge marble, as the 'Huntsmans Arrow' made her way towards the orbital dock Kalis gazed at the massive planet from one of the monitors. Taking in the twinkling lights of 2 of Rolinsk's 6 major cities, each of which were easily seen from space, Kalis couldn't shake her sense of impending doom.

'The way i see it this is going to go one of two ways; a demotion or getting thrown out.'

With a sigh she left the monitor and started towards the exit as she felt the ship make connection after slipping into its berth within the huge orbital dock.

"Make way!!! Make way!!! Dangerous prisoner here!!! Stand aside!"

Kalis stepped to the side of the corridor after hearing the shouts from behind her. Looking back she sees two armed guards wearing the black and orange of the Caligian Gendarmerie escorting Colton, who had his hands and ankles cuffed with bulky manacles as well as a special device to cut off his senses of sight and sound. One of the guards held a electric baton and the other held a kinetic gun. Laser weapons like those used by the rescue team were only issued to elite special squads and the like. The types of modern ranged weaponry at this point can be split up into 3 basic categories. Laser which used lenses and gases to concentrate light to the point of causing damage in the form of extreme heat to whatever they were aimed at these are still relatively rare to find and can be quite expensive. Kinetic weapons which as the name implies use the kinetic force of an object to cause damage these come in a plethora of forms from small handguns to the massive HVMS on starships they can be propelled by many things however magnets are the most common, unlike Coltons antiquated 1911 none have used gun powder since the end of the 30th century. The last and most uncommon type is radiation based weaponry the types of these range everywhere from harmless torture devices to weapons that can be used to cause cancer and even theoretical weapons that can cause entire planets to burst into flame.

'I can't say I'm envious of him, they are letting me get there on my own accord. Too bad I'm on the next shuttle, I'd like to talk to him.'

As the trio of prisoner and guards board the shuttle to take them down to the base the guards start to unshackle Colton to chain him to the seat the electric baton holsters the baton and starts fishes for the key.

"Hey Jim did you hear about that woman over in Dartuc?"


"So word is that there's a woman in Dartuc who will do ANYTHING you want for 50 credits."

"Sounds like an ordinary whore, actually a very cheap whore. What's the big deal?"

"Yeah but get this the 50 credits is a discount and only for members of the 528th."

"Damn it Frank get your damn mind out of the gutter."

"Hey man don't be like that, pussy is the only thing that keeps me going out here in butt fuck nowhere, we can't all go on a date with Palmella and her 5 sisters every night like your nasty ass."

"Hey fuck you."

"Fuck you."

"Sit his ass down Jim."

"SiT hIs aSS DOwN jIm."

"And that's why you can't get any you sarcastic cunt."

While the one armed with the handgun, Jim, starts to push Colton down into his seat forcefully the other unlocks his hand restraints preparing to clasp them to the loop on the seat. When Colton resisted the guard drew his gun back to pistol whip Colton, however before the blow could land Colton lashed out with his now free hand and hooked the guard around the back of the neck. Pulling sharply Colton pulled the guard with the gun into the guard with the electric baton knocking them both to the ground, after which he quickly tore off the sensor dampening device. After quickly taking stock of his surroundings Colton finds himself in what looks to be the bay of a troop transport but far more futuristic, above him a hand rail runs the length from the familiar tilted plane of a rear ramp behind him up past the two grounded guards to a pair of steps leading to a cockpit door about 15 feet away, unlike the transportation aircraft Colton was familiar with this one had the same lines of the rear ramp all the way around the bay, the shape vaguely reminded Colton of an old ironclad but turned upside down. in two rows down the center of the vehicle were two rows of seats with a narrow aisle on either side before the sloped walls.

'How strange its like a Hercules had a deformed lovechild with an osprey. Well this is the future so...'

The guard with the handgun was the first to recover, regaining his feet he took aim at the prisoner.


Judging the distance Colton jumped and grabbing ahold of the overhead hand rail he launched a kick at the guard landing square in the poor mans middle a sickening "CRUNCH" can be heard quite clearly as several of his ribs are broken. The guard flies back a few feet from the force of the kick and is left gasping on the floor, unbeknownst to Colton one of these broken ribs had punctured the one of the mans lungs. Colton acts swiftly to pick up the fallen mans weapon and take cover behind a seat as the other man guard had by then regained his feet and drew his handgun leaving the Electric baton dangling to his side. Looking at his breathless friend the guard was enraged but as he had never been a stupid man he first tried to reason with the escapee.

"Just give up and come out. I wont shoot you if you come peacably."

"I doubt it. Either you'll shoot me or you'll tag me with that damn cattle prod on your hip. I heard about the 528th from Kalis. Bunch of Wyatt Earp, "dead or alive your coming with me", bounty hunter motherfuckers. Like Hell i'll fall for that horseshit."

"Have it your way."

After taking a few calming breaths Colton leaned out to the side of the seat he was hiding behind Colton tried to squeeze a round off at the guard but nothing happened. After ducking back and narrowly avoiding a shot that skipped off the floor where Coltons head had been a second before he looked at the weapon in his hands noticing a lit up red thumb dent Colton couldn't help but sigh in exasperation.

"Fuck the future and fuck biometrics. ALRIGHT I'M COMING OUT DON'T SHOOT."

"Good choice."

Colton stood up while still holding the mostly useless pistol and turned to look at the guard.

"Good now drop the weapon and put your hands behind your head."


Fast as lightning Colton rocketed the virtually useless chunk of metal at the guard hitting him in the face before rushing him. The guard panicked and triggered the weapon in his hands exploding a headrest to the right of the freight train that was the rushing prisoner.

As he barreled into the guard Colton grabbed the smaller man by the lapels of his shirt and continued forward throwing the Gendarmerie to the ground and landing on top of him knocking the Electric Baton out of its holster sending it sliding away. Now on top of the man Colton drives his elbow into the Guards face over and over again.


Breaks his nose.


Breaks his right cheek bone.


Breaks his right eye socket.

A loud crackling is heard before Colton feels a pain like a thousand bee stings on the nape of his neck. All he could manage was a gasp before his muscles seized up and he fell to the floor twitching only to see a boot speeding towards his face.
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    《Ship among the stars》