Speedster in MCU
19 I have some explaining to do
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Speedster in MCU
Author :netap
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19 I have some explaining to do

"Hello Dad, I'm Home" I tell my dad as Isabelle and I exit the portal.

My dad walks up to me, I close my eyes and wait for a hug.


Ow, My dad just slapped me, I deserved that!

"Where have you been! we thought you were dead!" He nearly screams at me! Wow, Fury did a wonderful job covering for me, I knew I shouldn't trust a pirate!

"Dad, Relax-" I try to say.

"No! I will not relax!! You were gone for 13 months!!!!!"

"And I have an explanation for that dad! just relax and listen to me!!"

"You better young man!! You nearly gave me a heart attack when you came out of- of- of whatever that was!" he shouts

I decide It is time to tell him.

"Dad, Have you heard of Godspeed?" I ask,

"That Hero from a year ago, yeah I've heard of him, whats he got to do with anything?" my father answers after calming down a bit,

"Well, I'm Godspeed" I get straight to the point.

"Yeah, my son is a super fa~ Holy shit!" my dad shouts

I create a copy of the Godspeed suit covering me, made out of solid electricity of-course, Its easier and faster than switching clothes every time I need to enter the suit.

"You really are him!" My dad shouts, "But that doesn't answer where you've been!"

"Dad, you saw the portal me and Isabelle walked out of earlier?" I tell my dad, he only know realizes that Isabelle is in the room, "Yeah, I did..." he answers.

"Well, for the past year Isabelle and I have been learning magic" I say, "Magic? like pulling a rabbit out of a hat?" He asks, "No Dad, Magic like opening portals from Kathmandu to New-York." I answer him matter of factually.


"Hold on dad, Ill pick it up" I tell my dad, as I pick up the phone.

"Mr. Plant, I see you have returned, Meet Stark at his Tower, no questions" says a familiar voice

"Wait! Fury! Dammit he hung up!" I yell as Nick Fury Hung the phone.

"Dammit! Dad I gotta go!" I yell and run outside, not looking at my father, And dash towards Stark Tower, "So, what happened the past year?" Isabelle asks my father after I leave"


[Mr Stark, Chris Plant is here to see you]

"Ughhh, its been a year since he left, he's finally back?"

"Yes, Indeed I am, Tin Can" I answer Tony instead of Jarvis, "Why do you always run to the balcony!? I have a door!" he asks, "The Balcony also has a door, Fury told me to come here"

"So, Did fury tell you why he needed you here?"

"He just told me to come here, no explanation, I think he bugged my house"

[Mr Stark, you have an incoming call from Director Nick Fury]

finally he will explain what I need to do
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    《Speedster in MCU》