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Transcendence into the Harry Potter Universe
Author :Tana365
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2 Chapter 2 - Rebirth

I awoke to a strange thumping sound, I was also in a warm yet cramped space. I did not feel the need to breath, and that is when I realized that the thumping was a heartbeat yet it was not mine. I could faintly hear voices, but they sounded strangely muffled. It finally dawned on me that I was in my new mother's womb. After I realized this I began to pay more attention to my surroundings when I realized I wasn't alone, I had a twin! I was very exited because in my past life I was an only child and had wanted siblings I could hang out with. Once I calmed down I paid more attention to the voices of my parents. One was male and the other was female, my mother. I listened harder and realized that my mother was named Lily and the male voice, probably my father, was named James. I started wondering if I had crossed over into the Harry Potter universe because what were the odds of my parents were named James and Lily with the surname Potter. Once I realized this I started to feel sleepy and I fell asleep.

When I next awoke my small world of my mother's womb started shaking and shrinking. I realized that I was about to be born. My sibling, who I would assume to going to be Harry Potter, went out first. Then I came out into my new world. I then found out my new name: Nova Lily Potter.

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    《Transcendence into the Harry Potter Universe》