The only one
1 The only One!
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The only one
Author :DaoistThunder
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1 The only One!

A scientist in century 21 finally carried through its great research successfully, its blood would obtain to absorb the good parts of the DNA and to leave the harmful parts it are.

It felt itself incredible and injected in itself, but it does not wait that with this its body suffered an evolution, its soul if he became very bigger and better and its weak and old body could not support, at the moment it pulled down and its soul leaves its body, but it was covered by blood.

It entered in a space crack that was closing, the soul would go to become vacant per millenniums if were for a knife covered of blood if spit out against it and did not take the soul of the Scientist for the world of Marvel.

"Where I am? I am blind? "Asked it

[ Congratulations for waking up host, are the system of assassin for anti-heroes, currently are in the world of marvel, you go to be born the same in day whom to peter and you go to control it until the o day that Peter was bitten by a spider, I go to make for you the missions and to buy the necessary skills, good rest host]

"What? Wa… "and the scientist lost the conscience.

15 years later.

[Congratulations for waking up host]

"My head? "The hand Said Scientist putting in the head.

[This is its current status]

[ Name: Jack Morris Força 50 Active agility 100 intelligence]

[ 100 skills: Fight body-the-body (lv: 6), Mastery in daggers (lv.9) Shadow (lv: max)]

[ skills Passive: Radioactive blood (lv: max), regeneration (lv.7)]

[ remaining Points: 13254]

[ Incorporating memories]

It was Jack Morris was born orphan being created by its grandmothers, its parents had died in an explosion, it has short black hair and clear blue eyes, since of small that the system I trained it and its grandmothers had finished dying of oldness leaving a little of money for it when it had 7 years, but with the system it obtained an assassin work and started to kill, but he only chose corrupt people, when he had 10 remembers that he fought against the black widower (Natasha) and earned when had 12 after killing a person of the Hydra was surrounded by the S.H.I.E.L.D and the system seeing the situation bought skills shadow, it entered in the shades and left with some wounds, after this work it it stopped for a time and if it concentrated in the school that was same that to peter Parker, it if it gave well with it, spoke and both competed in the substances, being two more intelligent of the school. Yesterday we were to a pertaining to school incursion and to peter was bitten by a spider.

"My life seems a Russian mountain " Said Jack.

[The host you the certainty, I forgot to inform but you he is neighboring of peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson]

"I understood, then I can know for I am currently in a roof? "Jack Asked.

[The host liked it very personage Felícia Hardey, then planeei its first meeting as Shade and the Good-looking Black]

"I understand " Said Jack after a time it he looks at and he says " Saying in the devil"

In its front a woman who seemed to have the age of it was with silver-plated hair and dressed black a fact pressed showing to its curves and a small mask around of its green eyes.

"Who would be this guest? "The Good-looking Black Asked.

"That beauty " Said Jack.

"Thanks and who would be you? "Good-looking black Answered smiling.

"My pleasure I am the shade and I have not girlfriend, you you have boyfriend? "Jack Asked


"Hahahaha, that cute, we make thus if we will obtain to apanhar me I count " Said it giving you a jump for another building.

It vanished itself in the shade and appears behind it and said " Pretty is here " while he took off the bag that it had in the hand.

It looks at stops backwards and jumps stops backwards and sees the bag in its hand and says while she snorted " is not pretty to catch the things without permission? "

"If to give to a kiss I I return to me, also not yet you answered the question, you have boyfriend? "

It puts a finger in the lip " does not have but it is our first meeting and I do not want to still kiss you then I prefer takes off it it force "

It she jumps for Jack and she tries to give a kick in the head, Jack she defends with the behind part of the hand, wheel its pulse and pulls it for the leg for top, making its bodies to be very close.

"Good looking, you are so pretty, I can take off you a kiss? "Jack asked while she puts an arm the return of its waist.

"Not Thanks, you are a persistent man, gain some points with me in the first meeting, but now I do not want myself to flirt with " after finishing it of the one joelha in the way them legs of Jack.

Jack grasps the small Jack " Who pain "

"Until the next one, wanted " Said it sending a kiss and jumping for another building.

"This aches very " Said Jack.
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    《The only one》