The Heavenly Divine Cat
22 explosives for dummies 101
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The Heavenly Divine Cat
Author :bluerum
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22 explosives for dummies 101


(Previous chapter)

System: anlyzing hosts theory, 1%...45%...89%...100%. Results of hosts affinitys shows a possibilty but appears to be in a locked state. Please upgrade the system to learn more.

(Start of new chapter)

" what do you mean upgrade, im broke on cp"

System: please complete missions to earn cp-

" how am i supposed to do that when im stuck out here in space, eh!"

System: this is the hosts problem, not the system-

"Well shit" Finn sighed at his current dilemma.

Looking around finn noticed the deafening silence of outer space. The vibrations from the space station was the only thing finn could feel in outer space as the station rotated out of the sun light and into the inky blackness speckled with stars and galaxy's.

Luckily Finns qi acted like gravity boots and kept him from floating away. Looking upwards there seemed to be black tentacle like tendrils waving out of the station as if it was sentient. "System scan those black hentai tentacles"😸

System: scan intiated, 1%...54%...87%...100%, scan complete, target is identified as apex mimic, main core body is located inside, work hard young cat

"What the hell does it eat to be so god damn big, and what bs do you mean work hard young cat?!, why dont you fight it, eh!" Finn sighs "besides its not as if i could blow it up with ....explosives... the easy way.....wait a second I have an idea!!!!" "open up store tab and go to explosives muhahaha" Finn laughs while rubbing his paws together in glee

Store tab---> explosives tab

Grenade -- 50cp

Military c4 -- 100cp

Missile luancher -- 300cp

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Nuke -- 100 000cp

Finns eyes bulged out upon seeing the nuke option🙀 "I'd probably would get blown away to kingdom come if i set off a nuke here, but looking through the options i'd say the military c4 is perfect for the job. Now the problem is chaos points since im more broke than a beggar on the streets. System, do mimics count as a variant of demonic chaos beasts?"

System: after calculations of mimic dna and genes, it has been decided that they do qualify as demonic chaos beasts.

"Looks like im completing the 'DEFEAT 20 DEMONIC BEASTS --> reward 500 cp ' sooner than i thought, time to grind chaos points😼"

Getting into a run, young cat smashed his way through a window back into the station and pass through the door before the room is sealed off. While keeping an eye on his minimap radar Finn tracks down each mimic that are by themselves, and proceeds to assassinate each one eventually gathering the required kill amount.

System: Ding!🔔, you have completed the 'DEFEAT 20 DEMONIC CHAOS BEASTS' quest, your reward is 500 cp,

Ding!🔔, new quest initiated, 'DEFEAT 50 CHAOS BEASTS --> reward 1000cp, work hard young cat.

"Oh hell yeah baby, system, purchase 5

Military grade c4 explosives"

Ding!🔔, 5 military grade c4 has been added to inventory.

"Its all coming together now" Finn said to himself while rubbing his paws in a villainous way.

"Alright now i got to place the explosives, minimap expand!" the minimap expanded into full screen showing a map of the talos 1.

Looking carefully Finn presses with his paw on each spot he chooses creating a black square mark saved on the map,

and with that he dashes off to each location placing each bomb carefully while linking it to a remote control detonator.
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    《The Heavenly Divine Cat》