1 The Annestic Continent Part 1
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Author :BlueLightToTheWest
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1 The Annestic Continent Part 1

Second World, Annestic Continent, Endless Wastelands

A large crowd of demons are sitting on the backs of giants inside a round dome.

The giants are holding up the tent in which the are in. They have come to see a performance hosted by the legendary Hui Gang. He has been advertised to show up in the second world for weeks on end. On the stage is Lui Hua, and she is exceptionally beautiful.

She is wearing exquisite robes made from demon beast fur, and has a mic in her hand.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Let the show begin!"

She waved her hand to the tent flaps. They slide open and out came a man roughly seventeen years old. He had curly hair and a smile on his face. This man's name is Lie Wei Ying, and he is a demon slayer.

The love of his life was behind him.

Yu Yan was seventeen and he pulled a chain around her neck as her gorgeous attire flailed into the eyes of the demons staring at her.

"Ah… she's an angel," One demon yelled with a flustered undertone. His voice was cracking from the pure exhilaration he felt at coming to the show.

"Yes, Is she for sale?"

"Please, sell her to me, I'm rich and will buy you anything you want, Madam!"

Lui Hua, in response, laughed lightly before her voice spread into the microphone. "Ah, if anyone wishes to purchase her you may speak to me after the show. However, today one lucky volunteer can come on stage to touch her. However, if you bite you'll have to deal with him!"

Lie Wei Ying drew out a saber from his armor. "Yup, I know I'm not scary looking…"

The audience laughed and then the show began.

The tent was sort of like a gigantic teepee, and on one side was the demons, and on the other was the Hui Circus performers. Today was one of those days where they got a nice crowd and Lie Wei Ying could collect souls for his system.

Lie Wei Ying was a demon slayer because it was fun to be one. He had the need for vengeance, and it sort of felt like playing a game. He was good at games, and had stayed up for 200 hours just to master strategies to beat the game masters of his kingdom. At the age of three, he was hailed as a genius and gifted a present by the gods.

However, reality was cruel, and this gift only activated when he was sixteen. What was even worse was that this system gift of his was an evil god. It was transformed into a device for Lie Wei Ying, and he received all its memories from its countless victims. Some nights, rather then dreaming about girls, he would learn mathematics and science from the plenty of devoured souls inside his system.

Regardless, the audience only cared about Yu Yan, and his job was to make sure all these men died, in secret.

Part of him felt a twinge of desire, too, at this moment. Yu Yan was not exposed but her gorgeous peaks were sharp and matched her young age. That was also added onto by the breathe of the giants that gust into the room causing her clothes to be more pleasing to the eye. Something about them even caused a few of the demons to get impatient as the act was about to end.

He thrust off his foot and he activated <acceleration mode>, but the audience laughed.

In fact, he'd probably be laughing too if he saw a ten-foot monster versus a runt. But he took comfort in knowing that this pile of flub in front of him deserved to die. He didn't truthfully know that, but Yu Yan was a treasured friend and he also wanted to tell her how he felt. If someone took her away, enslaved her, and stole her dignity before he could…


Lie Wei Ying stopped and put away his saber. His captain Hui Gang showed up in front of him with his ax. He slammed it in front of Lie Wei Ying and a large sound rang out as the tent lowered. The giants probably took the brunt of it, but the demons were more terrified.

"…Sorry… she's so beautiful, and I was going to pay…"

Hui Gang nodded his head. The former demon was like Lie Wei Ying's father, but he was hard to miss with his three wings on his back.

"Well… you can go in the back after the show is done…"

The audience broke out in laughter causing Lie Wei Ying to feel a twinge of regret. The system was like trying to control an evil god, and using it was like becoming an evil god. If he was possessed by it, this entire world wouldn't be his game land anymore. In fact, the gods would soon descend, and a large war would begin.

"Uhm… I was just doing my job," Lie Wei Ying said after that. He walked back over to Yu Yan and dragged her out by the neck.

"Ladies and gentlemen… The girl with the gift of the goddess, Yu Yan!!"

Yu Yan walked to the center of the room.

Her body was covered with sweat from the burning lights, and the eyes of demons were all focused on her.

"Show us what she does," One demon yelled!

"Yes… we didn't come here to see your top matador…"

On the other hand, Lie Wei Ying was not excited about seeing his crush being ogled by thousands of demon eyes.

Demons were very similar to humans, and felt just as attracted to Yu Yan as they did. However, if they did have there way with her, they'd probably end it with a meal.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen! We have to ask you to come down from the bleachers and onto the stage. If you decide not to come, you'll miss her spectacular figure!"

Lie Wei Ying walked over to Yu Yan and took off the chain on her neck. He put his hand on her back, and patted her shoulder.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes… now stop talking to me," she replied with a frown on her face.

"…I hope you know I care about you, bunny."

"You really shouldn't be calling me bunny…" she giggled and then adjusted her strap. She pulled it down past her shoulder before the demons closed in. They approached her at top speed before her dress fell off.




Yu Yan's body was covered with grass, and her entire form transformed. Her body outline was perfectly clear, but the grass to them amplified her beauty.

She seemed to have a green dress on made of those thin shreds. She walked towards the crowd as flowers bloomed on her body.

"This is our Yu Yan," Lui Hua said, "and she is an extremely beautiful creation… However, the show has yet to truly begin!"

Yu Yan smiled at the demons as they approached and held out her hand. Thorns started branching out of her body and twisted into the air.

If time was measured, perhaps five seconds went by. A beautiful series of twisted vines made a beautiful pathway around all the demons. In just a few moments, they were all amid her beauty. Be that as it may, they were unsatisfied with her attire…

There were signs about a garden of Eden, which meant she would be naked… Obviously, right? She wasn't, though, and her body parts were covered by grass… Yet, the thorns spinning all around them were sort of nice to look at.


The show usually took about two hours.

When the show began, you'd never expect this beautiful girl was also dangerous.

She was so to die for in fact, that she emitted a toxic gas.

This gas was invisible, and Lie Wei Ying and the rest of the circus had plugs in their noses. The giants did too, even as they struggled holding up the tent. A moment later, the demons thought they were seeing a hundred Yu Yan's and didn't notice Lie Wei Ying.

He drew his saber and walked up to the first demon.

Hui Gang walked by his side and nodded his head at Lie Wei Ying. He activated <acceleration mode> once again and shot forward from his spot.

The system Lie Wei Ying had was known as the overpowered system, and it was created by the gods. It had many abilities that many people would dream of. With it, he could phase through walls, craft objects, and become extremely evil if he used it the wrong way.

Regardless, his first target was the big man. The thorn vines wrapped around him causing blood to burst from his body. All Lie Wei Ying had to do was swing his saber into his neck before his head popped off and blood spilled down his rich suit.
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