Transmigrated in a xianxia novel
59 The last two commanders
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Transmigrated in a xianxia novel
Author :Mystiks
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59 The last two commanders

Li Jing knew thanks to the web novel and the memories of Yang Rong that the commander of the third level was an eccentric and perverted old man. He was actually one of the first people who joined the Black Tiger after Yong Zhen founded it, mainly because he was one of the most wanted criminals in the Sky Jade Kingdom and needed a place to hide.

This old man's name was Hei Zi and was an expert in hand-to-hand combat. Many years ago, he found an incomplete Body Cultivation method and reached the Bronze Body realm thanks to it. However, since it was an incomplete method, he couldn't go further than this realm.

Although a Bronze Body was very sturdy, with Li Jing's superior strength, Hei Zi will not pose any challenge to him especially since he was an old man who had lost all of his vitality. The only thing that will be annoying during this fight, will be the Martial technique of the old man.…

Li Jing finally arrived at the third level of the cave. Contrary to the first two levels, this one was smaller and he noticed that the walls and the ground were covered in many cracks like someone smashed on them repeatedly.

In the middle of the place, Hei Zi was sitting cross-legged, eyes closed, and shirtless, revealing a muscular but wrinkled chest. His grey hair was attached in a bun and his grey beard was trimmed to a thin point.

Li Jing knew that Hei Zi was an eccentric old pervert, that's why he was the only one living at this level.

When he heard someone approaching, the old man slowly opened his eyes, revealing an annoyed expression.

"I asked these idiots to bring me a young girl, not a young man." He said.

"I'm not here to entertain you." Said Li Jing.

"Then, you must die." Said Hei Zi, smiling.

Without any other word, Hei Zi rushed towards Li Jing and raised his fist to smash his head. However, Li Jing easily blocked the old man's fist with his right arm, and gave a powerful punch to his chest with his left fist which made the old man's body instantly explode in a cloud of smoke!

But Li Jing knew that it was not over yet…

"I'm impressed that you were able to destroy one of my clones so easily, kid. Who are you?" Said a voice not far behind Li Jing.

Hei Zi's Martial technique was called the Three Bodies Form. With this technique, Hei Zi could create and control three clones of himself! However, this technique had two major flaws: the clones only had ten percent of his original body's strength and speed, and his original body couldn't be more than thirty meters from the clones.

Li Jing suspected from the beginning that he would fight a clone, that was why when he entered the third level, he used his Divine Sense. However, since he couldn't differentiate the clones from the original Hei Zi, he decided to destroy the clones first, then killing him.

"Your clones are not strong enough to defeat me, you should come out and fight yourself." Said Li Jing.

"We will see that…"

Hei Zi's two other clones rushed towards Li Jing, one trying to kick his chest, the other trying to punch his head. But Li Jing once again blocked the two attacks and immediately destroyed the clones with a violent palm attack on their chest.

Hei Zi was in the second level of the Bronze Body realm, it meant that his strength was around 7500 Jin so, his clone only had a strength of around 750 Jin.

Now that there was no more clone, Li Jing, who had detected the location of his opponent with his Divine Sense, rushed towards him.

The old man, who was hiding in one of the cavities of the cave, saw Li Jing coming towards him and immediately understood that the kid used his Divine Sense to find him and was therefore in the Foundation Establishment realm. However, he was confident that he could easily beat him with his superior strength.

Li Jing was about to punch Hei Zi but the old man countered it with his own punch.


A loud bang resounded when the two fists collided with each other.



The old man's entire right arm exploded under the pressure of the strength of Li Jing's punch, making him scream in pain. Although Hei ZI was used to pain because he practiced a Body Cultivation method, he never felt so much pain before!

Li Jing took advantage of this moment to punch the old man's chest, creating a hole in it and killing him on the spot.

[Host has killed a cultivator in the Bronze Body realm: XP + 450.]

[Host has absorbed the soul of a cultivator in the Bronze Body realm: Strength + 65 Jin, Soul Strength + 13.]

Li Jing immediately absorbed the soul of Hei Zi, gaining all of his knowledge, fighting experience, Martial Technique, and Cultivation method.

[Host has learned a new Martial technique: Three Bodies Form.]

[Host has learned a new Cultivation method: Extreme Body Reforging (incomplete).]

According to the web novel, the Extreme Body Reforging was a weak Body Cultivation method, even in its complete form so Li Jing didn't really care about it. However, the technique interested him a lot and was a Middle-grade Mortal Martial technique.

The Three Bodies Form didn't require Qi to be activated but directly drew the energy necessary for its activation from the stamina of its user. Moreover, the clones did not disappear until they were destroyed but the technique could only be used once every five hours.

The old man didn't have a spatial ring on him since he couldn't use Qi. A Body path cultivator only unlocked his Qi after he reached the Body Recreation realm. Hei Zi actually had no talent for cultivation but to cultivate a Body Cultivation method, one didn't need to have a talent for cultivation. When he found the incomplete Cultivation method, he practiced it and became very strong. Unfortunately, he used his strength to commit atrocities like killing innocent people or raping women and young girls. This man really deserved to die...

Li Jing searched the various cavities of this level and found a few thousand of Spirit Stones, some medicinal plants and Healing Pills, as well as the broken jade slip containing the incomplete version of the Extreme Body Reforging method.

After that, he was finally ready to go to the fourth level of the cave. The fight against the commander of that level will be quick since he plained to directly use his Dark Command to kill him.

A few minutes of walking later, he arrived there and immediately noticed that this level was largest among the four.

A dozen men and women were busy fighting each other and Li Jing deduced that they were probably in the middle of a training session. The commander of this level, Mao Ning, was also an ancient general of the Sky Jade Kingdom and a close friend of Yong Zhen. Although he was now a bandit, he still treated his subordinates the same way he did with his soldiers in the army.

"Who are you?" Asked a man when he saw Li Jing, menacing him with his sword.

"I have an urgent message for commander Ning from commander Zi." Lied Li Jing, loud enough for everyone to hear.

"What does this old fool want?" Asked another man. He was a tall and muscular man with a deep scar on his left cheek. Li Jing recognized him thanks to the memories of the other commanders, this man was Mao Ning.

"I Want You To Kill Yourself." Ordered Li Jing using his Dark Command.

Hearing this order, Mao Ning's eyes became lifeless. He unsheathed his sword and pierced his heart with it.

[Host has killed a cultivator in the Foundation Establishment realm: XP + 350.]

"Commander Ning!"

"Commander, why did you do that?!"

Li Jing didn't give them time to understand what happened. He took out his Lightning-flame Spirit Daggers and slashed the men and women around him until there was no one else but him alive in this place.

[Host has killed 13 cultivators in the Qi Gathering realm: XP + 1950.]

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