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The replacement by God of death
Author :sonyaree
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1 1.Who I am?

Feeling dizzy, with pain open my eyes ,and what ,this place is not familiar to me. Laying on bed in the hospital surrounded by the unknown faces, lady besides me became happy after I opend my eyes ,"Thank you god ,to give her back " ;,she whispered. I was unable to get anything, I look around to my bed ,the calender hunged on wall ,with the same date of my examination, but with Japanese character, and surprisingly I was enabled to read it .

I asked that lady "where I am? ,who are you? and what I'm doing here?" She burst into tears and ran to doctor after some time she entered in ,with doctor and one man . And here's a shock ,doctor said " ;maybe your daughter got temporary memory loss, but she'll recover soon" ; What !!!" I shouted ," how these people become my patents, where's my mom, dad I need them very hardly right now ," ; I mumbled in my mind.

" oh god please help me it should be dream " prayed" But no it was not dream ,it's real I'm in somewhere in Tokyo, Japan.

I cried hard and become unconscious, I woke up and it's night that lady who said she's my mother were still there besides my bed ,asleep. Suddenly something happened, the room lightened but it's not natural, it's quite bright , there's no one only me and one shadow like thing ,comes closer to me , but it had wings with teara on head ,a bright lady with book in hand . Kinda document type book that was . With n number of questions in my head were running to asked her ,before that she exclaimed ," I know you wanna ask so many questions ,but before that we are herably apologize for the situation you are facing right now" ;. I was only stubborn over there starring her face, but for what she's apologizing I asked her. She explained that I had premature death, and before they realising it my body were already creminated , and for compensation they replaced my soul to the soul of girl, who's in body I'm right now.

With the creepy face and cooky smile ,I looked over her and asked" who done this?"; , " our god ,god of death" she in scare answered. " Where the he'll is he ?, call him right now ,before I lose my temper otherwise you will never left for apologizing " I shouted Loudly with thirty bloody teeth. She shocked and called her angels to report to god to come there right now ,otherwise the humanly devil will come there and if this happen no single one of them will left.
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    《The replacement by God of death》