The Lecherous Cultivation System
182 One and a half sexy milfs
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The Lecherous Cultivation System
Author :DaoOfBeauties
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182 One and a half sexy milfs

"Humph! Since when did a disciple of the Mystic Pill Sect become a henchman? Who ordered you to capture us and hand us over to that devil?!"

Looking towards Du Ya who felt her impression of Yang Shen shatter in an instant from thinking that he was here as per the orders of one of the princes, Lunyi coldly snorted and said, "If you three want to live, shut up and obediently come with us."

"I don't know if you know this or not, but we are the only chance you have at living through the night and not dying in that devil's hands."

"Live? What use is it to live if our lives aren't in our own hands?"

Pulling Du Ya behind her, Luo Ai glared at Yang Shen and said, "I can tell that falling in your hands isn't any different than that devil's hands, so why would I bother coming with you?"

"Well for starters, I don't kill the women I sleep with. And secondly, once all of you do what I need you to, you are more than free to leave and go wherever you want?"

Not speaking right away, Luo Ai after a while asked, "Are you speaking the truth? Will you really let us go?"

"Once you serve your purpose, I'll have no need to keep you with me anymore."

Turning silent for a while once again, Luo Ai gritted her teeth and said, "I can agree to everything you want… but you must leave my daughter alone. Not only should you not touch her, but she should be kept out of your plans as well!"

"Humph! Who do you think you are to negotiate with Yo…"

Raising his hand and stopping Lunyi, Yang Shen said, "Okay. I don't really have much use for her anyway."

"But remember, if either of you tries to cross me, whatever that devil does will be nothing in comparison to what I'll do."

"Now go and bring your things over, I'll be taking the three of you away at once."

Switching from the threatening tone which made all of them feel like they were looking at a real bloodthirsty asura to his usual cool one in less time than it took to flip the page of a book, Yang Shen began stroking the snake's head whose help he needed to take everyone along with him back to his courtyard without being found by anyone else.

"Lady...Lady Cao Yu…. There's been a problem…."


Narrowing her eyes dangerously and making the man who was dressed in black from the top to bottom tremble, the Eight Queen asked, "What happened?"

"That…. The…"

"Speak clearly."


Doing his best to calm down and speak properly so that he would make the woman any angrier, the assassin who was tasked to lead a squad to capture Luo Ai, Du Ya, and Song Yun said, "The targets have disappeared."

Not showing much of a reaction towards this, Cao Yu asked, "Who got them?"

"No one…"


"All of us who were sent to capture them were waiting right outside the courtyard since no one wanted to make the first move and let the others reap the rewards of their hard work. By the time we finally decided who would capture them, no one was inside the courtyard."

"I see. You can leave."

Sighing in relief as soon as he was let go, the man looked as if he was pardoned from life sentence.

Not wasting a single second, he immediately left the place with a plan to take his family and leave the city as well as soon as possible.

"Mother, he…"

"Get rid of him, and the others. We have no need for trash who can't do a simple task."


Nodding her head, Cao Yu's daughter who grew up watching her mother showed zero sympathy in her eyes as she planned on taking things one step further and get rid of their families as well so that there wouldn't be any trouble in the future either.

"What should we do now mother? Without those three, we won't be able to obtain Su Fang's support. And whoever captured them..."

Raising her hand and stopping her son, Cao Yu said, "Su Fang is not just a twisted pervert, but a turncoat as well. Whom he'll support will change by the day. So, you don't have to worry about him for now. Instead, try and find out who it is that captured those three. Even if we can't obtain those three, we'll need to know who it was that managed to take them under all of our noses."

Such a situation wasn't just taking place inside the Eight Queen's residence, but in every other queens' residences as well.

Everyone was more curious about who the mysterious one that managed to take the three women away was more than the three women themselves.

After all, the men they sent were all in the Nascent Soul Realm. And if anyone managed to sneak past them without alerting even a single one, they at least had to be in the True Qi Realm. And experts of such a level were as rare as dragon scales and phoenix feathers even in a place like the Great Song Kingdom's Capital City.


Chuckling a little as he could imagine what the queens that wanted to capture the three women were going through right now, Yang Shen looked towards the three beauties he brought back with him.

By now, Song Yun had both woken up and learnt of everything that happened due to which she was looking towards Yang Shen with a complicated look not knowing if she should respect him and think he was a hero or look at him with fear as if he was the big bad wolf.

Yang Shen though didn't care much about her. After all, just like he said before, Song Yun wasn't an important part of the reason he brought the three of them with him.

It was rather the one and half sexy milfs that he cared about.

Yes, one and a half.

After all, while Du Ya was a mature woman who looked to be in the same age as Luo Ai, she didn't really have any kids due to which Yang Shen didn't know if she could technically be considered as a milf.

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    《The Lecherous Cultivation System》