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Tears Of The Undead Azure Knights
Author :ChueFeng
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15 My Love

" I don't want to go to work today. I'll just use the excuse that I caught the flu. My condition is so bad that I'm unable to get out of bed. Yeah, that excuse should work quite nicely. (calls work) Hello, I'm Haeyon Li and I'm calling to announce that I will be unable to come to work today. I caught the flu, and I'm in no shape to attend work."

Recipient," Sure, hopefully, you get better. You can count on me sir, everyone will know you are unable to attend work in less than 5 minutes. Bye and have a great day."

"At least I got that issue covered. Now I can spend some time on the game. If I don't reach level 50 by the end of today, then I'm fu*king useless. (opens up game) Now that you think about it, if I use my transformation I will be a level 118 orc, and my stats would be comparable to the player in the early 300s. I should fight a few level 250 monsters and retreat when I run low on time."

Game," Player is cautioned from entering Eternal Graveyard. Many level 250 monsters appear in that region, and they will murder any player they find. As the player is still very low level, the player should not attempt to go there"

" You think I'm scared? Hell no! With my transformation, I can wreck all level 250 monsters with ease. The problem is when should I start to retreat? I guess when I have 15 seconds left is a safe time to retreat. Alright, it's been decided. Kill as many monsters as I can before I have only 15 seconds left, and once that happens just escape as fast as I can."

Game," Player has met Flame Dragon. The player is advised to retreat and avoid fighting Flame Dragon. Flame Dragon stats:

Health: 1,000,000

Defense: ???

Mana: ???

Strength: 25,000

Intelligence: ???

Agility: 2500

Details: All flame Dragons are born with a physique that has insanely high defense and immunity to flames. Flame Dragons also have high damage. Their greatest weakness lies in their low intelligence. Their intelligence prevents them from becoming the overlords they were meant to be.


The Flame Dragon has no skills."

" Fu*k me. How the hell did I manage to find a Flame Dragon? Even after I transform I will get one-shot by it. Not to mention how long it'll take me to kill him. I should just run now that you think about it... Wait, I'm pretty sure a level 250 Flame Dragon gives 5 times the xp of a normal level 250 monster. If I can beat it I will at the least be able to get to level 87. Fu*k it. As a man, I must bravely face dangers for the sake of my future. I really am a selfish man... Maybe I'll change one day. Or maybe some special person might change me one day. I love you Wang Ling, and no matter the price I'll make you mine."
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    《Tears Of The Undead Azure Knights》