Werewolf in another world
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Werewolf in another world
Author :Harry_Dresden
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114 Survey results

Only a few days after assigning Alice to survey the people, Leo was glad to see they were getting quite the results. There were many among the refugees that were formerly carpenters, stonemasons, farmers, and various other trades necessary for city life. She had even found several people that did paper work for their former masters, and were able to read and write. After going through a strict interview with Felix, they also became her assistants.

Even rarer, there were even those that studied magic, though only a little bit, that Leo was anticipating having train to open the doors for the next generation of magic users. There was even a small handful of healers within the refugees, but due to their environment their capabilities were limited to mostly small cuts or bruises. He hoped that by learning under Austin, they would become capable healers in the future.

Finally there were also several fighters within the remaining refugees that weren't with the colosseum, so Leo and Theos missed them when they looked for capable fighters. He immediately sent Theos to recruit any that wished to continue fighting, with additional specific instructions, to find future werewolf candidates.

By this time Leo knew word was spreading by any that escaped the blood riot, and werewolves would soon be known by all the remaining kingdoms. Though he knew he wouldn't keep werewolves secret forever, the problem with this was that there were only three werewolves in existence at the moment, himself, Iris, and Theos. Though he didn't plan to turn anyone else until they reached Asdarge, Leo wanted a list of potential candidates to choose from, and to train while also stabilizing his kingdom.

He was relaying all of this through the mirror to elder grandma, who was also reporting some of the progress she was making.

"We've laid the foundation for four towers so far, all on the peaks of the mountains to south of us. They'll take about a month for us to finish all of them, since we have to transport to materials. Once those are done we'll have a way to get advance notice on any travelers to the north, and we have locations and plans for at least three more, plus five in both the east and west." Leo nodded and said,

"Good, I also want the rest of the hunters to start scouting any passes that might be used to sneak pass the towers. Once we return we should have the manpower to build better defenses and man them on rotations." Elder grandma nodded at him with a hint of pride at how serious he was taking his position, even though he didn't want it at first. Leo then continued,

"I also want someone to go and survey any potential sites for future settlements, so that we can establish serval farming communities. We can't cram them all around Asdarge." Alder grandma nodded agin, but said,

"But how to you plan to protect them and transport the produce they grow? It's still quite dangerous up here for normal people." Leo sighed, and said,

"I'll think about that on the way back, worst case senario we'll have to send some of the beastmen that stayed with them since they're naturally good at chi." They talked for a few more minutes, then ended their conversation. Leo contemplated some of the things he and elder grandma talked about, and started thinking. He already planned to make railway lines running from Asdarge to Tirdaral, but he wasn't sure about running them above ground.

He then looked up, and smiled widely as he saw Iris walking through the camp. She was already well into her fourth month, and her belly was starting to grow, meaning she had to trade in the skintight leathers for dresses and gowns. Thinking back, Leo didn't think he ever saw Iris wearing gowns except for their wedding. Though it was unusual to see her wearing them, he though she also looked good in them.

She was walking around while also talking to the various people. Unlike Alice who most held resentment towards until recently, Iris was immediately accepted by the refugees. Those seeing her smiled at their new queen, and called out to her asking how she was, and if she needed anything. Leo watched her going through the camp for a few minutes, until she looked up at him and smiled.

A few minutes later however, he heard a horn sounding meaning some people were approaching.
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    《Werewolf in another world》