The Pokemon Dream
6 Status update
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The Pokemon Dream
Author :geoslim21
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6 Status update


Hey everyone sorry I haven't posted a new chapter yet but I have had trouble staying awake. I will try to get a chapter out this week but do note I have been planning out the next few chapters.

For those who don't remember Ash usually lost gym battles pretty quickly early on and I'm planning on having the MC be behind Ash by about a day until Cerulean City or the Lt. Surge battle. because of this they will be spending 2-3 chapters in the Viridian Forrest while Ash beefs up Pikachu at the waterwheel to beat Brock. This means Ichigo will face off against Brock's father. Also I plan on doing something I wish had happened in the anime to Brock to fix his habit of hitting on every girl he meets. Plus a nudity scene will be added before Pewter City so there is that to look forward to.

EDIT: There have been a few requests for be to add a bust Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny as either one night stands or full harem members but I won't. I think Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny is as sexy as everyone else thinks but I hate cookie cutter characters just as I hate cookie cutter cars. But don't worry, because of their popularity I will do a lemon scene in Viridian or Pewter where our MC catches NJ and OJ (not Simpson) having a little girl-on-girl fun. @@
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    《The Pokemon Dream》