The Pokemon Dream
1 TRUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!
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The Pokemon Dream
Author :geoslim21
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1 TRUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!

Ichigo, the inventor of the world's first ful dive vr system, the Nintendo Dream. Currently on his way home to watch the bluray he just got, the first Marvel/Pokemon crossover movie, Deadpool Pikachu staring Ryan Reynolds.

While walking down the street, he sees a truck speeding towards a 10 year old boy dressed like Ash.

Ichigo runs forward and pushes the boy out of the way and gets hit. Feeling his bones break and heart pierced by a rib, he knows he's a goner.

"God, I don't care if I die helping a kid dressed like Ash, but please don't let anyone find the erotic pokemon game I developed."

Then a flash of light appears and Ichigo is standing on clouds.

"Huh? Where am I? I could have sworn I just said my last words. Is this Heaven?"

Suddenly he hears a voice from behind him answer:

"No this is not Heaven. This is the region between life and death."

Ichigo turns around and sees... A gold and white truck.

"Waaaa!!!!!! TRUCK!!!!!!"

"CALM DOWN! I am the God of Reincarnation, Truck-Kami-Sama! My idiot son,Truck-kun, ran away from home again and accidentally ran you over. Because of this I have to reincarnate you in a world of your choosing and grant a few wishes."


"So since you are a huge fan of pokemon how about I put you in that world."

"WAIT WHAT?! I can go to the pokemon world? Yes please Thank you."

"Ok now what are your wishes"

"Hmm? Let's see, how about making it so that years are 10 times longer and people age at 1/10 the rate of those here so Ash's age make sense. Let's have polygamy be legal. Oh make it so you have to be 16 to become a trainer. And if possible, I want a method to become immortal."

"Hmmm. The first wish is unnecessary since that's how the world is already. Ok your other wishes will be granted. Now when do you want to be born and raised."

"I want to be born a little before Ash. As for how I want to be raised, make me an orphan found on Route 1 by Professor Oak who will raise me"

"Ok. My work is done now just go through the character creation process and you'll be reborn. Goodbye and good luck."

"Thank you. Really thank you!"

Truck-Kami-sama disappears in a flash of light and a screen appears in front of Ichigo. on the screen is a 16 year old boy and various options.

"This must be for the character creation. Let's see, black hair, red eyes, lean but muscular, 12 inches of manhood, and attractive. Ok that should do it, now enter."

Ichigo blacks out and heard a voice.

"Hmm? What do we have here? What's a baby boy doing in a pidgey nest? I better take him to town and try to find his parents. Your parents probably already gave you a name, but for now I will call you Ichigo."
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    《The Pokemon Dream》