The Hidden Moon
4 courageous kid
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The Hidden Moon
Author :miyukii
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4 courageous kid

angada's pov

Huff, huff. I am running.where? I Am in city sigh, it's hard to get those leches of soldiers off my trail. I looked around to find a blondie... I smirked she will do. I pulled her to the nearest wall, and she wiggled like a fish as to finding a way out.

looking at her face she is cute as a doll and her hairs are fake, It looks like she is a trap herself.... trap meets trap master trap, hehe let's see what this kid.she looked strong but her behavior tells she is human.

while I was looking at her, I lost track of time and she was a beauty, to be honest... she has white skin which looked soft and her hairs even though they were fake suited and complimented her beauty.

she suddenly stopped wiggling and asked

"what the hell, why did you pull me here?"

She shouted at me which even sounded like a melody.... ah,angada don't forget why you are here. I pulled my pocket knife and did, which was least expected. I put a pocket knife next to her neck to scare her.

"shut up"

I said with gritted teeth and an annoyed face. But that was on outside inside my warrior's heart went to fast heartbeat mode. sigh why is she attracting me, no one did but why she.

Something came flying towards me .... a punch. Yes, that cute innocent looking lady punched me... no tried to punch but my warrior instinct kicked in and I dodged it. Tch, why did I end up here?


Today there was a ring fight between every best fighter. I work for hunter society to kill everyone I want and they will award a hefty amount of manning for a few months, it's a bloodbath type of fight the one who stands wins.

I have the top 14 warriors ... I am fighting the finals with the best fighter of theirs. He is fat and looks dangerous and taller than me. Sigh the last one, then I win. I Can this. remember your mothers on how they dragged her away by the bastard of host and sold in a brothel.

Mom, I will avenge and I got ready to face the last beast. He looked eager to finish the fight and bingo weakness discovered. Hit his legs and make him fall. He punched me and I dodged it and kicked him on his right leg knee cap.

He went for my ribcage; I circled around him and played with him for a while,. after a few minutes, he was full of rage and it bore me. Tch, beefy man, a let's end this idiotic fight.

I jumped and kicked him on ribcage before he could recover; I kicked his knee cap and broke it. He went on knees and there with the last blow I kicked his jaw and he went unconscious.

The entire room went silent. I can hear even the voice of air in the room. My eyes were on chief guest and it shocked him.his eyes were unfocused and cracked, his mouth was slightly open.

The announcer came and announced the result I won and then the chief guest came and gave me money and invited me to a banquet. Tch old man, wait and see. (smirks)

The banquet was lively, but my prime reason was interesting. The chief guest came, and I greeted him.


"Hello," he said

"Sir, can I be of any help," I asked

"such a fighter is admirable, I want you to become my bodyguard," he told me with a smile.

"oh thank you, sir," I said with my signature stiff face

"so you accept it?" he asked

"depends," I told

"depends on ?"

"on whether you will give me your life"

"excuse me"

"I Am joking, how can a lowly person ask for the life of such high personal"

"haha what a deadly joke"

"I have a gift for you, sir"

"a gift"

"yes, this"

"it well made,"

"thank you, I designed it myself "

"oh ok"

"Sir please wear it"

"oh yes"

He wore it but not after his bodyguards did inspecting. idiots don't know that it's invisible poison, no person can smell, see or inspect it. It's not in the market because it's made by me.

you old man I wait for your death, at least my mom will rest in peace if you died


And Here I Am. that oldie died and they are on my back to catch me. Sigh a bunch of idiots but our brief fight attracted those idiots..... sigh pretty lady time to become a scapegoat.

I put a knife on the neck and threatened the soldiers to let me through with her. As I reach a safe place, this pretty lady punched my ribs.ah it hurts like a bitch.... feisty I like it, I will love to tame her and I whispered to her

"we will meet again till then bye, courageous kid"

and left but one soldier shot a bullet through my heart......

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    《The Hidden Moon》