Ship among the stars
14 A far off ultimatum part 3 final par
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Ship among the stars
Author :locustmindset
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14 A far off ultimatum part 3 final par

Kalis stepped off her shuttle into the shuttle terminal 3 of the ground headquarters of the auxillery support and training depo, Rolinsk airbase. Immediately she felt that something was off as there were emergency personnel and gendarmerie running to and fro.

'I wonder what happened?.'

Continuing out of the terminal she is pushed to the side by a group of corpsmen carrying a stretcher to a waiting military ambulance. following after them she got a good look at the person on the stretcher.


On the stretcher was one of the guards who Kalis saw escorting Colt, except his face looked like it was put through a meat grinder with the right side appearing almost concave.

"Corpsman what happened to this man???"

"A prisoner he was escorting tried to escape ma'am, bashed this ones face in real good and nearly killed his partner."

"What happened to the prisoner? Did he escape?"

"No ma'am. The co-pilot of the transport got ahold of one of the guards stun sticks and put a stop to that nonsense."

"Where did they take that prisoner?"

"The hospital, he was beat up pretty good too."

Hearing that Kalis took off in the direction of the hospital. Running through the fridgid snow that had begun to fall on the base, Kalis began to think about the possible repercussions of all of this and why it was happening in the end she couldnt blame Colt after all from his perspective he was a captive of a foreign enemy of course his first thoughts are to try to escape. From the survival skills he demonstrated when they crashed Kalis had no doubt in her mind that he would have at least a chance in the frozen tundras of Rolinsk, however first he had to get off this base. Escaping from one of the most guarded bases in the republic seemed highly unlikely now that he had so savagly beaten two guards in a bid for freedom, he would more than likely be assigned a whole team of special Gendarmerie to guard him.

Finally arriving at the hospital Kalis went inside and after finding out which room Colt was in she took an elevator up to the 6th floor. As the doors opened she was greeted with the sight of a Gendarmerie in olive fatigues and body armor watching the door.

"Sorry ma'am this floor is off limits to everyone but those with express written consent of Admiral Fort. I'll have to ask you to leave."

"He's my prisoner please stand aside."

"Can't do that ma'am."

"I'm ordereing you to stand aside..." Looking for a rank Kalis couldnt find any insignia on the mans uniform.

"Lieutenant Commander Savor I do not follow your orders and again, I must request you vacate the premisis before I forcibly remove you."

Furrowing her brow in anger Kalis could only press the ground floor button and glare at the man until the doors shut. Exiting the hospital Kalis went to Admiral Forts office to attend her inquiry.

Admiral Adam Fort was the CO of the 528th and was known far and wide to be fair even to a fault, so Kalis wasnt terribly worrried but her guts still twisted in a tight ball when she entered the office and saw the receptionist sitting behind his desk.

"Lieutenant Commander Savor here to see Admiral Fort."

"Yes ma'am your appointment has been rescheduled for tomorrow at the hospital on the 6th floor."

"O-oh okay thank you."

after leaving Kalis made her way to the apartment her sister kept for when she was not out on missions. Located on the 3rd floor of a rather drab looking building, the apartment took up all of about 600 sq.ft the interior, however, was well appointed and tastefully warm with a lot of dark woods. After entering via a keypad on the door Kalis collapsed into a loveseat and kicked her legs over the side, although it was a fairly cramped position this was the first time she was able to sit and relax since boarding the 'Swift defense' all those weeks ago. this brief moment of respite also gave her an opportunity to think and by extension dread what was to come the next day. Before she realized she had sunken into a dream.

Kalis was running for her life, behind her she could hear something knocking over small trees as it tore through the jungle after her.

'I've got to get out of here!' She felt herself begin to panic and grow frantic. Her face stung from small branches whipping her as she ran and blood dripped down into her eyes from a where a low hanging branch raked her scalp.

Jerking awake Kalis looked at her comm disk to check the time.


Looking at her disheveled uniform she fell asleep in she cringed to think she had 15 minutes before the appointed time.

'This is going to go great.'

Exiting the apartment Kalis went to the hospital arriving with 5 minutes to spare she took the elevator up to the 6th floor.

As the doors slid open Kalis once again was stopped by the gendarmerie, but was immediately allowed to pass after she produced an identification card.

The gendarmerie, whose name was Timma, belonged to a special team directly under Admiral Fort. Timma escorted Kalis to Coltons room where the Admiral was already talking to the time traveler.

"Ah Lieutenant Commander Savor, your just in time. I was just getting this young man up to speed on what has happened in the past few millennium, or what little we know anyways. Did you know mankind used to only exist on one planet in the sol system?!?!? Incredible how far we've come! The potential advancements we could make in science and history if we found it! I mean we vaguely knew of a "Mother planet" due to ancient digital data bouncing around in space but to actually have it confirmed and a general location is mind boggling."

"Erm.... Yes sir."

Kalis stood stunned looking at the Admiral, a stout man of about 60 with grey hair and bushy eyebrows. He honestly should have retired long ago but a meritorious service record and his desire to continue to lead the 528th has kept him around with no end in the foreseeable future.

"Sir do.... do you believe him?"

"What reason would he have to lie to me Lieutenant Commander? The evidence is all there, scarred over wounds, missing appendage, and these things he calls tattoos, even his facial features are completely unique in this era. You know as well as anyone else that we have had the medical technology to regrow fingers and heal wounds without a scar for more than a thousand years."

Admiral Fort grimaced and looked at Colton.

"Um the regrowing of appendages has to take place within about a month of the initial damage. Sorry son."

"No Admiral I understand completely I'm pretty used to it now I don't know what I would do with all 10 fingers. I hope there's no hard feelings about your men on the transport..."

The admiral smiled and shook his head.

"As long as they're alive my boy."

The Admiral turned to Kalis.

"Now Commander, as for your failure, I have thoroughly thought over what should be done and I believe I can kill two birds with one stone. You and Captain Gene will be reassigned to the 528th and will both be put in command of minicarriers. The good captain will be demoted to commander and you, in light of your bravery, will be promoted to commander. As for that second bird I mentioned, after some thoughts with regards to our era challenged friend here, I will hide his identity and place him aboard your new ship the 'Silver Lining' with the assumed rank of ensign. I'm fairly confident I still have some strings I can pull higher up. Any questions you two?"

Kalis shook her head

"No sir."

Colton looked a touch displeased.

"What if I don't want to?"

The Admirals face turned dark "you'll be shot out of an airlock naked except for a ball gag and thigh high socks."
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    《Ship among the stars》