The Heavenly Divine Cat
21 Going for a Space Walk 1
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The Heavenly Divine Cat
Author :bluerum
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21 Going for a Space Walk 1

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Finn and opened up to full screen and on the screen, tens of red dots were popping up with 2 big red dots labelled phantom typhoon mimic appeared "why is my luck so bad today" with that said Finn turned around and ran.
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Running through the hallways finn could hear the screeching of the mimics chasing after him as he past dozens of rooms and corridors. " damn, where's the exit? This place is like a maze in other words annoying as hell"

System: would host like to set destination?

" oh so now you think of asking after im being chased by alien freaks, and yes set a route where i can lose them as fast as possible, preferably somewhere i can have lunch cuz im starving"

System: route calculated, please take a right in 20 meters followed by another right in 10 meters then enter the airducts.

On the minimap a route was displayed in neon purple with finn being the arrow. Taking the right and then the other right finn finds said airduct entance on the floor and removes the cover.

Entering while replacing the cover finns moves on but the sounds of screeching were getting louder. Standing still in silence it wasnt long until black shadows rushed past the air duct cover screeching in anger at losing their prey.

Feeling cold sweat form on his fur "god damn, them aliens be ugly as hell being all slimy and black with thick tentacles like how do i fight something like that" 'shivers in thought'.

Finishing that line of thought our young cat moves on to follow the map to an air duct exit in the ceiling above a kitchen

Dropping into the kitchen, finn found it to be empty and tidy...well, thats if you forget the blood splatters on the wall from when the mimics first invaded the station.

"Well ain't this a nice place to take a breather except some idiot splattered strawberry jam all over the walls 'tch' what a waste. Alright lets go over my situation first. System open STATUS"


Name: Finn

Race: Heavens cat

Rank: lord class

Cultivation: Titanium lvl 1

Cultivation technique: beginners solar light essence technique

Title- Owner of Sky Dragon Forest


--> void claw slash

--> heavens fury meow---> (low tier) Lion's Roar (1/3 of power strength, level, and energy consumption

--> shadow cloud steps

-->Rulers decree -->build anything within the sky dragon forest territory using cp


--> spatial storage bracelet: milk white jade band - worn like a collar -

-->qi gathering array mat

-->spiritual eggnog

-->50 dry ramen noodle cups

-->ownership of skydragon forest




-->Mimic whisky workers

details: Head into the mimic dimension and earn the loyalty of the mimic aliens.

task: Kill the apex mimic and absorb it into the system to gain the recognition of all mimics.

reward:--> mimic abilities

--> mimic cat servants

--> 2000 cp

Opening up the spatial storage braclet, finn takes out a ramen cup and prepares it with hot water from the kitchen sink, and yes its not hard for a cat to cook ramen with just paws instead of hands. The secret behind it is called imagination cuz i have no clue either chief, you tell me the math behind it.

Munching away at the noodles and lapping up the soup with his tongue because im pretty sure cats cant just chug down the whole thing at once. After finishing lunch finn disposes of the trash, finn gets ready to leave, but as he turned around and yup, you guessed it another alien jumped the poor cat again

'Screeeeech' "f#ck off already this is getting old, Void claw slash!" a white slash darts out and misses the mimic as it is very agile with all those tentacles. "Stay still you nasty freak"'void claw slash ×3'.

3 lights dart out, one hits the mimic one shotting it, but the last 2 slammed into the space station wall cutting through to the out side forming a breach. The suction of outer space began to tear at the wall while talos 1 emergency protocol immediately sealed off the kitchen from the space station.

System: emergency protocol activated, code black out initiated.

Warm shiny golden qi began to seep out of finns fur and encase finns body forming what finn assumed to be a cat space suit with a tinted bubble like head peice to block out radiation from the sun. Just as the suit finished completion the breach in the wall finnally ripped wide open and the elements of space rushed in eating away at all the oxygen and warmth. The sun shone through the breach dyeing finn in a fiery reddish gold light while the pure rays of sunlight seemed to refine finns qi making it more concentrated, most likely due to not going through filters in an atmosphere.

Hey system since the sun is used for my cultivation and the sun is in outer space would that mean i would have an affinity for space?

System: anlyzing hosts theory, 1%...45%...89%...100%. Results of hosts affinitys shows a possibilty but appears to be in a locked state. Please upgrade the system to learn more.
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    《The Heavenly Divine Cat》