The Pokemon Dream
5 Caught in a Storm
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The Pokemon Dream
Author :geoslim21
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5 Caught in a Storm

After packing up and leaving the fishing spot Misty is still depressed about her bike being stolen.

"Hey, it's not all bad. You can always get a new bike and we get to travel together now!"

"But I liked my bike! I could travel easier with it and my feet wouldn't get sore! Now until I have to walk and I don't have enough money for a new bike either."

"Hahaha. But walking is good for you! Plus when walking you can find all kinds of stuff like mushrooms, evolution stones, and berries. Sure it's rare to find evolution stones while walking, but you never know! As for mushrooms, they can be sold for some money. And berries are good for PokeBlocks and pokemon food. Some can even be used to treat poisoning, paralysis, or burns if turned into a paste."

"Hmm. I didn't know that about berries. Plus a little extra money from picking a few mushrooms can help me save up for a new bike. But what are PokeBlocks?"

"PokeBlocks are a type of treat that were developed in the Hoenn Region. Both people and pokemon can eat them. They are made from berries and have six colors that tell you the flavor and Five quality levels. The six colors are spicy red, dry blue, sweet pink, bitter green, sour yellow, and mixed rainbow. Rainbow ones have several flavors mixed together. As for quality, that is based on the how strong the taste is and is based on a scale of 1-100 and is affected by how well the PokeBlock is made and what berries are used. The quality levels are very low at FL (Flavor Level) 1-20, low at FL 21-40, medium at FL 41-60, high at FL 61-80, and top at FL 81-100. They can also be added to standard flavorless pokemon food to add some taste."

"You sure know a lot. I thought you were just a trainer but that sounds like stuff breeders would use."

"Well I'm only a trainer for now. I want to travel around the world and buy a house in my favorite region and become a full time breeder."

"Wow, I didn't expect you to want to be a breeder."

Suddenly they hear thunder and the sky begins to get dark. "CRAP!" It suddenly starts pouring rain.

Ichigo, Misty, and Riolu start running while Ichigo keeps his eyes open to search for some shelter. He spots a large tree that appears to be hollowed out (AN. I have seen trees like this while camping. sometimes infected with a mold or fungus or maybe damaged by a natural or man made incident. One well known hollow tree is called Hollow Tree and is a tree with a hollow formed by a windstorm that is large enough for an elephant).

"Misty, Riolu! Over there! We can take shelter in that tree!"

The trio run over and enter the hollow tree. Due to the size of the tree and the hollow it is very roomy. It has about as much space as a cheap college dorm room. By the time they get in the tree they are completely drenched. Ichigo pulls out a few towels and gives one to Misty and Riolu.

"Here, we need to dry off or we will get sick." He then continues to take off his shirt 'Heh, get a good look Misty.'

"W-wh-what are you doing!? Why are you stripping!?"

"Hmm? Because my clothes are soaked. Don't worry I'm going to keep my underwear on. You should strip down to that bikini your wearing as well. Don't worry I won't watch." Ichigo then removes his pants.

Misty's face turns as red as a charmeleon and she completely blanks out. She comes to shortly after and seeing Ichigo is just standing there with his back turned, she thinks 'okay, he's stripped to his underwear. I at least have a bikini on. But how come I feel so embarrassed right now? It's not like this would be my first time being seen wearing only a bikini? Ahhhh, screw it!' Misty, her face getting even redder, unzips an removes her shirt then her shorts.

Ichigo hearing the zipper of her shirt thinks 'damn I wanna turn around. Damn I wanna watch her strip. But damn I gotta play the good guy. But maybe this is an opportunity to get a bit closer to Misty? Plus it will give me a chance to avoid Team Rocket and Ash. Hmm? Ah! I know, I have a sleeping bag that can open up into a blanket for two and a cot big enough for two as well. All I have to do is convince her that we should cuddle for warmth! But how? I know Riolu! Although I suck at using Aura to control the temperature of anything but my own body, Riolu can use it to affect a small areas temperature!'

'Hey Riolu, can you lower this hollows temperature so that it's chilly, please?'

'Riolu!' Riolu says in agreement.

Ichigo smiles and transmits 'thanks, but due it slowly over a few hours with a few rises as well. Stop dropping it when we go to bed.'

Riolu nods and Ichigo grabs his bag to get cooking equipment and ingredients for dinner. "Hey Misty are you okay with karaage for dinner?"

Misty looks at him getting the cooking equipment out and says "We're eating here? Can't you wait till we get to Viridin?"

"With the weather what it is I think we should eat here. We can keep an eye on the weather and if it dies down we will continue on to Viridian."

She relents and Ichigo makes some karaage. Misty looks outside a couple hours later and it is still pouring. Not only that but with Riolu around it's getting colder as well.

"The rains not stopping. What do we do?"

"We stay here. I have a cot, pillow, and sleeping bag so I'm good. I also have a small bed, pillow, and blanket for Riolu. Don't you have anything like a sleeping bag?"

"Of course not! I was planning on staying at the Viridian Pokemon Center tonight!"

"Well lucky you, my cot is large enough for both of us and my sleeping bag can be opened up into a comforter so we can share that as well."

Misty's face turns red once more and she says "w-what are you thinking? You want me to share a cot with you?"

"Do you have a better idea? Think about it, with the rain and how dark it is we would probably get lost before we get to Viridian. Not only that but you don't have an camping gear. Plus it's getting colder, so we ave to stay warm or we will get sick." Ichigo says while getting the cot set up. "Well I'm going to sleep if you want to join me."

Riolu goes to bed as well.

"You better not try anything funny."

Ichigo lifts one side of the sleeping bag and Misty lies down with her back to him. Due to the blood rushing to her head from embarrassment as well as exhaustion, Misty passes out. Ichigo decides to hug her from behind when he sees this and also goes to sleep without doing anything else.
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    《The Pokemon Dream》